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七下英语Unit 3 单元检测题

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新目标英语七年级下Unit 3 单元检测题


1.来自____________________ 2.对……友好_____________

3.与…..玩 4.在白天_________________



1. [li:vz]_____ on the trees begin to turn green in spring.

2.We should plant more trees to make our city['bju:tΙf?l] _________ .

3.In the zoo we can see many ['?nΙm?lz]______________. They are cute.

4.[ 'elΙf?nts] ______________ can help people do heavy work.

5.Be ['kwaΙ?t]_____________! The baby is['sli:pi?] _____________.


( )1. Park is a good place _____ A. relaxing B. relaxes C.relaxed D.to relax

( )2.Bats always sleep______ the day and work ____ night. A.in at B.at during C.in in D.of at ( )3.---- Let’s go to the park on Sunday afternoon. ------ ___________.

A.That sounds interesting. B.Thanks a lot. C.Yes, we are. D.That’s all right. ( )4.----Do you like koalas? -----Yes. I think they are _______cute.

A. This kind of B.a kind of C.all kinds of D.kind of

( )5.Pandas like to eat __, but lions like to eat __.

A.leaf meat B.leaves meat C. meat leaves D.leaves meats

( )6.-----Isn’t the dolphin smart? -----______. He can play with the ball well and walk on water.

A.Yes, it does B. No, it doesn’t C. Yes, it is D. No, it isn’t

( )7.----Besids Tina,what other _____ do you have? ----- Jim,Mary and Henry. I like making friends

A. friends B.teacher C. friendly D. teachers

( )8.There are many _________ the tree. A.leaf on B. leaves in C. leaf on D. leaves on ( )9.There is ________ ugly animal in the picture. A.a B.an C. the D./

( )10.He is ____ to us and every one of us likes making ______ with him.

A.friends friendly B. friendly friends. C. friend friendsD. friends friend


Do you like animals? There are a lot of animals in the . They are pandas, koalas, tigers, lions, dolphins, penguins, elephants and so on(等等. They are kind of . When I’m free, I watching them. They can fast(快) and jump (跳) very high(高). They can They can “” up and “walk” on the water(水to people. If you fall into(掉进) the water and (过来) you. Do you like them?

1. A. home B. shop C. library D. zoo

2. A. scary B. interesting C. boring D. ugly

3. A. smart B. shy C. ugly D. lazy

4. A. run B. want C. have D. like

5. A. swim B. run C. jump D. walk

6. A. live B. play C. go D. speak

7. A. stand(站) B. sit(坐) C. go D. walk

8. A. clever B. friendly C. funny D. cute

9. A. can B. can’t C. doesn’t D. are

10 A. help B. visit C. meet D. eat

V.补全对话(5分 四选一)(5分)

A: Excuse me, I want to go to the library. 1__________________________ ?

B: Go down this street and turn right at the second crossing. Go up the road to the end, you’ll find it. A: 2______________________________? B: It’s about 1,000 metres away from here. A: Oh. That’s quite a long way. B: Yes. You’d better take a bus.

A: 3__________________________________? B: You can take the No.5 bus. It’ll take you there. A: 4__________________________________? B: It takes about fifteen minutes.

A: 5_________________________________. B: It’s a pleasure.

1. A. Where it is ? B. How can I get there ? C. Which is the way to there ? D. Could you go to the way ?

2. A. How long is it ? B. How far is it from here ? C. How often does it from? D. How soon is it ?

3. A. What bus can I go ? B. What colour bus do I need? '

C. Which bus should I take? D. Which can I take , train or bus?

4. A. How much does you cost? B. How long does it take me to get there?

C. How many does it have ? D. Take it easy .

5. A. Thank you a lot. B. Thanks all the same. C. Thank you very much. D. Goodbye.



. She sleeps the day, but at

.She’s only five years old..Children likes her very much. ,but the people in the zoo tell them to be .

VII.句型转换。(5题 10空)

1.She likes some animals very much . (改为一般疑问句)_______ she like _____ animals very much ?

2.I like dogs . They are interesting. (合并为一句)I like dogs _______ ________ interesting.


______ ______ does your mother like very much?

4.I think. The lions aren’t smart.(合并为一句)I ________ ________ the lions are smart.

5. Her sister is a little shy. (改为同意句) Her sister is ________ _______ shy.

VIII.完成句子。(5题 10空)

1.那只小熊来自南非 That little bear _______ _______ South Afirrica

2.树袋熊白天睡觉,夜晚起来觅食。A koala ____ during the day and gets up to look for food ____ night.


My daughter likes playing ______ her friends ______ school.



She looks ____

_____ ugly.

5.动物园里有各种各样的动物。There are _____ ________ of animals in the zoo.


每天济南动物园都会来很多人,小朋友们最喜欢这个地方,动物园里有许多动物。有强壮的大象、可怕的狮子、害羞的熊猫和其他的动物。我最喜欢…因为… 动物是我们的好朋友,我们应该对他们友好。

请以 Jinan zoo 为题目介绍一下济南动物园,字数 60-80词。


新目标英语七年级下Unit 3 单元检测题参考答案

Ⅰ.1.come from=be from 2. be friendly to 3. play with 4.during the day 5. please be quiet Ⅱ.1.Leaves 2.beautiful 3.animals 4.Elephants 5.quiet

Ⅲ.1-5 DAADB 6-10 CADBB



VI. A: 1.years 2.cute 3.during 4.gets 5.leaves

B : 1.Because 2.beautiful 3.China 4.play with 5.quiet

VII.1.Does any 2.because they’re 3.What animals 4. don’t think 5.kind of VIII.1.is/comes from 2.sleeps at 3.with after 4. kind of 5.all kinds Ⅸ.略

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