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(一) 一、be(am、is、are)的基本用法,区别及其引导的一般疑问句和回答。

am接在I之后,is放在单数的名词或代词之后,are放在复数的名词或代词之后,否定句在be后加not,一般疑问句将be提前。回答:Yes,人称代词+ be./ No, 人称代词+be + not. 如:

1) He is Mr. Chen. He is not Mr. Chen. -- Is he Mr. Chen? -- Yes, he is. / No, he isn’tt.

2) I am a student. I am not a student. -- Are you a student? -- Yes, I am. / No, I am not.

3) They are teachers. They are not teachers. -- Are they teachers? -- Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t.



1)一般在名词词尾加--s,如:car----cars; apple---apples

2)以s, x, ch, sh结尾的词,在词尾加---es,如:box---boxes; bus---buses; watch ---watches.



(2)不规则变化:如:mouse---mice;tooth---teeth; foot---feet;Chinese---Chinese, Japanese---Japanese;man---men; woman---women; child---children等

三、基数词的表达:1—100 one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, …

thirty …forty…fifty…sixty…seventy…eighty…ninety…hundred

四、时间表达法: (两种)

1:00 one o’clock 1:05 one - o - five / five past one 1:15 one fifteen / a quarter past one 1:30 one thirty / half past one

1:40 one forty/ twenty to two 1:45 one forty-five/ a quarter to two

-- What time is it? = What is the time? -- It’s half past seven.

五、 a, an的用法:

a /an 都表示“一,一个”,放在可数单数形式的名词前,如果单词以元音读音开始的,我们在前用an, 如:an apple / an interesting book;/ an English boy/ an old man等.


(1)Welcome to + 地方

(2)come from = be from


-- Who’s this?=Who is this? 这是谁?-- This is….我是….。

-- May I speak to …..?

-- Speaking, please./ Sorry, he/she isn’t in/here./ Sorry, I’m afraid you have the wrong number.

(4)--What’s this in English? -- It’s an orange.

-- What’s that? --It’s an egg.

--What are these? --They are buses.

(5)where, who, what, how old, how many ,how much等特殊疑引导的特殊疑问句:

1)-- What’s your name? /What’s her name? -- My/Her name is …….

2)--What class are you in? /What grade are you in? -- I’m in Class/Grade ……

3)-- What’s your telephone number? -- My telephone is ………

4)-- How do you spell cup? -- C-U-P, cup.

5)-- How old are you? -- I’m …. years old.

6)-- Where are you from?/ Where do you come from? -- I’m from ……/ I come from ……


一、(一)用连系动词be( am, is, are)的正确形式填空。

1. ______ you fine? 2. I _________ Mr. Chen.

3. _____ she your mother? 4. -- ______ they from Japan? -- Yes, they _______.

5. You ________ a teacher and she _____ a doctor.

6. Where _______ Jack from? 7. I _______ fine, too. Thanks

8. -- Who _______ this? -- This ________ Wang Kang.

9. -- ____ you a student? -- Yes, I _____.

10. -- Where _______ Beijing? -- It_______ in China.

11. -- ________ Ronaldo a Brazilian? -- Yes, he ___ .

12. “I” ______ also a letter. 13. You and I _________ students.

14. He and she________ friends. 15. He and I________ teachers.


1. That is my football. 2. Those are his books. 4. My birthday is on November 1st. 5. His son is twelve years old.


1. His card is on the table.

2. These are my parents. 3. Bob and Tony are our friends.

4. These things are five dollars. 5. The girl is his sister. (四)划线提问

2. The girl’s telephone number is


1. teacher ______ 2. class ______ 3. name ______ 4. orange____5. number _______ 6.

