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新目标英语八年级下Unit 1What's the matter 第二课时

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Unit 1 What’s the matter?
Period Two

Pairwork:A: What’s the matter with him/her? B: He has a….
has a sore back

has a sore throat has a headache has a stomachache has a cold

has a fever

---What’s the matter with them?

---What’s the matter with him?

---He has a stomachache.
---What should he do? ---He should lie down and have a rest.

---What s the matter with he ---She ’ has a sore throat. ---What should she do?

---She should drink some hot tea with honey

A: What’s the matter with you? B: I have a toothache. A: Maybe you should see a dentist and get an X-ray.

B: That’s a good idea.

A: What’s the matter with them? B: They have a cough. A: Maybe they should see a doctor and get an X-ray.

B: That’s a good idea.

Pairwork: Make dialogues
Problems have a cold Give advice take some medicine

get tired
be stressed out

have a good rest

be tired/thirsty
have a toothache have a sore throat

see a dentist
drink hot/some water see a doctor go to bed early listen to music

have a headache

4a. Fill in the blanks and practice the conversation. ? 1. A: I hurt _______ myself when I played basketball yesterday. What ______ shouldI do? ? B: You _______ should see a doctor and get an X-ray.

? 2. A: What's ________ the matter?
? B: My sister and I _______ have sore throats. _______ Should we go to school? ? 3.A: _______ Does Mike _____ havea fever? ? B: No, hedoesn't _______. He ______ has a stomachache.

? A: He ________ should drink some hot tea.

4c. One student mimes a problem. the other students in your group guesss the problem and give advice.

Liu peng

fall down

go home and rest

A: What's the matter? Did you hurt yourself playing soccer? B: No, I didn't. C: Did you fall down? B: Yes, I did. D: You should go home and get some rest.

4b.Circle the best advice for these health problems.Then add your own advice. 1. Jenny cut herself. She should (get an X-ray/put some medicine on the cut) My advice:_________________ 2. kate has a toothache. She should ( see a dentist/get some sleep) My advice:_________________ 3. Mary and Sue have colds. They shouldn't (sleep/ exercise). My advice:_________________ 4. Bob has a sore back. He should (lie down and rest/take his temperature. My advice:_________________

Q1.What's the matter with Lisa? A: has a headache. B: can't move the neck. C.Boh of them. Q2.What should Lisa do? A: take the temperature. B: take some breaks away from the book. C.lie down and rest Q3.Why did Lisa's head and neck hurt?

? Mandy: Lisa, are you OK? ? Lisa: I have a headache and I can't move my neck. What should I do? Should I take my temperature? ? Mandy: No, it doesn't sound like you have a fever. What did you do on the weekend? ? Lisa: I played computer games all weekend. ? Mandy: That' probably why. You need to take beaks away from the computer. ? Lisa: Yeah, I think I sat in the same way for too long without moving. ? Mandy: i think you should lie

down and rest. If your head and neck still hurt tomorrow, then go to a doctor. ? Lisa: OK. Thanks, Mandy.

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