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1.I work up late this morning ,so I had to r______ to school.

2.The glass b_______ into pieces.Who did it?

3.I was late for school because I o_______ this morning.

4.This plate is _______(break).Can you give me another one?

5.Have you _______(get)ready for the party?

6.I suddently remembered that I hadn’t ______(lock) the door.

7.They m____two years ago.Now they have a baby.

8.The bottle is e______.Will you please ps me a full one?

9.He likes to work on a f_____.He says the air there is fresh.

10.On April F_______Day,people often play jokes on each other.

11.My brother wants to be a _____(farm) when he leaves school.

12.She______(marry) for 5 years.

13.He _____(empty)his bag but could not find the keys.

14.The enemy had _______(flee) from the village when we arrived.

15.She was ________(embarrassing)when people laughed at her mistake.

16.At that time I _______(realize) I________(leave) my umbrella on the bus.

17.By the time I reached home,my mother _______(cook)supper.

18.I_______(not find) the gold ring until last night.

19.My grandfather ______(die)for three years.I miss him very much.

20.By the time I got to the station,my mother ______(go).

21.Tom and Linda have been ________(结婚) for ten years,but they’re never quarreled.

22.The old computer _________(break) down easily,so I had to restart it again and again.


1. Last Thursaday when I got to the station,I _______I had left my ticket at


A.understood B.realized C.believed D.seemed

2.----Sorry,Mr Green.I have ______my homework at home.

----Never mind.But don’t forget next time.

A.put B.kept C.left D.remained

3.Thanks to Project Hope,_____children have better lives.

A.thousands of B.thousands C.thousand

4.What would you like to give to your teachers _______?

A.on Teachers’Day B.in Teacher’s Day C.on Teacher’s Day

5.I still don’t know what ______while I was away from home.

A.had happened B.was happened C.has happened D.hppened

6.---Please tell me _____for the meeting yesterday.

---Sorry.The traffic was bad.

A.why you came late B.why did you come late

C.when you came late D.when did you come late

7.By the end of last year,we _____more than 2000 words.

A.learned B.have learned C.had learned D.learn

8.---When ______your brother _____back?

---About half an hour ago.

A.did,come B.had,come C.do,come D.have,come

9.He told me that he ______a cold for three days.

A.has B.have C.had caught D.had had

10.I never thought that one of my students would play a joke _____me.

A.with B.on C.at D.for

11.The film Kung Fu Panda is ____interesting______I would like to see it again.

A.such,that B.too,to C.as,as D.so,that

12.On April 1,Sam asked his girlfriend ______him.

A.would marry B.to marry C.to marry with D.would get married

13.Every year,______people go to visit their farm.

A.a thousand of B.thousands C.thousand of D.thousands of

14.This morning I went to school in such a hurry that I____my notebook at home.

A.left B.forgot C.lost D.miss

15.Mary was given a prize for coming to school _____every day during the whole term. st

A.on time B.in time C.at no time D.by the time

16.----What’s wrong with your clock?

----It can’t _______.

A.take off B.get off C.go off D.turn off

17.The students are going for a picnic tomorrow.They made _____at 6 o’clock to meet at the school gate.

A.it B.that C.them D./

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