apple______ 7. bus_______

8. erase____ 9.photo_____ 10.tomato______ 11.country_____ 12.friend____

13.knife_____ 14.foot____

15.boy____ 16.mouse____ 17.toy____ 18.factory_____ 19.family____

20.monkey_____ 21.wish____

22. There is some _______ on the plate. A. cakes B. meat C. potato D. pears

23. The______ has two _______. A. boys; watches B. boy; watch C. boy; watches D. boys; watch

24. The little baby has two _______ already. A. tooth B. tooths C. teeth D. teeths

25. How many ___can you see in the picture? A. tomatos B. tomatoes C. tomato D. the tomato

26. —___is the meat. Please? —Ten yuan a kilo. A. How much B. How many C. How old D. How long

27. Would you please pass me___? A. two paper B. two papers C. two pieces of paper D. two pieces of papers


28. “What would you like, Ann? ” “I'd like two___.” A. glass of milk B. glasses of milk C. glass of milks D. glasses of milks

29. These are my ______. A. box B. a box C. boxes D. the boxes

30. There are three___and seven___in the picture.A. deers, sheeps B. deers, sheep C. deer, sheep D. deer, sheeps


1.The train is running fifty miles ______. A. an hour B. one hour C. the hour D. a hour

2 .---Who’s this ? ---______________Wang Yu. A. This’s B. She’s C. This is D. He is

3. ---What’s that?. ---It’s ______ egg. A. a B. the C. / D. an

4. ---What's that in English ---It's ___ car. It's___ orange car. A. a, an B. a, a C. an, a D. an, an

5. My sister often ______ after class.

A. play the piano B. plays the basketball C. plays the piano D. play basketball

6. Tianan Men Square and _____ Great Wall are two of the places everyone should see in _____

People’s Republic of China. A. the…the B. /…/ C. the…/ D. /…the

7. ______ old man is ______ English teacher. A. The; an B. An; an C. The; the D. A; a



( )1. ---Who’s that girl? ---____ my sister. A. This is B. She’s C. It’s D. That’s

( )2. ---Welcome to Beijing ! ---________.

A. Welcome to Beijing, too. B. You’re welcome. C. Thank you. D. Not at all.

( )3. ---__________ are you in? --- Class Five.

A. What class B. What grade C. What color D. What number

( )4. He is _______ blue. A. to B. from C. under D. in

( )5. ----Who’s the girl over there? -- Which one? ---- _______ under the tree.

A. This B. That C. The one D. Ones

( )6.. The bag is ___________. A. Bruce is B. Bruce has C. Bruce’s D. Bruce does

( )7. ________, what color is the shirt? A. Sorry B. I’m sorry C. Excuse me D. That’s right

( )8. ---What color is it? ---_________ . A. It’s an orange B. It’s orange C. It’s a orange. D. An orange

( )9. What color ________ his pants? A. has B. does C is D. are

( )10. He is old _______ white hair. A. with B. from C. under D. in

( )11. She looks like a doctor, ______ she is a nurse. A. and B. or C. too D. but

( ) 12.-- I am afraid I don’t know. --- _____.

A. Thank you B. Thanks C. Thank you anyway D. Thanks very much.


(就划线部分提问)__________ is this?

(就划线部分提问)__________ is his name?

就划线部分提问)__________is _______ name?

就划线部分提问) _________ ________ they from?

5. I am Zhang Yimou. (同义句) ________ ________ is Zhang Yimou.

就划线部分提问) _________ this?

就划线部分提问)____________ is Nanjing?

就划线部分提问)_______ ______ Mary ______from?

9. It’s from 就划线部分提问) ______ is it ______?

就划线部分提问)___________ ________ they?

就划线部分提问) ______ is your telephone number?








1)一般情况以及以e结尾的动词,直接加“s”,如:make----makes; come----comes

2) 动词以o,s,ch,sh, x结尾,加“es”,如:do---does; watch----watches; wish---wishes; miss----misses; guess----guesses

3) 以辅音字母+y结尾的动词,先把y改为i,再加es, 如:study---studies



1)主语为第三人称单数,否定句,在动词前加doesn't, 再把动词改回原形,一般疑问句,在句首加does,再把动词改回原形,

回答用:Yes,人称代词+does./ No,人称代词+doesn't. 如:

She has small eyes.

