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26、—Are you new here?

—No, I`m not. I in this school. A、study B、have studies C、had studied D、studied 27、—When Mr Black to our country?

—Last year. A、did; come B、do; come C、had; come D、have; come 28、—Where is Mr Brown?

—He Shanghai to visit his uncle. A、had gone to B、has gone to C、had been to D、has been to 29、He his homework this time yesterday.

A、is doing B、was doing C、did D、will do

30、Even the top students in our class can`t work out the problem, so it be very difficult.

A、may B、must C、can D、need 31、—How many of these books have you read?

— of them, every one. A、Many B、Some C、All D、None 32、—Hi, Tony, you won an award yesterday, didn`t you?

—Yes, I also got some money. I`m going to the bank to the money. A、save B、steal C、collect D、raise 33、—Would you like to watch soap operas with me?

—Yes, . A、I would be B、I like C、I`d like to D、I do 34、—May I put on this skirt, Mum?

—No, it has . Nobody likes it. A、got off B、broken down C、gone out D、given up 35、—What`s the use of the books?

—Well, they us with knowledge. A、give B、provide C、carry D、take 36、—Li Lin, is it OK for you to go to your grandpa`s house alone?

—No problem. I you as soon as I there. A、call; get B、will call; get C、call; will get D、will call; will get 37、Cars should near schools.

A、speed up B、speed down C、slow up D、slow down 38、Could you tell me ?

A、how can I get to the post office B、which the way is to the post office C、how I can get go the post office D、where is the post office 39、When did she France?

A、reached B、got to C、arrive in D、arrive at 40、—I had a really nice wecked in the country.

— .

A、Oh, that`s very nice of you B、Congratulations C、It`s a pleasure D、I`m glad to hear that


26、—Are you a worker here?

—Yes. I in this factory. A、have worked B、had worked C、work D、worked 27、—When you the computer?

—I can`t remember when. A、have; bought B、had; bought C、do; buy D、did; buy 28、—I want to be a doctor.

—Doctors in every part of the world. A、need B、are needing C、are needed D、will need 29、—The Blacks have the Hainan lsland.

—Oh, really? I have never there before. A、gone to ; been to B、been to ; gone to C、gone to ; been D、gone; been 30、—Are you interested in going to the English party?

—Yes, . A、I would be B、I like C、I do D、I`d like to 31、—How do you like the trousers?

—I`m afraid they`re too big. You should try a smaller . A、piece B、one C、copy D、pair 32、—What do you do on weekends?

—I like to at the sports club with my friends. A、hang out B、walk out C、give out D、look out 33、—These T-shirts are usually $35 each.

—But I hear today they have a piece of $19 in the shopping center. A、possible B、special C、cheap D、common 34、—Can I just put the things here?

—You should make it a rule to leave things you can find them again. A、when B、where C、then D、which 35、—What else can I do for you?

—If someone comes to see me, ask them to leave a . A、message B、letter C、motice D、sentence 36、—Have you done your school report get?

—No, I`ll finish in ten minutes. A、another B、other C、more D、less 37、—Would you mind if I smoke here?

— .

A、Yes, please B、No, please C、Yes, You can D、No, please don`t 38、It`s very difficult to learn English well, but you can`t A、put it up B、take it up C、look it up D、give it up

39、Many cartoons are adventure stories with educational , putting ideas of love and beauty into children`s hearts.

A、titles B、minds C、advantages D、themes 40、—It`s fun to chat with friends on the internet.

—Really? Will you please show me the computer? A、what to use B、how to use C、how can I use D、why I use

单 项 选 择(三)

26、——Do I have to return the book now?

——If you like, you can it for 2 more days. A.borrow B.keep C.lent 27、——Can you lend me 100 dollars?

——Sorry, I’ve A.used up B.given up C.worked out 28、——Don’t make noise. I can’t hear the music.

——You can the radio a bit. A.turn down B.turn on C.turn off D.see

单 项 选 择(四)

26、——He to work at 7:30 every day.

——So do I. A、go B、goes C、went D、is going 27、——Let me check your homework, Jack.

