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第四讲 数词篇

数词分类:基数词 和序数词

1. There are __ hours in a day and __ minutes in an hour.

A. twenty-four, sixteen B. twelve-four, sixty C. twenty-four, sixty D. twelve, sixteen

2. The line has _______ phone calls a day.

A. three hundreds B. hundred of C. three hundred of D. hundreds of

3. There are _______ days in a week.

A. nine B. eight C. seven D. six

4. There are _______ flowers on the hills.

A. four thousands B. thousands of C. four thousands of D. thousand of

5. Read the number “88, 800” in English. ______

A. eighty-eight thousands and eight hundreds

B. eighty-eight thousand eight hundreds

C. eighty-eight thousand eight hundred

D. eighty eight thousand and eight hundred

6. In Zhengzhou Middle School, the classrooms of Grade

One are on the ____ (two) floor.(用适当形式填空)

7. The ______ (twelve) month of a year is December. (用适当形式填空)

8. September is ____ month of a year.

A. ninth B. the ninth C. ninth D. the nineth

9. ---When’s your birthday? ---It’s on the ____ of November.

A. twentieth-one B. twentieth-first C. twenty-first

10. ---It’s one to one. What time will it be in two minutes?

--- _________________.

A. two two B. one one C. one two D. one three

11. There are one hundred students in our school. And 40

students are boys. ____ of us are boys.

A. Two fifth B. Two fives C. Two five D. Two fifths

12. What is thirty and twelve? It’s ______.

A. fourty-one B. forty-two C. forty-one D. forty-two

数词测试 姓名_____________

1.There are ___ story-books in our class.

A.three hundreds and thirty six B.three hundred and thirty-six

C.three hundreds and thirty-six D.three hundred thirty-six

2.Mary had learnt____ Chinese words by the end of the last term.

A.three hundreds B.three hundred C.three hundreds of D.three hundred of

3.He says he is past eleven. And the ____birthday will come soon.

A.twelfth B.twelveth C.twelve D.twenty

4.About ____ of the workers on that farm are young people from the poor areas.

A.third-fifths B.three-fifths C.three-fives D.third-fifth

5.About ____ of the teachers in their school are women.

A.two-three B.two threes C.two-thirds D.second-third

6.---What’s the time now? ---It’s ____.

A.forty-two to five B.thirty-one past nine C.six forty D.three to seven

7.9: 55 is read as ____.

A.five to ten B.fifty-five past nine C.nine and fifty-five D.five to nine

8.The meeting will be hold in ____.

A.102 Room B.NO. 102 Room C.Room 102nd D.Room 102

9.We all think that the _______ century will bring us more hopes.

A.twenty-first B.twentieth-first C.twenty-one D.twentieth-one

10.---Can you write the number eighty-five thousand, six hundred and twenty-six? ---Yes, it is __________.

A. 856620 B. 85626 C. 58662 D. 58626

默写 another和other的区别:

Others和the other的区别:

默写:某人 任何事 所以地方 没事



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