She doesn’t have small eyes.

-- Does she have small eyes? -- Yes, she does./ No, she doesn’t.

2) 主语为除第三人称单数之外的人称,否定句,在动词前加don't, 一般疑问句,在句首加do, 回答用:Yes,人称代词+do./ No, 人称代词+don't. 如:

They have small eyes.

They don’t have small eyes.

-- Do they have small eyes? -- Yes, they do./ No, they don’t.


( )1.. ---______ he American? ---Yes. He comes from America.

A. Are B. Does C. Do D. Is

( )2. ---Do you have a sister? ---___________ .

A. Yes, you do B. Yes, I do C. Yes, I am. D. Yes, you do.

( )3. Ellen _____ an old book and her brothers _______ many new books.

A. has, has B. have, have C have, has D. has, have

( )4. What color _________ he like?

A.is B. do C. has D. does

( )5. _____ he have a big nose or a small one?

A. Does B. Do C. Is D. Are


( )6. I am sorry I ______ know her.

A. isn’t B. doesn’t C. don’t D. haven’t

根据句子意思,用is, are, am, do ,does, have, has填空。

1. I __________ a Chinese teacher.

2. _______ you from Canada?

3. ________ they have many friends?

4. ________ he from Hainan?

5. ---______ Jack have a good friend? ---Yes, he ______.

6. _______ he a good teacher? --- Yes, he ______.

7. He and his sister _______ in different grades.

8. ______ your mother a doctor?

9. I _____ an old friend. His name is Allan.

10. Kangkang _______ a panda. It is very cute.

11. You ________ a nice house. I like it every much.

12. Bruce Lee _______ many books.

13. Do they _______ fifteen apples?

14. Does Bruce Lee _______ many friends in China?

15. Jerry ______ a big nose.

16. He _______ a map of Hainan. He doesn’t ________ a map of China.

17. -- Does your father______ a wide mouth? -- No, he ______ not.

18. My friend, Li Ming ________ only one sister.


名词性物主代词与形容词性物主代词的汉语意思是一样的,名词性物主代词可独立使用,后面不要跟名词;但形容词性物主代词不可独立使用,后面要跟名词。如:It is my shirt.= It is mine.

句子当中my为形容词性物主代词,mine为名词性物主代词,your, his, her, our, its, their,my等都属于形容词性物主代词,形容词性物主代词通常置于名词前,修饰限定名词,作定语;而名词性物主代词mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, theirs相当于“形容词性物主代词+名词”, 当主语,宾语,或表语;如:Is this your coat? == Is this coat yours? 这是你的大衣吗?


( )1. -- Is that coat ________? -- Yes, it’s _________ coat..

A. his, he’s B. yours, your C her, hers D. mine, your

( )2. Our books are here. ________ are over there.

A. They’re B. Their C. Theirs D. Your

( )3 She is a girl, ________name is Mary.

A. she B. his C. her D. she’s

( )4.---______ dress is it? ---It’s hers.

A. Who’s B. Whose C. What D. Which

( )5. _______ color is yellow. A. It’s B. Its C. Is it D. Yours


1.Could_________(你)ask_________(他) to call_________(我)back?

2.Don't forget_________(我们).

3._________(我们)would like to buy_________ (他们).


5. There's one dollar on the floor. Pick___________(它)up.

6._________(他们)are friendly to___________(你们).


7.__________(我)like_______(她)a lot.



10._________(他)does__________(他的)homework on Sunday.

11.___________(它)can't find__________(它的)way home.

12.___________(她)looks after_________(她的)grandmother.

13.This is__________(我的)pen. That's__________(你的)。

14.These coats aren't_________(我的). I think they're__________(你们的)。

15._________(他的)jacket is blue.__________(她的)is white.

16.---Whose bike is this? ---It's__________(他的).

17.Those are_________(我们的)desks. __________(他们的)are over there.

18.-- Are these TV sets _________(我们的)?--No ,they're_________(他们的)TV.


