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一、 句子里有be 动词。

1. She is a student.

Is she a student?

2.There is a forest in the park.

Is there a forest in the park?

3.I am a teacher.

Are you a teacher?

4. My mother is a doctor.

Is your mother a doctor?

5. There are some tall buildings in the city.

Are there any tall buildings in the city?

二、 句子里带can 的。

1. I can water the flowers.

Can you water the flowers?

2. My mother can clean the bedroom.

Can your mother clean the bedroom?

1. 句子里带be 动词的,要把be 动词提到句子的最前面;句子里带can 的,要把can 提到句子的最前面。

2. 注意句子里的陷阱:

(1) 注意把some , many改成any.

(2) 句子里的人称注意变化。 I 和 you 要互相转

化;my 和your 要互相转化。



1、 My music teacher is a university student. ( Is your music teacher a university student?

2、 I am a good student.

( Are you a student?

3、 I can do the dishes.

( Can you do the dishes?

4、 There is a river in my village.

( Is there a river in my village?

5、 There are many flowers in our school.

( Are there any flowers in our school? ) ) ) ) )

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