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期中试题 牛津版


( )1.. Why ____ you join the art club? You like painting (画画) so much.

A. not B. do C. don’t D doesn’t

( )2. If you are in trouble, you can _____help from the policeman.

A. look over B ask for C check D think about

( )3. Oh, there’re _____ mistakes in your homework. You should correct them.

A. many so B much so C so many D so much

( )4.My life will be a lot ______ than it is now.

A. good B well C better D best

( )5. Your book looks newer than _______.

A. my B I C me D mine

( )6. China is famous ______its food in the world.

A for B at C with D in

( )7. The red pencil is ______ than the green one.

A. short B shorter C nice D the shortest

( )8. Her coat looks _______.

A. beautiful B beautifully C badly D sweetly

( )9. It is raining very_______.

A. heavy B heavily C heavier D more heavily

( )10. If you work hard, it’s not difficult for you ______ English well.

A. learn B learns C to learn D learning

( )11. You should get up early _______ you would catch the train.

A. or B because C but D so that

( )12. -----What’s the ______ in the match?

------It is 2-0.

A. mark B matter C score D trouble

( )13.This place is not big enough for Lucy’s birthday party. We should find a _______ one.

A. big B small C bigger D smaller

( )14.This history book is _______ that one, but ______ than that one.

A. as difficult as; interesting B as more difficult as; more interesting

C as difficult as; more interesting D more difficult as; as interesting

( )15. All the students are talking and laughing in the classroom and it’s _______. 1

A. noisy B lonely C strict D quiet ( )16. The ______you work at your lessons, the _______ results you will get.

A. hard, good B harder, good C hard, better D harder, better

( )17 Miss Zhang hopes ______ a teacher.

A, to be B be C to being D is

( )18 Would you like _______ us to Shanghai?

A, take B taking C to taking D to take

( )19. Let’s _______ to the opera tonight.

A go B to go C going D went

( )20 The story is ______ and all of us are _______ in it. A, interest, interesting B interesting, interest

C interested, interesting D interesting, interested

( )21 I don’t know the meaning of this word; can you ______ it in Chinese?

A. say B speak C tell D talk

( )22. We need to protect animals _______.

A, danger B dangerous C in danger D dangers

( )23. Ann is only two years old, so we should ______ her.

A look at B look for C look after D look out

( )24、-Look at our model of space station. Do you like it?

-Yes, it is even than ours.

A. interesting B. more interesting

C. most interesting D. the most interesting

( )25、--The dress me 500 yuan.

--Really? It’s nice on you!

A. paid for B. cost C. spent D. taken

( )26. — Well, let’s go to visit the Disneyland this Saturday. — That ____ great!

A. does B. looks C. sounds D do

( )27. The computer was cheap. I spent only two ____ yuan on it.

A. thousands B. thousand C. thousands of D thousand of ( )28. My English is poor. Can you give me _______ on learning English ?

A. some advice B. any advices C. some advices D any advice

( )29. ─ Please remember what he says at the meeting.

─ I’ll _______ his words.

A. write down B. take away C. hear from D think about


( ) 30 .We can make a fire(火) ______ the room warm. A, to keep B keeping C keep D kept 二、完形填空(10分)

It’s September1st, and we’re all back to school. It’s good to 1 all my teachers and friends again. They all 2 fine.

We’re in Grade Eight this year. We have 3 new subjects. I’m not very 4 at Chinese, but Han Mei says she can 5 me. I think I can 6 it better.

I like English very much. Zhang Hong likes English, 7 . But she needs help. I 8 I can help her.

Mr Hu is our new English teacher. He 9 know all of us, so he has our names on a piece of paper and 10 our names before he begins his lesson. 1. A. see 2. A. do 3. A. a lot 4. A. well 5. A. learn 6. A. do

B. watch

C. find C. look

D. look D.sound

D. much

B. see

B. some

C. lot

B. good C. bad C. help

D. nice D. need D. feel D. too D. want D. do

D. tells

B. give B. play

C. look

C. much

7. A. either 8. A. am afraid 9. A. doesn’t 10. A. gives

B. very

B. think B. don’t

C. am sorry C. does

B. calls C. asks

三、阅读理解(每小题2分,满分30 分)


There are forty-seven different kinds of kangaroos(袋鼠). The smallest kangaroos are about a quarter of a meter long; the biggest are taller than a man.

Kangaroos have very long strong back legs. These are used for jumping. They also have long strong tails(尾巴)used for resting on. Kangaroos’ front legs are much shorter, and are almost(几乎) like arms. Kangaroos’ heads are quite small, but their ears are quite large.

Mother kangaroos have a pocket at the front. They have one baby each year. When it is born, the baby kangaroo is straight(直接) into its mother’s pocket. The baby kangaroos stay there for six months.

The biggest kangaroos stand more than 2 meters tall, and their legs are so strong that they can jump more than 9 meters. They are very fast, and can travel at more than 50 kilometers an hour. They are very strong, but only eat fruit, leaves and grass. 1.How many different kinds of kangaroos are there?


A.37. B.74. C.47. D.40.

