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山东省临沭县青云镇中学八年级英语上册《Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation》复习练习

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《Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation》复习练习

选择填空. ( )1. Monday afternoon we rode bicycle to Gegetown. A. On B. In C. At D. Of ( )2.I had useful umbrella when it rained. A. a B. an C. \ D. the ( )3.Our teacher often keeps us classroom every day,so we must keep our classroom .

A. clean, clean B. cleaning, cleaning C. cleaning, clean D. clean, cleaning

( )4.—What is your mother like? —

A. Very fat. B. She likes playing volleyball C. She liked running D. Thanks ( )5. The only problem was there was nothing much to do in the evening read.

A.and B.so C.then D.but

( )6. She is new here,so she has _______friends at school. A, much B. Few C, little D.

A little

( )7.—Help ______to some fruits. —Thank you. A. yourself B. your C. you

( )8—I am going to London for a holiday next month. —_________!

A. Have a good time B. It’s terrible C. Good job D. What a pity

( )9. You’d better not read today’s newspaper because there is _____ in it.

A. nothing special B. anything new

C. Everything important D. Something interesting

( )10.We are going to Beijing. Can you ____________when the train will leave ?

A. look for B. find for . C. find out . D. to see

( )11.He had to retire(退休 )early _____ poor health. A, as a result B. because C. so D. because of

( )12.What bad weather it was! We decided _______

A. to go out B. not to go out C. to not go out D. not going out

( )13.I felt _____________when I heard the __________ news.

A.exciting; excited B. excited; exciting C. exciting; exciting D. excited;


( )14.—I feel tired and sleepy. —Why not stop____ for a while?

A. rest B. to rest C.resting D. rested

( )15. Mrs Brown is nice. Every day she tried to cook __for me during my stay in Canada.

A. something different B. different something

C. nothing different D. different everything

( )16. He did not write _________,though(尽管)he had _______________.

A. careful enough; enough time B. carefully enough; enough time

C. enough careful; enough time D. enough carefully; time enough

( )17. Everyone in my class __________the poor boy without parents.

A. want to help B. want helping C. wants to help D. wants helping

( )18. At first she __________ like maths,but now she ______________.

A. didn’t; did B. doesn’t; does C. doesn’t; did D. didn’t ;does

( )19. What did the foreigners____their vacation?

A.think of B.Think for C.Think over D.Think 0f as

( )20.When I______ at the hotel,it was very late. A, got B. reached C. arrived D. reach for

( )21.—She didn’t come to school yesterday,did she? —____,though(虽然)she was not feeling very well.


A. No,she didn’t B. Yes,she didn’t C. No,she did D. Yes,she did

( )22.---Jack, is there __________ in today’s newspaper? ---No,nothing.

A. anything important B. Something important

C. important anything D. Important something

( )23.---Why don’t you go out to play, Rose? --I’m afraid I can’t. I have much homework _______.

A. do B. does C. doing D. to do

( )24.The problemis _________ difficult ________ students can solve them.

A. so; and few B. so; that little C. so; that few D.so; that a little

( )25.I have ____________ homework to do and I’m _______ tired now.

A. much too; too much B. Too much; too much C. much too; much too D. Too much; much too

用所给单词的适当形式填空. 1.We decided (go) to the beach near our hotel. 2.I really enjoy (walk) around the town. 3.We wanted (walk) up to the top. 4.My family (go) to the beach every summer. 5.Did you have a great time (talk) in groups?

6. Lucy usually_ ______to school early. But today she ________to school late. (go)

7. ---Did you______ (study) last night?

---No, I__________(help)my mother_______(clean) the room.。 8.Do you feel like (drink) some orange? 9.Our teacher often keeps us (read) English in the morning.

10. It’s very interesting _____ ( feed) the pets.



( )1. _____more fruits and vegetables is good _____ our health.

A. Eating; to B. Eats; for C. Eating; for D. Eat; for

( )2. —How_____ do you read English? --Sometimes.

