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1. That is __________ (interesting) story I have ever read.

2. I think Shanghai is one of ____________(modern) cities in the world.

3. Simon is crazy about football and is strong. I think he is even ________(strong) than Lin Tao.

4. Sally is _________(careful) than the other students in our class. She is ________(careful)

of all.

5. Tom has _________(many) erasers than I. But I have _________(few) pencils than he.

6. The red pen is ________(nice) than the green pen.

7. Jim works _____________(hard) than any other student in his class. He is ________(hard-working)

student in his class.

8. You are no _________(long) a child. You should do anything correctly.

9. Who came here _____________ (early) this morning, Mary or Jane?

10. Which subject is ________________(important) , Science, Art or Maths?

11. He is ____________(good) teacher in our school. We all like him very much.

12. I think English is ____________(easy) of all subjects.


1. My brother is strong. My father is strong, too.

My brother is _______________ my father.

2. Daniel is the most hard-working student in our class.

Daniel is _______________ boy in our class.

Daniel is _________________ boys in our class.

___________ is more hard-working than Daniel in our class.

3. Ann was born in 1993. Lucy was born in 1995.

Lucy is ____________ Ann. Ann is _________ Lucy.

4. I don’t think English is as important as Maths.

I think Maths is ______________ than English.

5. Peter is more careful than Simon.

Simon is ________ than Peter. Simon is not _________ careful ______ Simon.

6. Diving is more dangerous than swimming.

Swimming is _____________ diving.

7. Sandy and Jane are both slim.

Sandy is ______________ Jane.

8. Skiing is exciting. Diving is exciting as well.

Skiing is _______________ diving.

9. Lucy and I were born in the same year.

Lucy is __________________ I.

10. Cycling is not as interesting as camping.

Camping is ________________ cycling.

11. Diving is not as exciting as hiking.

Hiking is _________________ diving.

12. This book is not as expensive as that one.

That book is ______________ this one.

This book is _____________________ that one.

This book is ________________ that one.

13. She is the most beautiful girl in my class.

She is __________________ than any other girl in my class.

14. Lucy doesn’t speak English as well as Jim.

Jim _________ English __________Lucy.

15. I don’t think English is as important as Chinese.

I think English is _________________ Chinese.


1. 骑自行车和滑雪一样有趣。


2. 老虎是陆地上最危险的动物吗?


3. 他认为Jack 是我们班最细心的。


4. 数学没有英语有趣。


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