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Unit1 单选

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1. You’d better your scores and see if you have passed the exam.

A.add up to B.add to C.add up D.add

2. Please the numbers and I’m sure they will more than 1,000.

A.add; add up B.add up; add to C.add up; add up to D.add to; add up

3. After the long journey, the three of them went back home, .

A.hungry and tiredly B.hungry and tired

C.hungrily and tiredly D.hungrily and tired

4. The meeting was concerned system reforms and everyone present was concerned

their own intersets.

A.with; about B.with;with C.for;about D.about;in

5. You have no idea what I’ve had to during the last few months.

A.come through B.go through C.cut through D.look through

6. The police asked him to the facts as he remembered them.

A.set about B.set down C.set up D.set out

7. ----John has got a very good job in the government.

---- he looks so happy.

A. It’s natural B. That’s because C. No wonder D. As though

8. We made up our minds to study hard we could be admitted into university.

A.in order to B.such that C.in order that D.so as to

9. It is the third time that he the first prize in the match.

A.wins B.has won C.won D.to win

10. It’s no pleasure the film becaruse it’s the third time that I have seen it.

A.see B.seen C.seeing D.to see

11. Would you please the paper for me and see if there are any obvious mistakes?

A.look around B.look into C.look up D.look through

12. from heart trouble for years, Professor White has to take some medicine with him wherever he gose.

A. Suffered B. Suffering C. Having suffered D. Being suffered

13. and short of breath, Andy and Ruby were the first to reach the top of Mount Tai.

A. To be tired B. Tired C. Tiring D. Being tired

14. the cake in a strong box, or it might get crushed in the post.

A. Pack B. Packing C. Packed D. To pack

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