A. long B. often C. far D. much

( )3. A lot of vegetables ___you to keep in good health.

A. make B. want C. try D. help


( )4. Peter is _____because he hardly ever exercises.

A. tired B. happy C. healthy D. unhealthy

( )5. He knows a lot ______he is still a child.

A. so B. although C. but D. or

( )6. My dad ______a lawyer when I grow up.

A. wants me to B. wants me to be C. became D. wanted

( )7. My mother________ surfs the Internet, she likes watching TV.

A. doesn’t hardly ever B. hardly ever C. isn’t hardly ever D. hardly never

( )8. — ______does he do on the weekend? -- He often helps his mother with housework..

A. How B. How often C. What D. How soon

( )9. -- What_____ you usually _____on weekends? --I usually ______ violin.

A. did; do; play the B. do; do; play C. do; did; play D. do; do; play the

( )10. --Are you late for class? --_______.

A. Yes, never B. Yes, sometimes C. No, ever D. No, usually

( )11. ____he was tired, ______he didn’t stop ______.

A. Although, but; to rest B. Though; / ; working

C. Although; / ; resting D. though; but; working

( )12. Your lifestyle is the same _____ .

A. to my brother B. to mine C. as mine D. as my brother

( )13. Can you help me ______the house?

A. cleaning B. with clean C. of cleaning D. clean

( )14. Li Ming was born_____ May 11, 1989 _____Guangzhou.

A. in; on B. on; in C. in; at D. at; in

( )15. She always finishes her homework on time. She __ leaves it for tomorrow.

A. always B. never C. usually D. sometimes

( )16. Tony, pass my glasses to me, please. I can _____ read the words in the newspapers.

A. clearly B. rather C. hardly D. ever

( )17. --Your spoken English is much better. -- ________.

A. Yes, please. B. Thank you C. You are right. D .Not at all

( )18. Lisa ____eight hours every night. What about you?

A. eats B. drinks C. plays D. sleeps

( )19.I ______ see her in the supermarket.

A.sometime B. some time C sometimes D. some times

( )20. The doctor tells me I should eat ___ meat and take ____exercise.

A. a little, a few B. less, more C. many, much D. much, many


1. Look, the children are doing morning _____________ (exercise).

2. My brother and I like ___________(drink) coffee.

3. The bird can _______________ (sing) the “ABC” song. It’s very clever.

4. His mother often___________ (help) him to do his homework.

5. There are many________________ (different) between you and your twin brother.

6. I go to the movies _____________ (first) a month.

7. He’s too young. He can ________________(hard) ride a bike.

8. Our English teacher likes to wear ___________ (color) clothes, because she wants to be young .

9. A good ________ (eat) habit is good for your health.

10. In winter, my father often goes _______________ (skate) .




( )1.It’s to play basketball than doing housework.

A. fun B. funer C. funner D. more fun ( )2. There are some differences between Tom and Jim ____they are twin(双胞胎)brothers.

A. though B. if C. until D. So

( )3.Mark exercises every day, but I don’t. He is ________ than me.

A. healthier B. more healthy C. more healthier D. much healthy

( )4. If you want to be _____ you have to eat ____ food and take _____ exercise.

A. thinner, less, more B. thinner, little, more

C. thin, few, enough D. thinner, fewer, less

( )5. This is not Tina’s ruler. _____ is longer. A. She’s B. Hers C. She

D. Her

( )6. —How many children do you have, Mrs Green?

—A son and a daughter. And they are _____ students now.

A. both B. all C. every D. each

( )7. His funny story made all of them _____. A. laughed B. to laugh C. laugh D. Laughs

( )8. Jim’s bag is _________ than Kate’s.

A. bigger B. big C. biggest D. biger

( )9. My brother is _____ taller than me.


A. very B. too C. so D. much

( )10. That book is not so ______ as this one.

A.interesting B.moreinteresting

C. most interesting D.the most interesting

( )11. Thanks for _______________.

