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英语12月月考试题(无答案) 牛津版

一. 单项选择(15分)

( )1.There’s ____ apple on the table . _____ apple is for my little brother.

A.a; An B. an; An C. the ; An D. an ; The

( ) 2.What will the weather ______?

A.is like B. are like C. be like D. like

( )3..____you______ a meeting at four yesterday afternoon ?

A. Were ... having B. Was ... having

C. Did ... have D. Do ... Have

( ) 4. Miss Li hurried to work without ____ breakfast this morning.

A. has B .have C. had D. having

( ) 5. Can you show me_______ an e-mail, please?

A. how to send B. what to send

C. when to send D. how send

( ) 6 I’ll call you if he _______ tomorrow.

A. come B. comes C. will come D. came

( ) 7.Boys and girls ,take your pen ______ your desk , please.

A. out at B. out of C. out off D. out

( ) 8.He needs to go _____ a forest on his way home every day.

A. across B. through C. over D. onto

( ) 9.I ____ an old friend of mine when I ______ in the street yesterday afternoon.

A.met...; was walking B. was meeting ... walked

C.was meeting ... was walking D. met ... walked

( )10.Sally found a snake . She asked her father to _____ and threw it away.

A. pick it B. pick it up C. pick up it D. pick them up

( )11.While mother ____ some washing, I ___ a kite for Kate.

A. did, made B. was doing, made

C. was doing, was making D. did, was making


( )12. About _____ of the students in Grade Eight this year were born in the


A. three five ,1996 B. three fifths , 1990s

C. third fifth , 1997 D. third fifths, 1990s

( )13. Five million, five hundred and fifty-two thousand, three hundred and

thirteen is _________.

A. 5,502,331 B. 5,552,313 C. 5,052,330 D. 5,552,331

( )14. When is the best time ______ China?

A.visit B. of visit C. to visit D. visits

( )15. There’re a lot of _____. It’s _______.

A. cloudy ; clouds B. clouds ; cloudy

C. cloudy; cloudy D. clouds ;clouds

二.完形填空(10分) When Mr Black was young, he often played football, and he was good 16 it. But then he went and worked in a town and there was 17 football team for him there, so he stopped 18 . Then he began to get fat, so he thought, “I stopped playing football and I’ve got fat. What shall I do?” He thought about it for 19 days and he said to 20 , “I’ll play pingpong.” He had some 21 and he played for a few months. He met a nice girl at the club 22 day and they played a game of pingpong against 23 young man and young woman. Mr Black played very 24 , and he was very sad about this. “I never played 25 than this before,” he told the girl. “Oh,” she said, “You played pingpong before, didn’t you?” ( )16. A. at B. in C. for D. about

( ) 17. A. no B. an C. on D. a

( )18. A. play B. playing C. played D. to play

( )19. A. every B. much C. a little D. a few

( )20. A. himself B. herself C. themselves D. itself ( )21. A. games B. friend C. times D. lesson ( )22. A. every B. one C. each D. whole

( )23. A. the other B. others C. each other D. another


( )24. A. worse B. badly C. good D. well

( )25. A. badly B. well C. worse D. better

三. 阅读理解(30分)


Every year several thousand people die in the car accidents in Great Britain. And between one and two hundred thousand people are hurt.

There are rules(规则) to make the roads safe, but people do not always obey (遵守) the rules. They are careless. If everybody obeys the rules, the road will be much safer. How can we make the roads safer?

Remember this rule. In Great Britain traffic keeps to the left. Cars, buses and bikes must all keep to the left side of the road. In most other countries traffic keeps to the right. Before crossing the road, stop and look both ways. Look right and left. Then, if you are sure that the road is clear, it is safe to cross the road. If you see small children or very old people, help them to cross the road. We must teach our children to cross the road safely. We must always give them a good example. Small children must not play in the street.

( )26. If we want to make the roads safer, _______.

A. everybody must be careful and obey the traffic rules

B. traffic should keep to the right

C. don’t cross the road too often

D. roads must be clear

( )27. If you ride a bike in Great Britain, you must ride_______ .

A. on the right side of the road

C. in the middle of the road

( )28. Which is NOT right? A. Few people die in the traffic accidents in Great Britain.

B. In our country traffic keeps to the right.

C. Every year several thousand people die in the car accidents in Great Britain. B. on the left side of the road D. behind the buses 3

D. Streets are not safe places for playing.

( )29. “The road is clear” means that _______.

A. there is no car or bus running B. the road is very clean

C. the road is not noisy D. you can see very clearly on the road ( )30. The safe way to cross the road is to_______.

A. look right B. look left

C. look both ways, right and left D. run cross the road


We had a terrible school trip last weekend. Some students were late. Then we waited half an hour for the school bus, but it didn’t arrive. Finally, our teacher took us to take the subway(地铁). It took us about an hour. After we got off the subway, we walked and got lost. When we finally arrived at the zoo, we were tired and hungry. We wanted to see dolphins(海豚), but there weren’t any. There were some really smart seals(海狮), but we didn’t see the show because we arrived too late. We


( )31. Why did the students take the subway?

A. Because they didn’t want to have the trip

B. Because they didn’t take cameras.

C. Because they didn’t like taking the school bus.

D. Because the school bus didn’t arrive.

( )32.The students were when they arrived at the zoo.