——Sorry, I it yesterday evening. Sir. A、did B、do C、didn`t do D、didn`t 28、——Why don`t you go and play with your friend?

——Because we a maths test tomorrow. I`ve to get ready for it. A、has B、have C、will have D、have had D.set up

D.turn up

29、——Can I help you, sir?

—— .

A.No, please B.I’d like a cup of tea C.Yes, I’m very glad 30、——I can’t use this word.

——You’d better this word in a dictionary. A.look for B.look up C.look after 31、——What do you do?

——I a worker, but now I’m a teacher. A.used to be B.am used to be C.used to being 32、——Must 1 finish the work now?

——No, you .you can do it tomorrom. A.can’t B.needn’t C.mustn’t 33、——You`ll visit the science Museum tomorrow.

——Yes, but we won`t go if it . A、rain B、rains C、will rain 34、——Is Li Lei still in the classroom?

——No. He for an hour. A、goes B、has gone C、has left 35、——It`s sunny, isn`t it?

——Yes, but the radio says it later on. A、rain B、will rain C、rains 36、——Where is Tom?

——He his hometown. A、has been B、has been to C、has gone 37、——Do you know why he looks tired?

——He football a moment ago. A、play B、plays C、played 38、——What you when the teacher came into the classroom?

——Sorry, I forget. A、did?do B、are?doing C、do?do 39、——I want to have a talk with Jim.

——Sorry, I don`t know . A、where he is B、where is he C、where does he go 40、——It`s cold today, isn`t it?

——Yes. You`d better your coat. A、put on B、take off C、wear

D.I don’t need help

D.look at

D.am used to being


D、is raining

D、has been away

D、has rained

D、has gone to

D、is playing


D、where he go


29、——Look at those children. They football on the playground.

——Oh. Let`s go and join them. A、are playing B、play C、were playing D、plays 30、——Where were you this time yesterday?

——I TV at home. A、watched B、was watching C、have watched D、watch 31、——Whose football is this?

——I think it be Tom`s. He doesn`t like it at all. A、can`t B、mustn`t C、must D、could 32、——When did the play begin?

——It for half an hour. A、has begun B、began C、has been on D、begins 33、—— you ever to the Geat Wall?

——No never. A、Did?go B、Have?been C、Have?gone D、Do?go 34、——I lost some money just now.

—— .

A、Don`t worry B、Sorry to hear that C、It donesn`t matter D、Not at all 35、————He fell off the bike and broke his leg. A、What`s the wrong B、What happened C、What`s the trouble D、Why did he fall 36、——Hello, could I speak to Li Hua?

—— .

A、Yes, you could B、Thank you C、Speaking D、I`ll speak to Li Hua 37、——Do you know this morning?

——Sorry. I don`t know. A、Why he was late for class B、Why was he late for class C、When he comes to school D、When did he come to school 38、——What are you doing?

——I`m waiting for. Joan. But she doesn`t now. A、put up B、fix up C、show up D、clean up 39、——The box is too heavy. I can`t it.

——Don`t worry. Let me help you. A、carry B、catch C、take D、bring 40、——Please remember:“Don`t people when they are in trouble.”


A、care for B、worry about C、laugh at D、help

单 项 选 择(五)

26、——How was your holiday last weekend?

——Good. I to the mountains with my parents. A、go B、went C、am going D、will go 27、Wake up, Nick. It`s time to , or you`ll be late for school.

A、get up B、get back C、get away D、get off 28、Don`t forget to “Thank you” when someone has helped you.

A、speak B、tell C、say D、talk 29、Taizhou great success in her city construction over the years.

A、achieved B、achieves C、will achieve D、has achieved 30、If people cutting down the forest, they will have nowhere A、keep; to live in B、will keep; to live in C、keep; to live D、will keep, to live

31、Kemember to the lights when you leave your classroom.

A、turn on B、turn off C、turn up D、turn down 32、——When will you come to see me, Dad?

——I will go to see you when you the training course. A、finished B、finish C、are finishing D、will finish 33、——I came to your home yesterday afternoon, but noboay was in.