A. come to see me B. to come to see me

C. coming to see me D. coming see me

( )12. The twins ________. Others always mistake(弄错) them.

A. look same B. look like C. look the same D. look diffrent

( )13. Tony is ________ than before, so he has ________ friends now.

A. friendly,more B. friendly, fewer C. friendlier, more D. friendlier, fewer

( )14. I am _________ than Tim.

A. two years old B. two years eld C. two years elder D. two years older

( )15. Computers are very popular now and they are not as _______as before. A. expensive B. more expensive C. most expensive D. the most exp


1. Which one do you like ___________ ( good ), the yellow one or the green one? 2.Of the two girls,who is (beautiful)? 3.English is as (important) as other subjects. 4.We need to sleep at (little) 8 hours a night. 5.We must be good (listen)when other people are talking. 6.Song Zhuying sings (clear)than Zhou Jielun. 7.My mother (tell) me to go to school early this morning. 8.My parents always ask me (eat) healthy food. 9.Our teachers sometimes make us (do) lots of homework. 10.I (true) like English.




( )1. This bread is too small. Do you have _____?

A. a bigger piece B. a bigger one C. a big bread D.a big one ( )2.The girl sings .

A.beautiful,beautiful B.beautifully,beautifully

C.beautiful,beautifully D.beautiffully,beautiful

( )3.— is it from your home? —10 minutes by bus.

A.How long B.How far C.What time D.When ( )4.China is one of in the world.

A.larger country B.larger countries

C.the largest countries D.largest country

( )5. Last week's talent show was a great _____.

A.sucess B. success C. succeed D.successfully

( )6. You are _____ now,Victor.So you should wash your clothes by yourself.

A.young enough B. enough old C. old enough D. enough young

( )7. There's going to _____ a basketball game tomorrow.

A. have B. be C. is D. has

( )8. The weather in Harbin is colder than _____.

A. it in Beijing B. Beijing C. that in Beijing D.in Beijing

( )9. Which do you think _____ the worst act?

A. is B. are C. be D. to be

( )10. My ruler is longer than _____.

A. Tom B. Tom's C. Toms D. Toms'

( )11. This classroom is _____ newer than that one.

A. quite B. very C. many D. a little

( )12. This restaurant needs _____ twenty-year-old boys as waiters. A. more two B. two another C. two more D.two much

( )13. Who is _____ student in the school talent show?

A. a good B. a better C. the best D.best

( )14. This T-shirt is as _____ as that one.

A.much more expensive B. expensive C.much expensive D. Expensiver

( )15. Shanghai is larger than _____ in China.


A.any city B. any other city C. all the cities D. any cities ( )16.What do you this new watch?

A.think at B.think of C.think over D.think hard ( )17.We hope life can get .

A.best and best B.better and better C.good and good D.well and well ( )18.We should study hard to make our dream .

A.come over B.come back C.come true D.come up

( )19.All these talent shows have one thing _________ comcmon.

A. on B. in C. at D. for

( )20.Our teacher asked us to_ _________ a story about the moon.

A. make up B. make of C. make in D. make out

( )21.Our city is becoming _________ .

A. more and most beautiful B. more beautiful and more beautiful

C. more and more beautiful D. beautiful and beautiful

( )22.Which subject is_ _________ of all?

A. the most interested B. the most interesting C. the more interested D. the more interesting ( )23.The Yellow River is the second in China.

A.long B.longer C.longest D.longer and longer ( )24.He is better than the others.

A.much B.more C.less D.very

( )25.Parents play a role in _________ their children.

A. teach B. teaches C.to teach D.teaching


1.My father is much _________ than my mother.(busy)

2.He is the ________ in our class.(outgoing) 3.Jeans Corner is a ________ (good) store. It sells _________ (good) clothes in town .