1. He often__________(get) up at half past six.

2. ---________she ____(like) noodles? ---Yes, she______.

3. Jack_______________(not play) soccer.

4. Jane_____________(have) a new pen . But Tom___________(not have) one.

5. We__________(study) in No.1High School. Mike_______(study) inNo.2 High School.

6. Maria___________(try) on the new dress.

7. They often __________(fly) kites. Kate often __________(fly)a kite, too.

8. Rose often___________(cry). But her brother___________(cry) a lot.

9. Kangkang often__________(carry) water for the old man.

10. His uncle often_______(buy) some delicious food for him and he often_______(take) it to the school to eat.

11. Lucy and Lily_________(go) to school at 7o’clock. Jim________ (go) at 6:45.

12. I________ (teach) math here. My father________ (teach) English.

13. -- ____Mary often___________(watch) TV? -- Yes, she often__________(watch) it on Sunday.

14. _____you want________(eat) some hamburgers?

15. -- Would you like__________(sing)some songs with me? -- Yes, I’d love to.

16. Don’t forget________(bring) your clothes.

17. Could you ask her__________(have) supper with me?

18. It’s 6:20. It’s time________(get) up now.

19. -- Do you like___________(speak) English? -- Yes, I do.

20. -- May I _________(take ) your order? -- A bottle of apple juice.

21. -- Can I__________( sit) down now? —Sure.

22. Why not__________(come) to China? Good idea.

23. Let me _________(help) you.

24. -- How about____________(swim) this Sunday? -- No problem.

25. Mr. Chen asks him ________ (come) to school on time.


1. Who’s your favorite film star?

2. What color is his/her hair?

3. give sb. sth.= give sth. to sb.

4. look the same /look at/ look like

5. The girl in green/The girl in a green skirt/ The one with black hair and black eyes.


6. We are in the same school, but we are in different grades.

7. -- Whose dress is this? -- It’s mine.

8. rousers, gloves, shoes, socks常以复数的形式出现, 如:

a pair of trousers,a pair of shoes ,a pair of glasses

9. What+ +主语(某人)+ look like? 长得怎么样?如:

-- What does your father look like? -- He is not very tall but very strong.


1. He is a good student.(否定句)He ________a good student.

2. We are in the same school. (一般疑问句)______ _______ in the same school?

3. Does she have a round face? (肯定回答)__________, ________ ________. 就划线部分提问)_________ ________ _______?

5. Her hair is brown. (同义句)She __________ _________ __________.

6. Do they have a big house? (否定回答)_________, ________ _________.

7. My sister has long legs. (一般疑问句)______ your sister _________ long legs?

8. His brother has big ears. (否定句)His brother_______ ______ big ears.

9. I have a big head. (否定句) I________ ________ a big head.

10. We have a good English teacher. (一般疑问句)________ you ________ a good English teacher?

11. His pants are black.(否定句)His pants __________black.

12. He has blond hair. (一般疑问句)______ ______ /__________ _________ __________ blond hair?

13. Do you know? (肯定回答)________, ________ ________. 就划线部分提问)________ ________ _______ her skin?

15. The man over there is my uncle. (同义句)My uncle is _________ _________. 就划线部分提问)______ ______ the girl in red?

17. They look the same. (一般疑问句)______ they look the same?

18. I know Jack.(否定句)I_______ ______Jack. 就划线部分提问)________ ________ _______you like? 就划线部分提问) ______ are they?

21. He has a pair of new pants.(否定句)He ________ _________a pair of new pants.

23. Does it look like a cat? (肯定回答)_______, ________ ________.

24. She has a coat yellow.(就划线部分提问) ________ dose she have?

25. Whose is this jacket? (同义句)_________ ________ is this? 就划线部分提问)_______ _______ the girl's shoes? 就划线部分提问)________ ________ is this?

28. Are those men old?(变单数句子)______ ______ ______ old?

29. Does he like an orange ?(变复数句子)______ _____ like ______?

30. --- ______ does he ______ ______ ? 他长得怎么样?

