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新版新目标七年级上册Unit 4 Where's my schoolbag单元检测

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Unit 4 Where’s my schoolbag?



一、 翻译下列词组。(10分)

1.我的字典 ___________ 2.你的父母___________

3.在桌子下 ____________ 4.在沙发上___________

5.在书柜里 ___________ 6.在床下_____________

7.在椅子后 ___________ 8.在书包里___________

9.录音机 ____________ 10.飞机模型 _____________


11. 家具: 补充:

12. 文具: 补充:

13. 日用品: 补充:

14. 家庭成员: 补充:

三、 单项选择(10分)

( )15. ― Are my CDs on the chair?

― Sorry, .

A. it isn’t B. I know C. it is D. I don’t know ( )16. ―the books?

― on the desk..

A. is; It is B. are; It is C. are; They are D. is; They are

( )17.―Is your photo in the drawer?

― ________.

A.Yes, I am B.No,it is C.Yes,it is D.No,I’m not

( )18.―________ my pencil?

―It’s under the chair.

A.Where B.Where’s C.Where’re D.Where are


( )19.―________ under the tree?

―No,they aren’t.

A.Where are B.What is C.Are they D.Is it

( )20.A notebook and an eraser _________ in the pencil case. A. are B. is C. am D. have ( )21. Look at those ________. They are _______.

A. photoes; hers B. photos; his C. photo; her D. photoes; mine ( )22. ― ______ behind ______?

―My alarm clock.

A. What’s; the chair B. Where’s; the chair

C. What are; the chair D. Where are; a chair

( )23. Look. This is a picture _____ my bedroom. ________ bedroom is clean.

A. of; A B. of; The C. for; A D. for; The

( )24.―How ―Fine.

A. is B. am


of my bedroom. It’. And a ball is desk is near the window. You can see the desk. Y books and my English books in my schoolbag. The bag is now chair. ( )25.A.picture ( )26.A.classroom ( )27.A.there over ( )28.A.in ( )29.A.Me ( )30.A.key ( )31.A.see ( )32.A.from ( )33.A.put ( )34.A.a 五、 阅读理解(20分)

( A )

This is a room in Kate’s house. There is a big bed, a table, a computer and some chairs in it. There’s a glass and some books on the table. There is a picture on the wall. Kate is in the room.


C. are D./

B.book B.room B.here B.on B.I B.door B.can see B.on B.color B.the

C.map C.toilet C.this C.under C.My C.clock C.must see C.at C.find C.an

D.family D.home D.that D.behind D.Mine D.chair D.look at D.of D.put on D.of

She is looking at the picture. Her father and mother are in the school. They work hard.

( )35.Is there only one room in Kate’s house?

A.Yes, there is. B.There is a bed.

C.There is a computer. D.We don’t know.

( )36.What’s in the room?

A.Only a bed. B.Only a table.

C.Only some chairs. D.A bed, a table, a computer and some chairs.

( )37.Is there anything on the table?

A.Yes, there is. B.No, there isn’t. C.Some books. D.A glass.

( )38.Who is at home?

A.Kate’s father. B.Kate’s mother.

C.Kate s brother. D.Kate.

( )39.Kate’s father and mother are ________.

A.teachers B.students C.friends D.at home

( B )

My name is Jeff. I’m English. But now I live in China. I am a student. This is my classroom. Fifteen small desks and thirty chairs are in the classroom. They are for classmates and me. A big desk is in the classroom, too. It’s for my teacher. A clock is on the back wall of the classroom. Next to the clock is a map. It’s a map of China.

( ) 40. Who is Jeff?

A. A schoolboy. B. A schoolgirl.

C. A Chinese student D. American.

( ) 41. What is Jeff talking about?

A. The family. B. The school. C. The classroom. D. The park.

( ) 42. What’s on the back wall of the classroom?

A. A clock. B. A map. C. A map and a clock. D. A picture.

( ) 43. How many desks are there in the classroom?

A. Fifteen. B. Sixteen. C. Thirty. D. Thirty-one.

( ) 44. What does the underlined “it” mean in the passage?

A. The classroom. B. The map of China.

C. The big desk. D. The school


( ) 45. That Lily. is


( old A B C D









50. His notebook is under the table.(变为一般疑问句)

______his notebook _______ the table?

51. His chair is next to his bed. (变为否定句)

His chair _____ _______ next to his bed. (对划线部分提问)

_________ ______ ______ keys? (对划线部分提问)

_______ ______ behind the door?

54. I think David’s room is very clean. (变为否定句)



55. A: ________ ___________my math book?

B: Is it on the desk?

A: No, _______ ________.

B: Let me see. Is it on the bed?

A: Yes, it _______. Thank you.

56. A: ________ ___________her rulers?

B: Are they on the table?

A: No, _______ ________.

B: Let me see. Are they in the pencil box?

A: Yes, they _______. Thank you.



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