4. Kitty has the _________ (little) milk of the three.

5. Liu Bing runs __________ of all.(fast) 6.Who do you think is (boring), Tim or Tom?

7. He is as _________ (friend) to us as his sister.

8. Tom is ____________ (tall) of the two.

9.Which one is ________of all the problems? (easy)

10.This radio is not so ________ as that one. (cheap)

11.It’s always interesting (watch) people (show) their talents. 12.She is good at (show) her talent. 13.However,not everybody enjoys (watch) these shows. 14.The people who watch the show usually play a role in (decide) the winner. 15. Which city is _________ (beautiful),Beijing, Shanghai or Hangzhou?




( )1.The boys are having great fun ___ in the waves.A.play B.to play C.played


( )2、Thank you very much for _________us so well.

A .teach B. teaching C. teaches D. taught

( )3.—When _______ a sports meeting? ---Last Monday.

A. had you B.do you have C.did you have D.will you have

( )4.He didn’t have_____ money for a taxi, ______ he walked back to the hotel.

A. any, and B. much, becauseC. any, so D. some, so ( )5. On Sunday morning I helped my mother ____ the cooking.

A. do B. to doing C. did D. doing ( )6. My friend is much than me.

A. smarter B. smart C. more smarter D. more smart ( )7. My parents quite friendly.

A. both are B. are both C. are all D. all are ( )8. Holly likes to do the same things .

A. likes me B. as me C. as I do D. B and C

( )9. My sister is ______ more outgoing than me.

A. more B. most C. a little D. little

( )10. Li Ming and Lin Tao ______ black eyes.

A. has B. have both C. both have D. both has ( )11. I see her in the supermarket.

A. sometime B. some time C. sometimes D. some times

( )12. — did you watch TV? —About two hours.

A. How far B. How often C. How soon D. How long ( )13. He is a good student. He late for school.

A. isn’t never B. is often C. is always D.is hardly ever

( )14. My mother told me ________ you anything.

A. tell not B. not tell C. to not tell D. not to tell ( )15. Would you like to eat?

A. something healthy B. anything healthy C. something health D. healthy something


1. A lot of vegetables help you ____________ (keep) in good health.

2. My mother wants me ____________ (drink) some milk every day.

3. His ____________ (eat) habits are pretty good, so he’s very healthy.

4. It is very necessary for us ____________ (read) English in the morning. 5. He can hardly make the baby ____________ (stop) crying.

6. Both of ____________ (they) are outgoing. 7. Song Zhuying sings (clear)than Zhou Jielun.

8.My mother (tell) me to go to school early this morning.

9. My father plays basketball ____________ (two) a week. 10. My brother and I (not be) in Beijing last month.



( )1. All the ingredients are in the bowl. Please mix .

A. it up B. up it C. up them D. them up

( )2. Turn on the blender about two minutes.


A. of B. in C. for D. with

( )3. Please cut _____ the banana _____ small pieces.

A. up, to B. up, into C. off, to D. off, into

( )4. Please turn___ the light when you leave the room.

A. off B. on C. up D. down

( )5. ________ cups of coffee do we need?

A. How B. How much C. How many D. How many of

( )6. —______ bread would you like?

—Three pieces of ________. A. How many, breads B. How many, bread C. How much, breads D. How much, bread

( )7. Will you add ________ to the salad?

A. many honeys B. much honeys C. more honey D. many more honey

( )8. Put some ____ and chicken ____ on the sandwich.

A.meat, piece B. meats, pieces C. meat, pieces D. meats, piece

( )9. ________ mix these things together.

A. Not B. No C. Don’t D. You aren’t

( )10.There ____two pieces of turkey on the table and there ______some butter on the

pieces. A. are, are B. are, is C. is, is D. is, are

用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1.My parents hope (I) have a dream job in 10 years. 2.Our teachers expect us (study)harder and harder. 3.Do you mind (open) the window?It's too hot in the room. 4.Americans enjoy (plan) to do things before doing them. 5.How long can you stand (not sleep)? 6.Sun Cinema is (comfortable) in town.