---He is tall ______ ______ ______ ? 他个子高,留短发。



1、一般现在时的否定句与疑问句:do通常用于第一,第二单复数,第三人称复数;而does用于第三人称单数;如:Do you like English? They don’t like apples at all.

Does he like Chinese? My father doesn’t live in Haikou.


He can sing this song in English.. He can’t sing this song in English.


-- Can he sing this song in English? -- Yes, he can/ No, he can’t.


1. live in+地点/ live with sb和??一起

2. May I study English with you ?

3. No problem.

4. be helpful/kind/friendly to

5. at the English corner

6. Please help us find him.

7. want to do sth.=would like to do sth.

8. What does your father do?=What is your father? =What’s your father’s job?

9. look after

10. at home/at school

11. a photo of my family

12. have a look

13. on the sofa/on the desk

14. on a farm/ in the shop

15. May I take your order?

16. May I help you?= Can I help you? = What can I do for you?

17. Help yourself/ yourselves to +食物

18. What do youhave for breakfast?

19. -- Would you like to have dinner with me? ---OK, I’d love to.



I like it .(I为主格, it为宾格)

She likes English. (she为主语)

Do they go with us? ( they为主格, us为宾格)

四、both 与all 的异同:

both“两个人都”与all “全部都”放在:情态动词或助动词之后,行为动词前;如 :

They are both farmers. = They both work on a farm.

而all “三人或三人以上都” 注意区别; 如:

They are both teachers. 他们都是教师。(总数为两个人)

They are all teachers. 他们都是教师。(三人或三人以上)


名词所有格表达形式,构成在名词后加“ ‘s “,意思是“??的”。 如:

my classmate’s bag; Jim’s grandfather

“ ‘s “通常用于有生命的,而无生命的常用结构?of; 如:

a photo of my family一张全家福 the face of the clock 钟面 a map of China一张中国地图注意:当名词后已有s,所有格 只加“ ‘ ”如:

我父母的相片 my parents’ picture ; 同学们的单车 the students’ bikes

区别:Tom and Jim’s father 汤姆和吉姆的父亲(Tom and Jim are brothers.)

Tom’s (father ) and Jim’s father 汤姆的父亲和吉姆的父亲


milk, chicken, bread , French fries, coke, coffee, rice, orange juice, fish, porridge, water, beef, 等是不可数名词。不可数名词通常没有复数形式。不可数名词通常不能直接与具体的数词连用,如需要表示数量,应:数词+量词of+ 不可数名词,如:


a cup of tea 一杯茶; three pieces of bread 三块面包;ten bottles of apple juice十瓶橙汁; 练习:将下列词组译成英语:

1、一群孩子_________________ 2、两箱子苹果_________________

3、三篮子蔬菜_________________ 4、九块面包_________________

5、十杯牛奶_________________ 6、五块肉_________________

7、多种植物_________________ 8、一副眼镜_________________

9、两块冰_________________ 10、三张纸_________________

11、四瓶橘汁_________________ 12、五杯茶_________________

13、六碗米饭_________________ 14、七袋米_________________

15、八块木头_________________ 16、九块金属_________________


1. Why not do ??? 为什么不?

2. Why don’t you do ??? 你为什么不?

3. What about doing ?..? ?..怎么样?

4. How about doing ?..? ??如何?

5. Would you like to do ?..? 愿意/想???

6. Let’s do ??! 让我们干??!

如果同意,则回答:Yes, I’d like to/Good idea./OK/All right.

如不同意,则回答:No, let’s?./No, thanks



( )1. ---Thank you very much. ---_________.

A. Welcome! B. You are welcome C. Sure D. Of course

( )2. My friend Billy lives _______ China.

A. with B. from C. under D. in

( )3. ______ he like the English corner?

A. Does B. Do C. Is D. Are

( )4.Do you always speak English ____ the English corner?

A. in B. on C. with D. at

( )5 ---May I know your fax number? ---__________.

