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七下英语Unit 1检测题

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新目标英语七下Unit 1单元检测题


1. 说一点英语 2. 我最喜欢的科目3. 告诉我你自己的情况 4. 给我写信


1. ---Where does your uncle l_________? ---Japan.

2. A___________ are from the United States.

3. His brother ________(想要) a Japanese pen pal.

4. --- where is your pen pal from?---he is from A_________?

5. Canadians speak F________ and English.

III. 选择填空。(10分)

( ) 1. We are from China and we _______ Chinese.A. say B. talk C. speak D. are in

( ) 2. The boy is new. He _____ Singapore.

A. come from B. is from C. comes in D. from come

( ) 3. Jim _______ from England, and his pals ______ from the USA.

A. come; is B. is; comes C. comes; is D. comes; are

( ) 4. Where _____ you _____?

A. do; from B. are; from C. is; from D. are; come from

( ) 5. Toronto is in _______.A. Canada B. Australia C. France D. Japan

( ) 6. Where ______ your friend_____?

A. does; lives B. does; live C. do; lives D. is; live

( ) 7. The people in Singapore speak _____.

A. English B. Chinese C. Japanese and English D. A and B

( ) 8. This is my new pen pal. She is ______.

A. Australia B. an Australia boy C. a Australian girl D. an Australian girl

( ) 9. _____ favorite sport is swimming.A. Her B. He C. She D. He’s

( ) 10. Tim and Joy are ______. They’re from the United Kingdom.

A. the English B. Englishman C. English D. England


Jack and Jeff __1__ brothers. They are 2_____ New Zealand() .Jack is 13 years old 3_____ Jeff is 12 years old.

They 4_____English and French.Now they are in China. There are_5_____people in their famly. __6_____are their parents. Their sister and them, Their mother is a teacher. She 7_____English, Their father _8_____in an English club. Their sister is very __9___. She doesn’t go to school. They say China is a very interesting _10_____.They like China.

1. ( )A. am B. is C. are D. be

2. ( )A. from B. in C. at D. for

3. ( )A. and B. but C. or D. so

4. ( )A. say B. tell C. talk D. speak

5. ( )A. three B. four C. five D. six

6. ( ) A. They B. Them C. Their D. Theirs

7. ( )A. teaches B. teaching C. teach D. to teach

8. ( )A. works B. work C. working D. are

9. ( )A. old B. young C. fun D. boring

10. ( )A. city B. club C. village D. country


My name is Mariko. I’m from Tokyo. I can speak a little English. But I can’t speak Chinese. I usually get up at 6 o’clock and go to school at 7:30 in the morning. I think art is interesting. I don’t like science. I think it is boring. I want to come to China and Canada very much. I think they are very interesting.

My name is Mario. I am 12 years old. I go to school at seven fifty and I go home at four twenty. I have lunch at school. I usually eat fish(鱼), French fries, potatoes and carrots for lunch. My favorite subject is

music, because it’s fun. I want to join a music club. I don’t like P.E.. I usually do my homework at 5 o’clock and I go to bed at 10 o’clock.

I am Boris. I am from Canada. I like science and art. I want to join the art club. Swimming club is not interesting. I don’t like math. I think it is boring. I get up at six thirty and then I run on the playground(操场). My good friend is Sam. He doesn’t know Chinese. He doesn’t like Chinese food. He wants to join our Chinese club.

( ) 1. Which subject does Mario like best?

A. music B. art C. math D. science

( ) 2. Who goes to school at 7:30?

A. Mario B. Mariko C. Sam D. Boris

( ) 3. Why doesn’t Mariko like science? Because it is _____.

A. interesting B. relaxing C. boring D. fun

( ) 4. Who is from Japan?

A. Mario B. Mariko C. Sam D. Boris

( ) 5. What club does Boris want to join?

A. Swimming club. B. Music club. C. Art club. D. Chinese club



My name is Bob. I ___1___ in London, England, and I want a pen pal in China. I think China is a very interesting ____2____. I’m 14 ___3___ old and birthday is in November. I can speak English and a little French. I have a brother, Paul, and a sister, Sarah. They have pen pals in the United States and Australia. I like ___4___ to the movies with my friends and playing sports. My favorite subject in school is PE. It’s fun. But I don’t like math. It’s too difficult.

Can you ___5___ to me soon?

1、 2、 3、 4、 5、

Bshe doesn’t speak Japanese. Gina’s favoriteHis name is Jim and he lives in Pairs. He speaks English and Jim doesn’t play volleyball, but he plays basketball and tennis. Basketball is his favorite sport. He can’t play the guitar, but he can play the piano and sing.

1、2、3、 4、 5、


A :What a nice day!

A :Excuse me. Where are you _____? B :I’m from Canada. What about you?

A :Me? Oh, I ____ from Singapore. +B :So you can speak English and Chinese.

A :Yes, you’re right. What ________ can you speak? B :Well, I can speak French and English. My pen pal can speak some ________. He lives in Beijing. VIII.句型转换。(10分) 1 Is he from the USA.? (变为同义句) he from the USA?

(对画线部分提问)What language ?

(对画线部分提问)What language he want to ?

4. I think it is interesting.(否定句)I_____ think it____ interesting.

5. Please write a letter to me soon.(同义句)Please _____ _____ me soon.


1 你父母是哪里人? Where ______ your parents _______ ?

2你的笔友住哪里? Where _______ your pen pal _______?

3她会说一点汉语, She can ______ a _______ Chinese.

4日本人说日语。 ________speak ________.



假如你想与Lei Hao交笔友,请你给他写一封邮件,邮件的开头和结尾已经给出,把中间内容补充完整,50词左右。


1. speak a little English

2. my favorite subject

3. tell me about yourself

4. write to me

5. 我的喜好

二Live Americans wants America French

三 1—5 C B B B A 6—10 B D A A C

四 1—5 C A B D C 6—10 A A A B D

五1—5 A B C B C

六Live; country; years; going; write Canada; speaks; subject; has; French

七 Is from come language Chinese

八Does from; does speak; does see; don’t is; write to

九are from; does live; speak little; Japanese Japanese. About favorite

十 略

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