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定语从句 用作定语的从句叫定语从句。定语从句所修饰的 名(代)词叫作先行词。定语从句一般紧跟在先 行词的后面。 1. The students (who don’t study hard) will not pass 先行词 定语从句 the exam. 主句: The students will not pass the exam. 2. The woman (whom you saw in the park) is our 先行词 定语从句 English teacher. 主句: The woman is our English teacher. 从句的主语: you 从句的宾语: whom

3. A shoe shop is a shop (which sells shoes). 主句:A shoe shop is a shop. 从句的主语: which 4. The book (that you want) is on the desk. 主句 The book is on the desk. that 从句的主语: you 从句的宾语: 引导定语从句的关系代词常见的有that, which,who whom等。关系代词放在先行词和定语从句之间, 起连接作用,同时又作定语从句的一个成份。 The man (that/who told us a funny story) is in the next room. 主语 I lost the book(( that/which ) you gave me). 宾语

归纳:that,即指人又指物,作主语或宾语。 which,指物,作主语或宾语。 who, whom指人,who作主语,whom作宾语。 that,which,whom在定语从句中作宾语时,可省去。 1) A plane is a machine ________________ which/that can fly. which/that/ / / 2) The car _______________________ my uncle bought last week was stolen. who/that 3) The students ________________ don’t study hard will not pass the exam. 4) The woman ___________________ whom/that/ / / you saw in the park is our English teacher. 5) He talked happily about the men and books____ that __________ interested him greatly in the school.

1. That book that you want it is on the desk. 2. Is this factory that we visited last week? the one This factory is the one that we visited last week? 3. He is the person for whom you are looking. 4. The person to whom you talked is Lily. for

The person whom you talked to is Lily. 归纳:1定语从句要避免成分重复 2定语从句要避免漏用先行词 3含有介词的短语动词一般不拆开

Join two sentences into one: The boy is my brother. He helped me. 1. The boy who helped me is my brother. The film is interesting. They saw it last night. 2. The film they saw last night is interesting. The students will not pass the exam. They don’t work hard. 3.The students who don’t work hard will not pass the exam.

Fill in the blanks. that/which we spent in 1. I still remember the day _________ the forest. when/on which I first 2. I still remember the day ____________ came to Beijing. 3. The factory _________ that/which we will visit is large. where 4. The factory ___________ his father works is large. when/at which we work 5. I’ll never forget the time _____________ on the farm. where/in which 6. This is the house ____________ we lived last year. 归纳:关系副词when指时间,关系副词where指地点, 在定语从句中作状语。即使先行词是时间地点,若 作从句中的宾语,只能用关系代词that, which.

Fill in the gaps: 1.The terrible typhoon killed the people and cattle _______ were in the fields. that that 2.The wind blew down the tallest tree _______ is in front of our school gate. 3.This is the very thing ______ that// I was looking for. that// I have ever read. 4.This is the second novel ______ 5.There is nothing in the world _______ can frighten that me. that 6.Who is the man _______ is reading under the tree? 7.My hometown is not the same one _______ that it used to be twenty years ago.

以下情况只能用that 1 先行词既有指人又有指物 2 当先行词前有序数词或形容词最高级时,有the only,the very 等修饰时 3 先行词是all, much, anything, something, nothing 等不定代词 4 主句是以who/which开头的特殊疑问句时 5当先行词在定语从句中作表语时

Corrections: 1. The man just said hello to me is my chemistry teacher. who 2. Who is the comrade you just shook hands with him. ( where which) 4. This is the best dictionary which I have ever used. ( which that) 5. The house where we live in is not very large. ( where which/that) 6. The house that it was built in 1970 stayed up in the earthquake.

3. Egypt is a country where is famous for its pyramids.

关系代词引导的定语从句: Complete the following sentences: 1. Is this the school _____________ you visited (that/which) last year? the _____ one you visited last year? Is this school ______ are good at maths. 2. He is one of the students who _____ He is the only one of the students who _____ is good at maths. who I think was honest lied to me. 3. The girl _____ whom I think to be honest lied to me. The girl ______

. in ______ which we 4 Do you still remember the hotel ____ lived last summer holiday? (that/which) Do you still remember the park ___________we visited last summer holiday? 5 This is the room ____________ (which/that) my grandmother used to lived in. This is the room in ______ which ______ my grandmother used to lived .

of which 5This is the house _____ _____ the window was broken yesterday. whose window was broken This is the house _______ yesterday.

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