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I. 单项选择(15%) ( )1. Can John play the ____ well?A. piano B. basketball C. chess D.football ( )2. My sister can't ____ in a river.A.skate B.run C.swim D.jump ( )3. The girl ___________ blue eyes is Jessie's sister.A.in B.has C.with D.have ( )4. Can’t you see it on the blackboard? A. Yes , I can’t B .Yes ,I can C.No, I can D. Yes , he can ( )5. Let’s go and play ___ping-pong. I don’t want to play_ violin. A. a, the B. the, a C. X, the ( )6. Who wants _______________ the swimming club? A. to joins B. join C. to join ( )7. Maybe he can __in their basketball team. A. is B. be C. are ( )8. I can’t sing Japanese songs very ___. A. well B. much C. good ( )9. _______ club do you like? A. What B. Which C. Where ( )10. They work in ____ same school. A. a B. an C. the ( )11. I can speak English, but ______. A. very much B. a lot C. not much ( )12. They help me _____ Japanese. A. in B. with C. on ( )13. Are you good _____ kids? A. with B. at C for ( )14. A: ___ do you join the club? B: I like music. A. What B. Where C. Why ( )15. We want two good musicians ____our rock band. A. for B. in C. at II.、完形填空:(15分) Jane and John and brother. They like music. Jane can play the piano. But she play the John can’t play the piano. But he play the violin. Today they carry a piano to piano is 沉). They can’t aren’t at they brother Mike. He is here TMike to ( )16. A. am C. are( )17. A. can B. can’t C. doesn’t ( )18. A. can B. can’t C. doesn’t( )19. A. like B. want C. can ( )20. A. Jane B. her C. Jane’s( )21. A. The B. a C. / ( )22. A. take B. carry C. help ( )23. A. Jane’s and John B. Jane and John’s C. They’s ( )24. A. have B. like C. want( )25. A. come B. go C. join III、阅读理解:(20分) A Jimmy lives in the country(农村), and he loves playing in the river near his house. But his father gets a job(工作) in a big city, and he moves(搬) there with his family. Their new house has a garden, but the garden is very small. Jimmy isn’t happy. “Is there a river near here?” He asks his mother on the first morning. His mother answers, “No, there isn’t, but there is a nice park near here and there’s a pool(池塘) in it. We’re going there this afternoon.” Jimmy is happy now. After lunch Jimmy and his mother go to the park. Jimmy wants to walk near the pool, but there is a sign(标记) before it. His mother reads it to him, “Warning(警告): This pool is dangerous(危险). 367 people fell into(掉入) it.” Jimmy looks into the pool carefully, and he says, “But I can’t see them.” ( )26. Jimmy likes playing ______________________ very much. A. in the park B. in the garden C. in the river D. in the zoo

( )27. Jimmy’s father works _______________________.

A. in the country B. in the big city C. in the small city D. in the park

( )28. There is _____________ near Jimmy’s new house.

A. a river B. a garden C. a zoo D. a park

( )29. Jimmy goes to the park with ___________________.

A. his father B. his mother C. his teacher D.the 367 people

( )30. Which is true?

A. Jimmy’s family move to the big city. B. There are 367 people in the pool. C. Jimmy fell into the pool. D. Something is wrong with Jimmy’s eyes.


Tom and Mike are good friends. They are kind to children. They want to find summer jobs. One day Tom tells Mike that Beidaihe Kids Summer Camp needs help with sports, music and computers. They are both very glad to hear(听说) this.


Tom can play basketball and volleyball, and he can swim, too. Mike can play the violin, the trumpet, the drums and the guitar. Tom and Mike like computers very much. Can they join the Summer Camp?

( )31. Tom and Mike want to ________________.

A. help with sports, music and computers B. be good with

children C. join the Summer Camp D. get help from the Camp

( )32. What does the Summer Camp need help with?

A. Flying kites.B. Sports, music and computers.C. Making cakes. D.Drawing pictures.

( )33. Tom can play ______. A. balls B. computer games C. music D. violin

( )34. Mike can play ____. A. the drums B. volleyball C. basketball D. football

( )35.What do Tom and Mike both like? A. Football.B.Computers. C. Swimming.D.Sports. IV、单词拼写:(10分)

36. She is Chinese, but she s__________ English very well.

37.My email cindyones@163.com.

38. He wants to be 音乐家) in the future(将来).

39.Here is a card.Please f___ it out. 40.I want to j____ the music club.


song paint classmate .play Saturday sing friend music swim same different picture I have four good __41____. They’re Jennifer, Victor, Cindy and Leila. We are in the _42____ class. So we’re _43______ too. Jennifer swims very well, she wants to join the ___44____ club. Then she can swim on ___45____or Sundays. Victor wants to join the art club because he is good at __46______. Cindy is a pop music fan. She can sing a lot of __47___. So she wants to join the __48____ club. Leila wants to join the music club because she __49____ the violin very well.And

she wants to be a ___50____ when she grows up(长大). I like them.


Dear Zhang Qian,

Thank you very much for your letter. You want to know about my favorite sport and

instrument. Now I tell you. I like swimming very much, and I like volleyball, basketball and ping-pang. Swimming is my favorite sport. I am good at chess, too. My favorite instrument is violin. I like playing the violin every weekend. What about you? What's your favorite sport? Do you like to play the violin? Who's your favorite player? And who is your musician? Please tell

me.I want to hear from you again.


Ren Lijuan

51.Who is the letter from?

52.Who is the letter to?

53.What does Zhang Qian want to know?

54.What does Ren Lijuan like?

55.What does Ren Lijuan want?

VII.、书面表达 根据下面提示写一篇不少于60个词的短文:(15分)



②因为他父亲是美国人,母亲是日本人,他出生在中国,所以他会说中文,英文与日文。 ③他的美式足球踢得不错,想成为一名像Beckham那样的足球运动员。



——5ACCBA  Unit 10 Can you play the guitar ?答案 选择题: 6----10CBAAC 11-----15CBBCA 16-----20CBABC

26-----30CBDBA 31------35

3 21-----25ABBAC 1





48singing49plays50musician51.The letter is from Ren Lijuan.52. The letter is to Zhang Qian.53. Zhang Qian wants to know about Ren Lijuan's favorite sport and instrument.54.

She likes swimming and playing the violin.

5. She wants to hear from Zhang Qian again and know something about her favorite sport and





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