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中考题库2 名词


1. (2010·三亚中考)The restaurant is so popular here, Look, there are so many _____ here.

A. food B. dish C. people D. waiter

2. (2010·河北中考)I don’t think looking after children is justwork.

A. woman B. woman’s C. women D. women’s

3. (2010·眉山中考) —Would you like some drinks, boys? —Yes, ____ , please.

A. some oranges B. two boxes of chocolate

C. some cakes D. two boxes of cola

4.(2010·东阳中考) I saw many _________ eating grass on the hill.

A. horse B. cow C. rabbit D. sheep

5. (2010·绥化中考) ______ mothers can’t come to the meeting because they have gone to Dalian.

A. Sally’s and Jane B. Sally and Jane’s C. Sally’s and Jane’s

6. (2010·山西中考) I like ____ a lot, and my mother usually cooks it in different ways.

A. fish B. potatoes C. noodles

7. (2010·上海中考)You can get much ______ about the World Expo on the Internet.

A. map B. picture C. ticket D. information

8. (2010·自贡中考)— Good morning, madam. Can I help you?

—Sure, I’d like ______ for cooking vegetables.

A. two cups of tea B. three pieces of bread C. five kilos of oil

9. (2010·阜康中考)Mr. Black gave us ____ on how to learn English well.

A. an advice B. many advices C. some advice D. some advices

10(2010·娄底中考)—It’s said that you have moved into a new house.

—Yeah, and we need to buy some 

A. food B.furniture C. hamburger

11. (2009·泰安中考) -Taking a walk in the evening is a good .

-So it is; it keeps us healthy.

A. habit B. hobby C. rule D. favor

12. (2009·沈阳中考) What’s in the cupboard?

A few ________, but little ________.

A. apples; coffee B. coffee; apples

C. apple; coffees D. coffees; apple

13. (2009·孝感中考) All the _______ teachers enjoyed themselves on March 8th, because it was their own holiday.

A. man B. men C. woman D. women

14. (2009·绥化中考) –How many ________ are there in the kitchen?

-Only two.

A. bag of rice B. bags of rice C. bags of rice

15. (2009·阜康中考) -What would you like to drink?

-________, please.

A. Rice B. Meat C. Water D. Bread

16. (2009·宁波中考) –I want to buy the book ―Cold Mountain‖. Do you know its _______? -Not really. Maybe three dollars.

A. cover B. size C. color D. price

17. (2009·河南中考) I like a lot, and my mother usually cooks it in different ways.

A. fish B. butter C. potatoes D. noodles

18. (2009·孝感中考) -Emma, who are you taking _________ of at home?

-My grandma, she got hurt in an accident.

A. place B. part C. seat D. care

19. (2009·天水中考) –How many _______ do you want?

-A kilo, please.

A. bananas B. meat C. bread D. milk

20. (2009·江西中考) –You look worried. What’s your ______?

-I have trouble learning English.

A. name B. question C. problem D. job

21. (2009·漳州中考) If you do something wrong to Bill, you should say ______ to him.

A. hello B. sorry C. goodbye D. thanks

22. (2009·绍兴中考) –I hear you have to get up early every morning.

-Right. It’s one of the _____ in my family.

A. plans B. orders C. rules D. suggestions

23. (2009·广东中考) Could you take _______ for these _______? They are very beautiful.

A. any photos; tomatos B. some photos; tomatoes

C. some photos; tomatos D. any photos; tomatoes

24. (2009·山东中考) Look at the flowers! They are in different ______: red, yellow, pink …

A. colors B. sizes C. prices D. names

25. (2009·通化中考) We need to come up with a/an ______ and make a decision at once.

A. information B. advice C. idea D. news

26. (2009·连云港中考) -How do western people celebrate______?

-They usually make special pumpkin lanterns.

A. Christmas B. Thanksgiving Day C. Halloween D. New Year’s Day

27. (2008·河南中考) When I hurriedly got to the airport, the lady at the window told me that there were no ________ left on that plane.

A. places B. seats C. space D. room

28. (2008·南通中考) –Do you like ________?

-No. I prefer rose, the colour of your dress.

A. orange B. oranges C. carrot D. carrots

29. (2008·泸州中考) How many ________ do you want every week?

A. milk B. water C. apples

30. (2008·鸡西中考) There are a lot of ________ in our school. They work very hard.

A. woman teachers B. women teachers C. womans teachers

31. (2008·安徽中考) The music made me think of the ________ of a running stream.

A. shout B. noise C. voice D. sound

32. (2008·莆田中考) So far, spaceships without people have reached the moon and some other parts of the ________.

A. world B. universe C. sky

33. (2008湖北恩施) They are from ________. They’re _______.

A. Germany; Germans B. Germans; Germany

C. German; Germany D. Germany; Germen

34. (2007·包头中考) –Do you know how many ________ a horse has and how many _______ a bee has?

-Of course. I know.

A. teeth, feet B. tooth, foot C. foot, teeth D. teeth, foot

35. (2007·淄博中考) Our school held an activity called ―Recommend Books to Your Teachers‖. The students made a _______ of 1,000 books.

A. note B. line C. menu D. list

36. (2007·天津大港区中考) My son got up late this morning. He only had _______ for breakfast.

A. two bread B. two slice of bread

C. two slices of bread D. two slices of breads

37. (2007·厦门中考) He always has a ________ with him. I think he must enjoy taking photos.

A. computer B. dictionary C. camera

38. (2007·温州中考) I really want to have a_______, I feel so tired after such a long walk.

A. talk B. rest C. swim D. look

39. (2007·天津中考) Heilongjiang is in the ________ of China.

