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第8讲 连词

1. and 表示并列

2. neither …nor 既不……也不……

3. both…and…既……又……

4. 4. not only... but also 不但……而且……

5. or 或者(疑问句中) 否则(否定句中)

6. either... or 或者……或者……

7. but 但是

8. so 因此

9. wnen和while

1. __Tom __ Dick likes running . They hate running.

A. Both…and B. Either… or

C. Neither..nor D. All…and

2. , Study hard , ____ you will catch up with your friends.

A. and B. but C. or D. so

3. You can ____ stay at home ____ go out to play.

A. either; or B. so; that C. neither; and

5. He is very young and he knows a lot. (改错)

6. My son likes broccoli, ____ he doesn’t like eggplants.

A. or B. so C. and D. but

7. ______ he studies hard, he will pass the exam.

A. If B. Because C. So D. Though

1.---- Would you like to my party? ---- I’d love to ,______I’m too busy.

A. as B.and C.but D.so

2. It is much colder today ____yesterday.

A.and B. or C. than D.then

3. Hurry up, ______ you'll miss the bus.

A. If B. or C. unless D. useless

4.Some people are watching TV_____others are playing football.

A.while B. for C. so D. then

5.I want to visit _____ Tianjin _____ Shanghai.

A.neither, or B. either, nor C.not only, but also D.none ,of

6. She didn't go to school, _______ she was ill.

A. but B. and C. because D. so

7. It must have rained last night _____the ground is wet.

A. for B when C. although D.unless

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