7.Wu Kui is (clever) and Cao Qiuyue is (hard-working) in our class. 8..He was always ready _______(help ) others before 9.What is as ________(famous) as the Michey Mouse.10.E (educational) plays a role in

our development(发展)in China.



( )1.I'm going to be an English teacher and ______ English every day.

A.practice B.enter C.do D.keep

( )2.He promised his father ______ all subjects at school.

A.study B.to study C.studying D.studied

( )3.What are you going to do ______ make the Music Festival a great success?

A.to help B.helping C.help D.helped

( )4.I love music very much,so I'm going to learn how to ______ the piano this term.

A.keep B.play C.hold D.build


( )5.He may come,but I'm not sure ______ that.

A.about B.On C.with D.to

( )6.I'm going to travel abroad(国外)and New York sounds ______ my dream city.

A.as B.to be C.as if D.like

( )7.To ______ healthy,you should take 15-minute exercise every day.

A.keep B.Turn C.sound D.build

( )8.—______ are you going to be a basketball player?

—I'm going to practice basketball every day.

A.What B.How C.When D.Where

( )9.I'm going to be a coach ______ I grow up.

A.what B.When C.who D.where

( )10.We are going to ______ a basketball match next Sunday.A.look B.

C.watch D.find

( )11.The boy ______ a new car.That is,it's ______ new car.

A.owner;his own B.owns;his own

C.owns;own his D.owner;own his

( )12.I'm going to write articles and ______ them ______ magazines and newspapers.

A.take;to B.send;to

C.bring;to D.get;to

( )13.When he grows up,he's going to do ______.

A.what he wants to do B.what does he want to do

C.what he want to do D.what will he want to do

( )14.Do you think your resolution is too difficult ______?

A.keep it B.to keep it

C.to keep D.keep

( )15.There are many clouds coming.It ______ rain soon.

A.will B.is going to C.looks like D.likes

用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1.--What is he going to be when he grows up?--He (be) a pilot. 2.They come from foreign countries,they are ( foreign). 3.PE means (physics) education. 4.These people are all great (science).

5.He is able (play) the guitar upside down,how talented he is!

6.Can you write (it)all down without looking at these new words?

7."What does it mean?"is the same as "What's the (mean) of it?"

8.You need to keep on (do)your homework,or you won't finish it on time.

9.I forgot (feed)the cows so I fed them again.

10.--What will the weather be like tomorrow? --It (be)sunny.

see 10



( )1.People should keep the ______ between countries.

A.relationship B.peace C.discussion D.role

( )2.It's careless(粗心)______the same mistake again in your composition.

A.for you to make B.for you making

C.of you to make D.of you making

( )3.The TV program was very______and we all got______.

A.bored;bored B.boring;boring

C.bored;boring D.boring;bored

( )4.—He got an A in last week's math test.

—It is ______!His math is always the worst.

A.possible B.simple C.impossible D.bored

( )5.The old man is very healthy.I think he will live______.

A.to be 100 years old B.100 years old

C.at 100 years old D.in 100 years old

( )6.—In 2050,what will the world's population be?

—I think cities will be really big and crowded because there will be a lot ___ people.

A.much B.more C.many D.less

( )7.I predict there will be less ______ in the future.

A.people B.trees C.countries D.pollution

( )8.—What will the future ______? —No one can predict exactly.


A.be like B.be C.like D.like as

( )9.I ______believe everything ______ be free in 20 years.

A./;won't B.don't;won't

C.don't;will D.will;doesn't

( )10.Some old houses ______in my hometown last summer.

A.fall down B.fell down C.write down D.wrote down

( )11.What do you think Sally will be______10 years?

A.after B.behind C.later D.in

( )12.I can't find my notebook.Could you help me ______ it?

A.look for B.look at C.look like D.look out

( )13.“There______a meeting next Monday.”means “They______a meeting next Monday.”

A.will be;will be B.will have;will have

C.will be;will have D.will have;will be

( )14.—How many people came to Beijing for the Olympic Games in 2008?