A. northeast B. northeastern C. northwest D. northwestern

40. (2007·芜湖中考) -What’s your favorite ________?


A. color B. fruit C. juice D. vegetable

41. (2009·柳州中考) The man is ________ father.

A. Lily or Lucy B. Lily and Lucy

C. Lily’s or Lucy D. Lily and Lucy’s

42. (2009·安顺中考) This is not my dictionary. It’s ________. She lent it to me this morning.

A. my sister B. my sisters C. my sister’s D. my sisters

43. (2009·天水中考) This room is ________.

A. Lily and Lucy B. Lily’s and Lucy

C. Lily’s and Lucy’s D. Lily and Lucy’s

44. (2009·深圳中考) -___________that new bike over there?

-I think it’s________

A. Who’s; Sam B. Who’s; Sam’s C. Whose is; Sam D. Whose is; Sam’s

45. (2009·东营中考) Shanghai World Expo (世博会) will open ________ a ________ time.

A. in; year’s B. after; years C. in; years’ D. after; years’

46. (2009·重庆中考) –How far is your cousin’s home from here?

-It’s about two _______ drive.

A. hour’s B. hours C. hours’ D. hour

47. (2008·河北中考) Can you imagine what life will be like in ________ time?

A. 20 years’ B. 20 year’s C. 20-year’ D. 20-years

48. (2008·攀枝花中考) –How is your skirt, Mary?

–It is more beautiful than ________.

A. my sister’s B. my sister C. sisters D. mine

49. (2007·河北中考) ________ room is big and bright. They like it very much.

A. Tom and Sam

C. Tom and Sam’s


1. (2009·兰州中考) The policeman told that man to give a ________ (描述) of the accident.

2. (2009·济宁中考) During the Spring Festival ________(家人) get together and visit their relatives, greeting each other with ―Happy New Year‖.

3. (2009·河北中考) Computer is one of the greatest ________ (发明). I can’t imagine life without it.

4. (2009宿迁中考) Susan looks very cool with ________ (太阳眼镜). Don’t you think so?

5. (2009·烟台中考) Betty’s ________ (描写) about this animal is really nice.

6. (2009·南京中考) Thousands of basketball fans couldn’t stop waving ________ (旗帜) to cheer their favourite players up excitedly.

7. (2009·连云港中考) Be careful with these ________ (小刀). They are very sharp.

8. (2009·苏州中考) Even though Jenna was speeding, the police let her go with a (警告).

9. (2009·黄冈中考) They made a ________ (决定) to have a meeting in memory of ―5.12 Earthquake‖ at school one month ago.

10. (2009·东营中考) To our ________ (惊讶),the factory is still pouring waste water into the river near it.

11. (2009·东营中考) It is a pity that there are a lot of people who do not know the ________ (重要) of time. They spent their time smoking, drinking and playing.

12. (2009·雅安中考) The hunter was very smart and brave. When two ________ (狼) came, he wasn’t afraid at all.

13. (2009·盐城中考) There are several ways to solve this problem. Let’s have a ________ (讨论) now.

14. (2009·扬州中考) Amy’s handbag is the same as my ________ (妻子).

15. (2009·凉山中考) July and August are the hottest ________ (月) in North China.

16. (2009·安徽中考) I’m sure you will enjoy the f________ (果实) of your hard work soon.

17. (2009·安徽中考) You will be masters of the 21st c________ (世纪). B. Tom’s and Sam D. Tom’s and Sam’s

18. (2009·盐城中考) –It’s a good h________ to keep a diary every day.

-That’s right. I believe it can help us improve our writing.

19. (2009·泰安中考 is very heavy.

20. (2009·兰州中考) W________ is the third day of a week.

21. (2009·宁波中考in the test.

22. (2009·无锡中考) The three ________ (spaceman) of Shenzhou VII Spaceship were warmly welcomed in Hong Kong.

23. (2009·新疆建设兵团中考) Sandy is so careful that she seldom makes ________ (mistake) in her homework.

24. (2009·贵阳中考) My ________ (key) are not in my bag. Can you help me look for them?

25. (2009·宿迁中考) There are more ________ (sheep) in Australia than in Japan.

26. (2009·广州中考) Many new ________ (potato) will grow from one potato planted in the ground.

27. (2009·扬州中考) I wonder why the (leaf) on this tree have become yellow recently.

28. (2009·南京中考) Stephen is a member of an _______ (organize) which protects rivers and lakes in China.

29. (2009·无锡中考) The three ________ (spaceman) of Shenzhou Ⅶ Spaceship were warmly welcomed in Hong Kong.

30. (2009·绥德中考) Yao Ming is one of the most popular basketball ________ (play) around the world.

31. (2009·常州中考) How many times do you brush your (tooth) every day?

32. (2009·临沂中考) There are many fresh _______ (potato) in the supermarket.

33. (2009·临沂中考) The university student came back to his hometown and became a new ________ (village).

34. (2009·安顺中考) Mr. Smith always has some good pieces of _______ (news) to tell us.

35. (2009·宿迁中考)When Zhou Jielun appeared on the stage, the _______ (people who like somebody or something very much) of him all stood up and clapped their hands.

36. (2009·滨州中考) Today is May 31, tomorrow will be C________ Day.

37. (2009·兰州中考) Chocolate is usually the ________ (child) favorite food.

38. (2009·南京中考) -Paul, please e-mail me those ________ (professor) weekly reports as soon as possible.

-OK! No problem.

39. (2009·陕西中考) I found something important in ________ (today) newspaper.

40. (2009·乌鲁木齐中考) Let’s go to see Miss Ding on ________ (教师) Day this year.

41. (2009·常州中考) Please tell me the (win) telephone number, I want to interview him.

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