A. Yes B. Sure C. Yes, I do D. No, I am not.

( )6. Does Bobby want ________ home?

A. go B. goes C. to go D. going

( )7. Please call _______ Mike. A. his B. he C him D. her

( )8. Books are helpful _____ us. A. from B. on C. in D. to

( )9. I have a pet. ______ name is Polly. A. It’s B. It C. Its D. My

( )10. -- Whose trousers are they? ---__________.

A. They are here B. They are green C. They are their D. They are theirs

( )11. ---_______? ---He’s a doctor.

A . What is his name B. What does he look like

C. What does he do D. What does he like

( )12. My aunt Lisa is _______ office worker. A. a B. an C. / D. the

( )13. Michael works _______ a farm. His sister works ____ a factory.

A. in, in B. on, on C. in, on D. on, in

( )14.________ he study? --- In a middle school


A. Where is B. What does C. Where do D. Where does

( )15 ---Come in and make yourselves at home. ---__________.

A. Yes B. Sure C. Good D. Thanks

( )16.Linda’s aunt and uncle _______ workers.

A. are all B. are both C. both are D. is both

( )17. ---__________? ---In a factory.

A. Where does he work B. Where is he from

C. What does he do D. What does he like

( )18.Lisa’s cat _________ her hat.

A. looks like B. looks after C. looks the same D. looks at

( )19. Those are my______ clothes

A. children’ B. children’s C. parents’s D. parents

( )20.I am an_________ boy A. .Chinese B. Japanese C. American D. Brazilian

( )21. ---__________? ---Yes, please.

A. What would you like B. What does he look like

C. Would you like some apple juice D. What does he like

( )22. I’d like ___________. A. a apple B. a bread C. a bottle of water D. two cup of tea

( )23. What would you like ________? A .something to eat B. eat C. drink D. to drink

( )24.I have _________ in the morning. A. breakfast B. lunch C. supper D. dinner

( )25 Would you like _____milk? A. a B. an C. some D. many

( )26.---Do you have________ books on Chinese food? ---Yes, I have______.

A. some, any B. any, some C. some, some D. any, any

( )27. They have ____________. A. many tea B. much oranges C. much burgers D. much bread

( )28.---____________? ---Very good. I like it very much.

A. What do you like it B. How do you think of it?

C. What do you think of it D. May I help you

( )29. Do you want ________ an apple? A. eat B. to drink C. to have D. to like

( )30.--- ___________? ---Good idea.

A. Do you like to eat some beef B. Why not have some rice

C. What do you want to have D. May I take your order


1.Do you like these ___________(kind) of shoes?

2.Would you like to have dinner with ________(we)?

3.Help ____________(you) to some fish, children.

4.I’d like three ___________(cup) of tea.

5.There __________(be) some water in the bottle.

6.Is he a driver or a ___________(cook)?

7.Please give ________(he) some orange juice.

8.Some ______________(America) live in Hainan now.

9.He ___________(teach) in a school.

10._______ (we) friend is a cook.

11.Please look at ___________(Ann) family tree.

12.Is your son a ___________(work)?

13.Are there five ____________(child) in your family?


14.They are all _______________( office worker).

15.My cousin Susan __________(study) in a new school.

16.Who __________(look) after Rose?

17.He ___________(live) in China.

18.My friend helps _________(I )with my English.

19.My classmate Zhou Lan __________(have ) a dog.

20.Do you ________ (want) to go to Beijing?

21.Does Billy __________(have) any friends in Haikou?

22.Mr Liang is our English teacher, we like ________(he) very much.

23.________(them) are in the same grade.

24.Thank _______(your) very much.


1. He likes his pet very much..(否定句) He _________ ________his pet ______ _______.

2.I speak English at school. (一般疑问句) ______ ________ _______ English at school?

3. Does he like a cat? (肯定回答) ________, ________ ________. 就划线部分提问) _________ ________ ________ _______?

5. I like my pet very much. (同义句)I like my pet_________ _________.

6. Thank you very much. (同义句) Thanks _________ ________ . 就划线部分提问)_________ __________ dogs? 就划线部分提问) _________ is the letter__________?


