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定语从句精选 GJP

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With the reform of educational system, the

teachers_____school I worked before have greatly

changed their way of teaching.

A. in whose B. whose C. in which

D. which



Some great people said it was their primary school

teachers and their lessons____ they were fond of ____ influenced their whole lives.

A.which; that B.that; which C.which; which

D.that; that



Was it in the beautiful park _________was located by

the sea ______you first met your new English


A. where; that B. which; which C. that;

that(where) D.which; where



I still remember the story,believe it or not, ______ we got lost in the mountain picnic.

A.which B.that C.what D.how



2. (安徽省利辛二中2010届高三上学期第四次月考) The old lady is said to have three children ,two of

_____ studying abroad.

A whom B them C all D who

答案 B

4. (甘肃省天水一中2010届高三上学期第三阶段试) The computer and the effect _____ brought about did a lot of good to our business.

A. what B. it C. that D. which

答案: B

5. (贵州省兴义市第九中学2010届高三第一次月考) Is this flat the one ______ you once lived in?

A. which B. there C. that D. where

答案 B

6. (河南省豫南九校2010届高三上学期第三次联考) Not far from the club there was a garden, _______

owner seated in it playing bridge with his children.

A.whose B.that C.which D.its 答案 D

21. (安徽省2010届高三上学期一轮复习名校联考)

In our university there are several big parks ____we

students can go to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

A.to which B.at which C.from which D.in


答案 A

22. (辽宁省东北育才学校2010届高三第一次模拟)

What I need is nothing but a book, _________ that

can help to kill the time tonight.

A it B that C one D the one

答案 C

26. (贵州省清华实验学校2010届高三上学期)

Is there a gas station around______ I can get some

petrol from?

A.that B.which C.where D.what

答案 C

9. (山东省潍坊市2010届高三上学期阶段性测试)

This is one of the best films ______ this year.

A. they have been shown B. that has been shown

C. that have been shown D. which have been


答案 C

10. (湖南省衡阳市2010届高三三校12月联考) The editor-in-chief asked me to write another article for them, ______about how to prevent H1N1 flu.

A. that B. one C. it D. What E.Which 答案 B

11. (山东省滨州阳信二中2010届高三上学期第二次) What do you think of his proposal (建议)_______ we ________ a play at the English party?

A. what; put up B. that; put on

C. which; put up D. that; put off

答案 B(in which)

12. (四川省内江六中2010届高三第四次月考)

A computer is so useful a machine_____we can use everywhere.

A. that B. which C. as D. what 答案 C

16. (河南省武陟一中2010届高三上学期第四次月考)

Is this the man_______ yon want to have the radio for me?

A.who;repaired B.that;repaired

D.that;repair C.whom;repairing

答案 D


The visitor asked to have his picture taken ________ stood the

famous tower.

A. where B. at which C. that D. when

答案 A (宾语从句)


Could it be in the restaurant in _________ you had dinner with me

yesterday _________ you lost your handbag?

A. that; which B. which; that (where) C. where; that

D. that; where

答案 B


He expressed a hope _______ he would visit China again the next

year, and this was the very hope ________ he would express as

soon as he arrived in the country.

A. that; that B. which; which C. that; which

D. which; that

答案 A C

3.The book is written in_____easy English______ beginners can



B.such;that C.so;as D.such;as

答案 DB

8.Since 1995,____people call the Year of the Internet,the world has turned flat thanks to the network.


答案 B B.which C.in which D.by which time

10.After 10 years of hard time,the young lady has turned movie star_______she dreamed of becoming in her childhood.


答案 B

14.I wonder if it was in the bookstore_____I bought some books ____I lost the keys.

A.that;that B.where;where

C.where;that D.that;where

答案 C

B.which C.that D.what

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