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山东省临沭县青云镇中学八年级英语上册《Unit 6-10》补全对话

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《Unit 6-10》补全对话

Unit6 A: Kelly, ____________________________when you grow up? B: I want to be a doctor.

A: Sounds great! ___________________________________?

B: I’m going to study medicine at a college. A: ____________________________________________?

B: ________________________. Maybe in London or in Beijing.

A: __________________________________________________?

B: I’m going to start after high school.



A: Hi, Jack. I didn’t see you yesterday. _________________________________? B: I was at Jim’s home. A: _________________________________?

B: It was his birthday yesterday. He had a party for it. A: _____________________________?

B: We sang songs, ate a cake and played games. We even drank some milk shake. A: Milk shake? ______________________________?

B: No, we didn’t buy any. we made them by ourselves.

A: You’re so great. _________________________________?

B: We need some bananas, some milk, ice-cream and a blender.


A: Let’s make fruit salad.

B: OK. Do you have bananas? A: Yes, I do. ?

B: Three. A: How many watermelons? B: Oh, only one watermelon. And we need some honey. A: . ?

B: One teaspoon.

A: How many apples do we need? B: Two apples . And yogurt. A: 64. ? B: A cup. Now 。 Oh, do you have any oranges?

A: I think so. How many oranges do we need?

B: Only one.



Jeff: Good morning, Cathy.

Cathy: Good morning, Jeff.Jack is having a party at his house next week. Jeff: What is it for?

Cathy: It's for Jack's 14th birthday.

Jeff: 1. ______ Cathy: It's on Thursday.Can you go with me?

Jeff: 2. ______I have to go to the hospital to see my grandfather on Thursday.

Cathy: 3. ______ His birthday is on Thursday,but the

party is on Friday. Jeff: I'll be free on Friday. 4. ______

Cathy: At 5:30 pm.

Jeff: 5. ______

Cathy: Let's take a taxi.

Jeff: OK.See you on Friday!

Cathy: See you!


A: I want to have an English evening. Will you help me 1 it?

B: Sure. When shall we have the 2.

A: Let’s have it this evening.

B: No. This evening is too 3. If we have it this evening, half the class

4 come.

A: Okay. Let’s 5 it tomorrow evening.


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