一、How much 与How many

1、how much + ???对价格提问“?.多少钱?”,此外,how much +不可数名词+ ?.?对数量提问 “多少?.”。

2、how many+复数名词?..?对数量提问 “多少?.?”

(1)-- How much is the book? – It’s only five yuan.

(2)-- How much water is there in the bottle? -- Half a bottle.

(3)-- How many apples are there in the bag? – There are five apples in the bag.

二、a few ; few; a little与little

表示否定: few (“很少,几乎没有”) + 可数名词

表示肯定: a few = some( “一点”) + 可数名词

表示否定: little (“很少,几乎没有”) + 不可数名词

表示肯定: a little = some(“一点”) + 不可数名词

如:a few apples = some apples ; a little water = some water

There is a little water in the bottle. There is little water in the bottle.

There are a few apples in the box. There are few apples in the box.


1、May I speak to ??可以叫??听电话吗?

2、-- Who is that?谁啊? -- This is ?speaking.我是?.

3、Hold on , please/ Wait a moment ,please.别挂断,请稍等。

4、Is that ?.?是?.吗?

5、Can I leave a message? 我可以留口信吗?

6、Can I take a message? 要我传话吗?

7、Sorry, he/she isn’t in. 对不起,他/她不在家。


8、Sorry, I’m afraid you have the wrong number. 对不起,您打错电话了。


1)用“分+ past+ 时”,表示“几点几分” 如:8:23 twenty-three past eight

2)用“60-分 + to时+1”表示“差几分到几点” 如:3:55 five to four ; 5:40 twenty to six

3)直接表达,即“时+ 分”,如:4:10 four ten ; 12:50 twelve fifty ; 2:30 two thirty


1. look after=take care of 照顾,照看

2. look the same 看起来一样

3. Not at all =You are welcome. = That’s all right. 不用谢,别客气

4. try on 试穿

5. pick up 捡起来

6. What’s up? =What’s wrong? = What’s the matter? 怎么啦?什么事?

7. May I help you? =What can I do for you? 能为您效劳吗?

8. What do you think of?.?=How do you like??你觉得?..怎么样?

9. Are you kidding? 开玩笑吧?

10. be free = have time 有空,有时间

11. call sb. back 回复电话给?..

12. ask sb. (not) to do sth. 叫某人(别)干某事

13. How(What) about doing? 做?.,怎样?

14. What time is it? =What is the time? 几点了?

15. It’s time (for sb.) to do sth.. 该某人干某事的时候了。

16. It’s very kind of you to help us. 你帮助我们,真好。

17. tell sb. about sth. 告诉某人某事



1. My shoes are worn out, what about__________(you)?

2. How much _______ (be) this skirt?

3. How much __________(be) these apples?.

4.__________ (who) bicycle is this?

5. Here is _____________(you) change(零钱).

6. I would like three____________(kilo) of salt.

7. Let’s try _________(they) on.

8. His friends have two ____________(radio) .

9. How many _________(umbrella) do you need?

10. Could you tell __________(we) about that?

12. Look! They are __________(sit) under the tree.

13. I’ll give ___________(he) the message.

14.Are they ___________(read) English now?

15. We often __________(read) English in the morning.

16. Your classroom is big but __________(we) is small.

17. The dog is ____________(run) after her.

18. Can I ___________( have) a look at your pictures?

19. Look at those _____________(photo).

20. Could you tell __________(we) your address?

21. How many ___________ (zoo ) are there in Haikou?


22. Jim’s sister ________(like) monkeys best.

23. It’s time ___________(go )to bed now.

24. Could you please pass this pen to __________(she)?

25. Let ___________(they) help us.

26. You can’t _______(sing)here, the baby is sleeping.

27. I can see three ____________(baby) in the photo.

28. She would like ________( do ) the washing this afternoon.

29. ________ they______( have) dinner at home?

