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2014八年级英语Unit 6

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Unit 6
I’m more outgoing than my sister

What do you look like?

What do you look like?

What does she look like?

I’m fat.

She has long hair.

What do they look like? What does he look like? They are short. He is tall.

What does she look like? What does she look like? She has short hair.

She is thin.

Fill in the blanks after listening.
longer hair than Tom. 1. Sam has ___________ Tom is _________ calmer than Sam. shorterthan Tina. 2. Tara is _______ wilder than Tara. Tina is __________ heavier than Paul. 3. Pedro is __________ shorter than Pedro. Paul’s _________

Look at the pictures and answer the questions

Who is thinner?

Mr. Gong is thinner than Mrs. Shen.

Is that Mary?

No, That’s Nina. Mary has longer hair than Nina.


Jerry John

Jerry is taller than John. Richard is taller than Jerry. Who is the tallest of them? Richard is the tallest of the three.



Is that Adam? No, that’s David. Adam is thinner than David.

Draw a tall boy


Fill the differences between Tina and Tara in the blanks after listening. Tina
funnier Tara more outgoing quieter more athletic more intellectual

more serious

You may have many close friends. Please list the ways they are the same as and different from various friends. Then tell the class or your partner about these differences and similarities.

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