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no smoking

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何 博

What’s your feeling?

Step1. Warming-up
1.Do you think smoking is harmful to our health?

2.Do you know how to give up smoking? 3.Do you know that smoking is not allowed in public places?

Step 2 Fast reading
Task 1 Read the passage as quickly as possible. Task2 Sum up the main idea of each paragraph.


It describes how dangerous smoking is. It tells us the effects of smoking.

Para.2 Para.3

It shows us the methods of giving up smoking .

Step3. Analyze the passage
Task1. Understand the passage.

Task2. Master the language points.

Explain the language points:
1. not… any more 不再… e.g. She doesn’t live here any more. 2. a fashion of the day 时尚,时代新潮 e.g. Wearing miniskirt is a fashion of the day. 3. in fact 事实上 e.g. I thought the work was difficult to do. In fact, it was very easy.

Explain the language points:
4. have good/bad effect on 对… 有(好/坏)的影响
e.g. Though it tastes terrible, the medicine will have good effect on your headache.

5. die from… 死于…
e.g. A lot of fish die from water pollution.

World No-Tobacco Day 世界无烟日

May 31 is World No Tobacco Day. World

Health Organization( 世界卫生组织) in
November 1987 recommended (建议) that the

annual (每年的) April 7 as the “ World No
Tobacco Day” and in 1988 started. Since 1989, it is to an annual World No Tobacco Day of May31.

Smoking is harmful to health. No smoking, our lives will have a brighter future. If we smoke, life will become more and more short.In order to stay more in the world, please care for our bodies.

Step4. Practice
In fact, smoking has many bad ________________ effects on people’s

shorten health. Every cigarette one smokers __________one ’s life.
In_____________ many cases ,their deaths are caused by cancer. Poisonous elements in the smoke _________ raise blood pressure and lead _______ to heart disease. Every year,

hundreds of thousands of people in the world die _________ from
smoking cigarette.

Step5. Conlusion and Homework

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