—It's hard to say.______people,I think.

A.Million of B.Millions of

C.Two million of D.Two millions of

( )15.It ______ that everyone ______ to laugh.

A.seems;loves B.seem;love C.seems;love D.seem;loves


1.He ______(be)a teacher after he leaves college.

2.There ______(be)fewer children in people's homes in 10 years.

3.Do you think ______(predict)the future is difficult or easy?

4.His sister always plays a part in ______ (save) the animals.

5.—What will you do tomorrow afternoon?

—I ______(play)basketball with Jim.

6.Now the ______ (pollute) is very serious.

7.We should plant ______ (many)trees than before. 8.Nothing is (possible) if you put your heart into it.

9.There are ______(hundred)of people planting trees on the hill.

10.The elephants are in great ______(dangerous);people shouldn't kill them any longer.




( )1. What _________exciting news! We are all very excited about it.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )2. If you plan ________a movie, choose Mulan.

A. watch B. to watch C. watching D. watched

( )3. We hope ________good grades.

A. get B. to get C. getting D. got

( )4. I hope you ________a nice weekend.

A. have B. to have C. having D. had

( )5. Can you ________when the train will arrive?

A. look B. look at C. find D. find out

( )6. Hi, Jean! You look unhappy. ____________?

A. What did you happen B. What you happened

C. What happened to you D. Did you happen what

( )7. I didn’t expect ________anything enjoyable at all.

A. saw B. see C. seeing D. to see

( )8. Walt Disney was famous _______his cartoons.

A. like B. as C. at D. for

( )9. I don’t mind _________soap operas.

A. watch B. to watch C. watching D. watched

( )10. We waited an hour for Jack, but he didn’t ________.

A. appear B. get C. arrived D. disappear

( )11.The sitcom is very interesting, I ___________ it. A. like B. don’t like C. don’t mind D. can’t stand

( )12.I __________ soap operas. They are boring.

A. can’t stand B. like C. love D. don’t mind

( )13. In summer, we should ________cool clothes.

A. put on B. wear C. dress D. dress up

( )14. She ________and went to the party.

A. wore B. put on C. dressed D. dressed up

( )15. She learns a lot _________the educational movie. A. in B. at C. to D. from

( )16. You can ask me ________question at ________time.


A. some, some B. some, any C. any, some D. any, any ( )17. Great changes happened in China _________. A. in the 1980s B. in the 1980 C. in 1980s D. on the 1980

( )18. They arrived ________Beijing _________the morning of May 10.

A. at, in B. at, on C. in, in D. in, on

( )19. _________July 12,2009, he went to Shanghai for the first time _________a plane.

A. On, on B. On, by C. In, on D. In, by

( )20. Don’t worry. I’ll try my best ________you. A. help B. helping C. helps D. to help


1. We forgot _____________ (tell) him the news, so he didn’t know at all.

2. We hope ________________ (see) you soon.

3. Put ___________ (they) on the sandwich ,please.

4. I think I’m_______________ (outgoing) than Sam .

5. The students enjoy ________________ (have) birthday parties .

6. How _______ (many) yogurt do we need?

7. Next you need _______ (cut) up three bananas.

8. _______ (final) enjoy the Super Sandwich .

9. _______ (add) the salt to the noodles, please

10. ______ (one) peel some pears, then cut them up.




( )1.I have to______for the math test.

A.study B.studying C.learning D.studied

( )2.My best friend often invites me ______ delicious food.

A.enjoy B.Enjoying C.enjoyed D.to enjoy

( )3.I am going to ______ you on Sunday and go bike riding.

A.catch B.Accept C.refuse D.delete

( )4.Do you know ______ I miss you?

A.how many B.how much C.how long D.how far

( )5.Please reply to the invitation ______ by next Tuesday.

A.call B.in call C.in calling D.for calling

( )6.Joe______go to the doctor.His leg is broken.