——Oh, we some shopping in the supermarket. A、have done B、did C、were doing D、are doing 34、——Would you mind my smoking here?

—— look at the sign. It says “No Smoking” A、It doesn`t matter B、You had better not C、No, I don`t D、Of course not 35、——Would you please tell me ——OK, her name is Cici. A、what was her name B、what her name was C、what is her name D、what her name is 36、——Happy birthday, Tom.

—— .

A、With pleasure B、Thanks a lot C、You, too D、The same to you

37、——Would you like to go out for a walk with us after supper?

—— . But I must finish my homework first.

A、Of coures not B、That`s all right C、Yes, I do D、I`d love to 38、My parents and I couldn`t get into the house because of us had a key.

A、all B、neither C、any D、none 39、——Listen! Helen, is singing in the nest room.

——It be Helen. She has gone to Beijing. A、can`t B、musn`t C、may D、should 40、——What wrong with you?

—— .

A、I have a toothache B、I want to see a doctor C、I an happy D、I`m a boy

单 项 选 择(六)

26、——May I go out with my friends every night?

——Sorry, you . A、musn`t B、needn`t C、shouldn`t D、may not 27、——You shouldn`t be allowed to drive!

——Let me your driver`s license. A、look B、watch C、notice D、see 28、——Look. Eric is always working hard and hardly ever tired.

——I agree. I think he is . A、outgoing B、confident C、energertic D、anxious 29、——I have bought you the books you want.

——Oh, good. I afraid you had forgotten. A、was B、am C、had been D、have been 30、——May I speak to Mabel, please?

——Sorry. She`s Paris. A、gone in B、been in C、gone to D、been to 31、——Can you show me the quickest way to success?

——No way. So many people say only harol work success. A、produces B、operates C、develops D、provides 32、——Have you been here before?

——No, this is the first time I here. A、was B、have been C、came D、am coming 33、The students busily when Miss Broun went to get a book she had left in the office.

A、had written B、were written C、has written D、were writing 34、It every day so fan this month.

A、is raining B、rained C、rains D、has rained 35、I don`t know if my husband tonight.

A、returns B、has returned C、is returning D、will return 36、I you the best luck in the exam.

A、hope B、wish C、expect D、want 37、A、who that man is B、who is that man C、whom that man is D、what is that man 38、————He is tall. A、How is he B、What does he like C、What is he D、What does he look like 39、——Do you mind if I open the window?

—— .

A、Yes, please B、No, never C、What do you mean by that D、No, don`t do it 40、I don`t like this kind of TV shows because they`re .

A、boring B、wonderful C、interesting D、beautiful

单 项 选 择(七)

1、This tupe of MP4 is my favorite, but I can`t if.

A、spend B、cost C、pay D、afford 2、Tht cheese cake tasted so that the kids asked for more.

A、delicious B、well C、bad D、badly

3、——Yi Zhongtian`s simple and interesting explanation of history has lots of TV viewers.

A、caused B、attacked C、tested D、attrated 4、We can`t the noise outside.

A、take B、tell C、stand D、know 5、Would you like to go to the hospital to the sick people?

A、cheer up B、pick up C、call in D、hand in 6、——When again?

——When he A、does he come;comes B、will he come; will come C、does he come; will come D、will he come; comes 7、——What do you think of the future of our city`s rtaffic problem?

——Things will become better. The govement will do a lot of things to the problem.

A、find B、work out C、give out D、hand out 8、——Who broke the window? ——I A、did B、do C、broke D、had 9、——Will you watch the World Cup match this year?

——No, but I Seceral World Cup matches since I was a small child.

A、had seen B、see C、was seeing D、have seen 10、——What`s your brother doing in his room, now?

——He a kite. A、makes B、made C、is making D、will make 11、——I can`t go to play with you. I have been invited to Dave`s party.

—— .

A、It`s a pleasure B、That`s all right C、Good luck D、Have a good time 12、——I was told to be here before eight.