A. excited B. tired C. happy D. lucky

( )33. What animal shows were there at the zoo?

A. Dolphin shows B. Monkey shows C. Panda shows D. Seal shows


( )34. How was the weather?

A. Sunny B. Cloudy C. Windy D. Rainy

( )35. What did the writer think of the school trip? A. Terrible B. Great C. Fun D. Exciting


The Chinese New Year is the most important holiday for the Chinese people. For the Chinese,the New Year comes with the first day of the First Moon,between January 21 and February 19. People get ready for the holiday for fifteen days.

Finally,at midnight it is the first day of the First Moon. People close the shops and the streets are empty. Everyone locks(锁) the doors and stays at home.

It is an important time for the family. The younger people bow(鞠躬) to the older people. The Chinese call this Ke Tou. This means “to touch the ground with the forehead(额头)”.Then the younger people wish the older people a happy New Year. The older people give children gifts of money inside envelopes(信封). The family then go to sleep.

In the morning,people dress in(穿上) their best clothes. Some people stay at home,others go out to pay a New Year Call. They are very polite and do not use bad words. It's the most important day of the year.

( )36.“The Chinese New Year” in the passage means “______”.

A.Mid-Autumn B.the Spring Festival

C.Christmas Day D. the Dragon(龙)Boat Festival

( )37.It takes about ______ to get ready for the Chinese New Year.

A.a few days B.twelve days

C.half a month D.three weeks ( )38.At midnight you can see ______people in the street. Everyone stays at home.

A.lots of B.hundreds of C.many D.few

( )39.What’s the meaning of Ke Tou?

A. to touch the ground with the forehead .

B. to touch the ground with the head . C. to feel the ground. D. to feel the head.

( )40.On the Chinese New Year's Day, what do people usually say to each other

when they meet?

A.Good luck! B.Best wishes! C.Good morning. D.Happy New Year!


第 II 卷

四. 根据汉语提示或首字母完成单词 (10分)

1. He f____ off his bike and hurt his leg yesterday.

2. The snake b____ my hand last week.

3. I go to the park once or t____ a week.

4. You must pay a______ to your handwriting (书写)

5. ________ (突然) a young man ran by me when I was sitting on the grass.

6. The _____ (污染) in this city is much worse than it was two years ago.

7. What’s the _____ (温度)?It’s between minus five and ten degrees.

8.______ (数十亿) of people all over the world watched the football match last night .

9. Bring your umbrella because it may _____ (下雨) later.

10. The doctor asked me to take the ______ (药物).

五. 用所给词的适当形式填空(10分)

1. What ______ you______ ( do ) at that time last Sunday? 2. The story is about a girl ______ (call) Alice.

3. Would you like______(have) a cup of tea?

4. I decide______ (wait) until Tom comes.

5. There are about three ______(hundred) students in the classroom.

6. We planned to have a picnic in a ______ (sun) day in the park.

7. It’s a good idea ______(take) an umbrella.

8. It’s very important ______( learn) English well. 9. In the future, China’s population ______ (not) grow so fast.

10. My brother ______( hurt) his leg yesterday.


Ten thousand years ago, the world’s 1 was very small. For several thousand years it grew quite 2 . But during the last three or four hundred years it has 6

grown very 3 . Two thousan years ago , there were only 250 million people on the earth. One thousand six hundred years 4 , the 5 was over 500 million . In 1990, there were over five bilion. A UN report said that the word’s population would 6 six billion by the end of this century.This is just ten years after it reaches five billion. This 7 we must grow 8 food, and have smaller families with fewer, but 9 children. If we don’t do these things, the results will be bad. There will not be 10 space (空间) even to stand on the earth.

七. 补全对话(10分)


(Mu Cheng-- M; Wang Lin -- W)

M:Wang Lin, what are you doing at nine O’clock last night ?

W: (1) ___________

M:What book ?

W: Treasure Island

M:(2) _________

W: No, It was written by R. L. Stevenson. And it was one of the most popular books in his lifetime. (3) __________

M: No, I was watching a football match with my father.

W: Your father ? (4)________

M: Yes , and he is the captain (队长) of his company football team .

W:Really? He must be good at playing football !

M: (5) __________.

A. Were you playing computer games at that time ?

B. Does he also like football matches?

C. They were playing a football match.

D. I was reading a book .

E. Yes, he is the best player in his team .

F. Was it written by Daphne du Maurier?

G. I was chatting with my friend on the Internet.

八. 完成句子(15分)

1. 乘公交车到那里需一小时。

______ _______ an hour to get there by bus.

2. 街上有太多的垃圾。

There is ______ ______ rubbish in the street.

3. 昨晚九点我正在看书。

I ______ ______ a book at 9:00 last night.

4. 不要忘记明天的野餐。


______ ______ tomorrow’s picnic.

5. 小汽车及时地停了下来。

The car stopped______ ______.

九. 书面表达。(15分)

假如你的家乡一年四季的天气情况如下表所述。请根据该表格中所提示的信息, 介绍一下你的家乡的气候状况。并根据自己的实际情况描述去你家乡游览的最佳时间,并陈述理由。


2. 可适当发挥想象;

3. 要求条理清晰、层次分明;

4. 要求词数为60-80左右。 8

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