A.have to B.canC.has to D.may

( )7.—Sorry,but I have to look after my brother.

—That's too______.Maybe______time.

A.bad;another B.bad;other C.good;another D.good;other

( )8.—Would you like to visit the museum?


A.Yes,please. B.Sure,I'd love to.

C.Sorry,I wouldn't. D.Yes,I would.

( )9.Can you look at the ______ and tell me the activities?

A.menu B.Calendar C.clock D.phone

( )10.Sorry,I'm busy today.I have ______ housework to do.

A.much too B.too much C.too many D.many too

( )11.Can you play football ______ us this afternoon?

A.with B.At C.on D.around

( )12.Thanks a lot for______me______your house.

A.invite;for B.invite;to

C.inviting;for D.inviting;to

( )13.—______I watch TV,Mum?

—Sure,but you______finish your homework first.

A.Must;needn't B.Can;may

C.Can;must D.May;mustn't

( )14.The students are very ______ at the ______ news.

A.surprised;surprising B.surprising;surprised

C.surprised;surprised D.surprising;surprising

( )15.—My mother is ill.I have to look after her at home.


A.Thank you B.Oh,I don't know C.Bad luck D.I'm sorry to hear that


1.The (open) of Shanghai Expo was really wonderful.

2.Bob went to school without (have)breakfast the day before Yesterday.

3.I asked about the woman's age but she refused (answer).

4.I was surprised (see)the boy had no feet.


5.We are glad (meet) you.

6.I'm looking forward to ______(hear) from you soon.

7.Tom didn't come to my party because his ( ill).

8.Thank you for your______(invite).

9.Please keep quiet!My sister's trying______(study).

10.He would love______(have)a cup of tea.



( )1.He is a famous athlete and can ______ a lot of money every year.

A.pay B.make C.cost D.ask

( )2.If you study harder,you will ______ go to college.

A.are able to B.be able

C.can be able to D.be able to

( )3.Nobody went there with him.He went by ______.

A.him B.himself C.his D.themselves

( )4.I'm late for school today.I think my teacher must be ______ me.

A.worried about B.pleased with

C.friendly to D.angry with

( )5.If she ______,she'll have a great time.

A.do B.will do C.does D.did


( )6.It's a secret between you and me.I hope you can keep it ______.

A.to us B.to ourselves

C.for us D.for ourselves

( )7.Unless we ______ the problem,we won't be happy.

A.solve B.will solve C.solved D.solving

( )8.Your son often smokes.Please advise him ______it.

A.to smoke B.not to smoke

C.smoking D.not smoking

( )9.He got ______ before he was famous.

A.a education B.an education

C.education D.some education

( )10.He often makes ______ mistakes,because he doesn't read ______.

A.careful;carefully B.careless;careful

C.careless;carefully D.careful;carelessly

( )11.—I don't remember the teacher's telephone number.

—If you______,we can call her for help.

A.are B.will C.do D.did

( )12.______ a problem is like ______ it in half.

A.Share;cut B.Sharing;cut

C.Share;cutting D.Sharing;cutting

( )13.Do you think the worst thing is ______nothing?

A.do B.does C.to do D.done

( )14.When they move ______ there,they live in ______.

A.to;apartment B.to;an apartment

C./;apartment D./;an apartment

( )15.Half the class______. A.is sing B.is singing C.are singing D.sings


1.We'll go to the Great Wall if it______(not rain)tomorrow.

2.If it is fine tomorrow,I ______(go)on a field trip.

3.The poor boy in the street asked the man______(give)him some money.

4.—Why not______(go)to the zoo on Sunday?

—That't a good idea.

5.My friend thinks I should ______(travel)to Guilin.

6.I hope to do a lot of work______(help)others who are in trouble.

7.If I go to college,I ______never ______(become)a great soccer player.

8.I learnt how ______(ride)a bike when I was six years old.

9.The man's son is old enough______(look)after himself.

10.Would you like ______(organize) the class party?


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