——Oh, you . I`m sorry for not telling you that we have changed the plan. A、must B、can`t C、may D、needn`t 13、What when your mother called you up?

A、are you doing B、did you do C、you were doing D、were you doing 14、I enjoy the popular dance “hip-hop”, but my father my mother likes it.

A、both; and B、not only; but also C、either; or D、neither; nor

单 项 选 择(七)

1、——What about the picture over there? ——It nice.

A、tastes B、gets C、hears D、looks

2、Lots of people in our city the old and they usually ofter their seats to thd old on buses.

A、agree with B、worry about C、laugh at D、care for 3、——Where`s your mother, Helen?

——She the flowers in the garden.

A、waters B、watered C、is watering D、has watered

4、I am greatly interested in the painting. Something in it the painter`s deep love for nature.

A、expresses B、discusses C、expects D、imagines 5、——Which of the tow cameras are you going to buy? ——of them, so I can give one to my friend.

A、all B、both C、neither D、every one 6、——Look at the boy running on the ground. Is it Davis?

——It be him. I saw him go to the teacher`s office just now.

A、must B、can`t C、could D、might 7、His grandpa for a year.

A、died B、has been dead C、has been death D、was died 8、——Do you remember he came here? ——Of course. I do. His father drove him here.

A、whether B、when C、how D、why 9、——Your phone number again? I quite catch it. ——It`s 69568442.

A、didn`t B、couldn`t C、don`t D、can`t 10、My dictionary , I have looked for it everywhere but still it.

A、has lost; don`t find B、is missing; don`t find C、has lost; haven`t found D、is missing; haven`t found 11、Mid-Autumn Day usually in September or October every year.

A、come B、comes C、is coming D、will come 12、He his homework this time yesterday.

A、is doing B、was doing C、did D、will do 13、——Could I look at your picteeres?

——Yes, of course you . A、could B、can C、will D、might 14、He a piece of waste paper, and put it into the rubbish bag.

A、picked up B、threw away C、looked for D、handed in 15、——It looks like a television. Do you think so?

——Yes. I . A、understand B、know C、mean D、agree

单项选择 (九)

26.— When you the match Rockets and Lakers?

— That’s really an exciting moment on Easter.

A. do; watch B. have; watched C. did; watch D. will; watch 27. — Lilei’ home is far from his school. But he often to school.

A. walks B. walked C. has walked D. is walking 28. — What do you think of the film 10,000BC?

— I such an outstanding film before.

A. didn’t see B. haven’t seen C. hadn’t seen D. don’t see 29. — Let’s go to Wuhan Museum tomorrow, we?

— That’s a good idea.

A. can B. should C. shall D. must 30. — Excuse me, may I use your pen?

A. It doesn’t matter. B. Not at all. C. It’s a pleasure. D. Sure. 31. — I’d like you to take of your elder sister.

— OK. I’m glad to.

A. word B. care C. place D. design 32. — Can I help you? — ________________________ .

A. That’s good B. OK, I’ll take it C. Yes, I’d like a sweater D It’s too dark 33. — Professor Nelson wanted to know . — Mrs. Jackson told him about that, but he forgot it. A. when would the meeting begin B. when the meeting would begin C. when will the meeting begin D. when the meeting will begin 34. — Shall we start right now?

— There’s no need to hurry --- just your time. A. keep B. take C. make D. spend 35. — What does the say on the swimming-pool gate? — It says the pool will be closed for repairs.

A. advertisement B. message C. notice D. report

36. — What are you here for?

— I’m going to these books to the children in the poor areas. A. put away B. take away C. give away D. run away 37. — What a hot day! Have you had a drink?

— Yes. But I’d like to have after work.

A. it B. one C. other D. another 38. — Can you get to the museum on time tomorrow? — Yes. I live just nearby. It’s .

A. far B. safe C. convenient D. quiet 39. — What did Father say?

— He wouldn’t us to stay late at night. A. agree B. allow C. let D. hope 40. — Summer is coming.

— Yeah. The weather will hot.

A. turn B. change C. look D. smell

26---30CABCD 31---35BCBBC 36---CDCBA

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