30. Let me _________( help) you, Jim.


( ) 1. How do I look ____ this dress? A. on B. for C. in D. with

( )2. Would you like to try _______ another pair? A. on B. for C. in D. with

( )3. ---_____________? -- I am just looking, thanks.

A. What can I do for you B. Could you do me a favor

C. May I take your order D. What would you like

( ) 4. This house is ______ sale. A. on B. for C. in D. with

( )5 . I am _________ a jacket for my son.

A. looking at B. looking after C. looking for D. looking like

( )6. Could you do some shopping for me? We need _________ things.

A. a little B. little C. much D. a few

( )7. ----__________? --- Two hundred yuan.

A. How much is this apple B. How is your dog

C. How much is that recorder D. How do you like this recorder

( )8.---What is she? ---____________?

A. Fine, thanks B. A waitress C. She’s Jane D. She’s thin and tall.

( )9. You can buy a_______ in a clothes shop.

A. hat B. recorder C. fridge D.VCD player

( )10.This is _____ umbrella. A. .a B. the C. an D./

( )11. Please tell me ________ it. A. on B. about C. in D. with

( )12. ---____________ ? --- I am having an English lesson.

A. What are you doing B. What are you C. What do you like D. What would you like?

( )13. ---May I speak______ Jim? ---Sorry, he isn’t______.

A. to , on B. with, in C. /, in D. to, in

( )14.---Hello! Is _______ Jack speaking? A. he B. this C. that D. you

( )16. Let’s discuss it ______ tomorrow morning. A. on B. in C. this D. /

( )17. ----Hello! _______ Kangkang, Who’s that?

A. I am B. This is C. That’s D. This’s

( )18.Could you ask her ___________ me back this afternoon?

A. call B. calls C. to call D. calling

( )19.-- What are they doing? -- They ___________.

A. have supper B. has lunch C. are having a meeting D. having diner

( )20.Let’s ________ swimming tomorrow. A. go B. going C. to go D. goes

( )21. Please call her _______ 65556788. A. to B. back C. at D. about

( )22.Don’t ________ in the sun. A. look B. look at C. read D. reading

( )23. Jerry often __________ dishes at home.


A. is washing B. wash C to wash D. washes

( )24.Why not go out for a picnic _________ Sunday morning?

A. in B./ C .on D. with

( )25. Sixty minutes is _______ hour. A. an B. a C. / D. the

( )26. ---____________ --- Sounds great!

A. What about you? B. Let’s go to the zoo.

C. What’s your favorite book? D. What would you like?

( )27. They are talking ________ the film. A. to B. with C. on D. about

( )28.Is it time _______ us to have supper? A. to B. of C. for D. with

( )29. ____ the bus, they are talking and laughing. A. on B. Under C. In D. On

( )30. ______is this pair of shoes?

A. How much B. How many C. How old D. How long

( )31.-- _________ do tigers live? -- Sorry, I don’t know.

A. How much B. How many C. How old D. How long

( )32.Oh, it’s ten o’clock. It’s time _____________.

A. to go to bed B. to have supper C. have lunch D. to go to school.

( )33. ______What’s the time? A. Sorry B. Excuse me C. Hi D. I am sorry

( )34.---________ is the baby monkey’s home? ---It’s over there.

A. Which B. What C. Where D. Why

( )35. The dog is playing________ a ball. A. to B. with C. at D. about

( )36. -- ________ bags of milk do you want? --- Two.

A. How much B. How C. How many D. How about

( ) 37. What does your sister look like? She is tall and thin ______ big eyes.

A. with B. and C. or D. in

( ) 38. The boy is acting _____ a monkey. A. at B. like C. of D. likes

三. 同义句互换.

1. What's your favorite food?(改为同义句) What food do you _________ ________?

2. What time is it? What _______ _______ ________?

3. What’s wrong? What _______ _______ _______?

4. It’s three thirty. It’s________ ________ three.

5. It’s time for lunch. It’s time_______ ________ lunch.

6.It’s a quarter past two. It’s _______ _______.


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