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九年级英语下册团队精制课时课件unit13Section B1

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Section B

Period One

To listen and speak about how ads and products affect you To learn new words: shiny, toothpaste

Words and expressions

Read the words and expressions loudly.

Words review slogan mysterious shiny skin product lookout beauty toothpaste

n. 标语;口号 adj. 神秘的;不可思议的 adj. 有光泽的;发亮的 n. 皮;皮肤 n. 产品 n. 前景;远景 n. 美;美貌 n. 牙膏





1a Match each slogan with one of the products.





Making a list
In our life we use lots of products every. Which ones do you like best, and which ones do you not like? Now make a list of them, three for each choice.

2a Listen. Write “Yes” or “No”. Products
___ No 1. Easy Care Shampoo

What people say
a. It tastes terrible.

___ No 2. Lookout Sunglasses

b. It worked really well.
c. They don’t even keep

Yes ___ 3. Beauty Cream

out the sun.
___ No 4. Starshine Toothpaste d. It didn’t work.

2b Listen again. Draw lines to match. Products
1. Easy Care Shampoo 2. Lookout Sunglasses 3. Beauty Cream 4. Starshine Toothpaste

What people say
a. It tastes terrible. b. It worked really well. c. They don’t even keep out the sun. d. It didn’t work.

2c Groupwork

A: Have you ever had Beijing Duck? B: Yeah. I love it. A: Have you ever had …? B: Yeah. And it made me…


see a cartoon movie

surf the sea

go to a concert

How do you feel about people who keep you waiting? 【经典习题】 (1) 改为同义句: How do you feel about pollution? ____ ___ ___ pollution? What do ___ you _____ think of (2)改错: Sorry to have kept you wait for such a wait→waiting long time. _______________

▲How do you feel about …? 你觉得…… 如何?相当于 What do you think of…? ▲keep sb. doing sth. 意为“让/使某人做 某事”,doing sth.作keep的宾语补足语。 【拓展延伸】keep后还可接形容词、副 词、介词短语或V-ed形式作宾语补足语, 表示“使某人或物保持某一种状态”。

如: We should exercise more to keep fit. (形容词) The bad weather keeps us inside the hou se. (副词) My sister always keeps his books in good order. (介词短语) The other kids in the game keep their eyes closed. (过去分词)

课时重点回顾 this ad for…, stand ads like that, make…really mad, taste terrible, make…think that…, look like …in the ad, mysterious look, I’ll bet …, keep out the sun, the silky skin soap, wait a minute, work really well, make…really soft,

注: 另附word文档。 点击此处链接

选择合适的单词填空。 slogan, advertising, tense, confusing, specifically 1. I specifically _________ ask you not to do that. slogan of the 2010 Shanghai 2. The _______ World Expo is “City, Better Life”. advertising is one of the 3. It is believed that __________ biggest businesses in America. 4. I don’t like loud music. It makes me tense ___

____. 5. It’s veryconfusing _______ to learn a new language.

根据句意及汉语提示写出单词,使句子 通顺、正确。 1. Why on earth didn’t you tell me the truth (真相)? ______ 2. I’m surprised to see Mary driving a shiny (闪亮的) car. ______ 3. Where is thetoothpaste ________ (牙膏)? I want to clean my teeth. list (列出) 4. All we can do here is to _____ the names who are absent. relaxed (轻松的) these days. 5. You look ________

Write a short passage about your classroom. How does it make you feel?

To preview the article on page 106 To find out the pros and cons of advertising

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