2.How large are the biggest kangaroos?

A. Smaller than a man. B. Bigger than a man.C. The same size as a man.

D.A quarter of a meter long.

3.Does a mother kangaroo have a pocket?

A. Yes, it does. B. No, it does. C. No, it doesn’t.

4.How long does a baby kangaroo stay in its mother’s pocket?

A. One month. B. Three months. C. Six months. D. Five months.

5.How far can kangaroos jump?

A. More than 2 meters. B. More than 9 meters. C. Less than 2 meters. D. Less than 9 meters.


Most children like watching TV. It’s very interesting. By watching TV they can see and learn a lot and know many things about their country and the world. Of course, they can also learn over the radio. But they can learn better and more easily on TV. Why? Because they can hear and watch at the same time. But they can’t see anything over the radio. TV helps to open children’s eyes. It helps to open their minds (智力) , too. They learn newer and better ways of doing things. Many children watch TV only on Saturday or Sunday evening. They are always busy with their classes. But a few children watch TV every night. They go to bed very late. They can’t have a good rest. How about you, my young friends?

6. A few children go to bed late because they________.

A. are busy with their classes B. do their homework C. watch TV D. listen to the radio

7. Children can’t see anything________. A. in class B. on the radio C. on TV D. by watching TV

8. TV helps to open children’s________.

A. eyes and minds B. minds C. body D. eyes D. It doesn’t tell us.

9. —Why do many children watch TV only on Saturday or Sunday evening?


A.TV is not good B. they don’t like watching TV

C. they are always busy with their classes D. they want to play tennis

10. Children can study better and easily on TV because________.

A. they like to watch TV B. they can hear at the same time

C. they can watch at the same time D. they can hear and watch at the same time


Most American families are smaller than the families in other countries. Most American 4

families have one or two parents and one or two children each.

Children in the US will leave their parents’ home when they grow up. They usually live far from their parents because they want to find good jobs. They often write to their parents or

telephone them. And they often go to visit their parents on holiday.

Parents usually let their children choose their own jobs. Americans think it important for young people to decide on their lives by themselves.

Children are asked to do some work around their house. And in many families, children are

paid for doing some housework so that they learn how to make money for their own use.

11.The size of most American families is ________ that of other countries.

A. larger than B. smaller than C. as big as D. as small as

12.When children grow up, they leave their parents’ home to _________.

A. get married B. be free C. find good jobs D. study

13..They visit their parents ________.

A. on weekdays B. on weekends C. at any time D. on holiday

14..Which of the following statements is WRONG?

A. Children have the freedom(自由) to choose their own job.

B. Parents don’t ask their children to do the housework.

C. Parents think it important for children to make their own decision. D. When children grow up, they usually live far away from their home.

15..Some parents pay their children for doing housework because ___________.

A. children can learn how to make money for themselves

B. their children required them to do so

C. they are rich

D. it is required by law


根据对话内容,从方框内的六个句子选择五个合适的句子补全对话。 A: Hi, LinTao. Our English teacher said my pronunciation was not good.1_________ B: Don’t worry. There is going to be a talk on learning English at the Students’ Palace.2________ A: I’d love to. 3___________


pronunciation carefully.

A: Excellent! 5_____________

B: At half past two. We must go now.

A: OK.



1.In some places, many animals have no place ______(live) in.

2.Of all the subjects, I think Chinese is _________(interesting).

3.Tom writes as ________(careful) as Jim.

4.The old man is so old that he walks very ______(slow).

5.How about ______(go) swimming.

6. Jim’s home is _______ school so he has to take a bus to school.

7._________housework made Jane feel very unhappy.

8.If you don’t understand the word, you can _____________ the dictionary.

9.Tom got late this morning, so he _________ school.

10.I always very happy when I _______ her.


Mr. Smith is my new friend. He __1___ from Paris, France. He’s a French __2____ of a middle school. His students all like him very much. He can ___3___ some Chinese, __4____ not much. He wants to learn more, so he goes to ___5___ classes every week. He likes __6____ and working in China very much. He ___7___the Chinese people are very friendly(友好的). He has two ___8____ , Maria and Tom. They are students, but they go to different(不同的) _____9____ . They have some pen pals and they often __10___ to the pen pals. They also have many Chinese friends at school and they play games after class.

七,作文(20分) 6


要求:1. 说明喜欢的原因。 2,围绕你所喜欢的运动展开讨论。3,70词左右。





1--5________________________ 6--10__________________ 11--15__________________________ 16--20____________________ 21--25__________________________ 26--30 _____________________ 二,完形填空(10分) 1--5_______________________ 6--10__________________________ 三,阅读理解(30分) A)1--5_____________________________ B)6--10____________________________ C)11--15___________________________ 四,口语交际(10分) 1--5_____________________________ 五,词汇(10分) 1)1____________ 2_____________ 3____________ 4____________ 5____________ 2) 6____________ 7_____________ 8___________ 9____________ 10___________ 六,选词填空(10分) 1___________ 2___________ 3___________ 4__________ 5___________ 6___________ 7___________ 8____________ 9___________ 10____________


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