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Don’t eat in class!

Revision aims:
1.听、说、读、写四会掌握本单 元单词。 2学会用英文表达一些标志的含义 3.能运用目标语言制定并讨论规则. 4.语法: 情态动词用法 祈使句的肯定和否定形式

女士 规则 走廊 教室 饭厅 运动鞋 体育馆 孩子们

打架 洗 不得不

其他的 后来 大声地


1.wash (三单) washes 2. wash (过去时)washed 3. happy (adv.)happily 4. agree (过去时) agreed 5. tell (过去时) told 6. child (复数) children 7. have to (三单)has to 8. outside (反义词) inside

1.情态动词have to 的用法,其意思 是“必须、不得不”,它侧重于客 观上的必要和外界的权威。

1)we have to wear uniforms at school. 我们在学校必须穿校服. 2)He has to clean the classroom every morning. 他不得不每天早上打扫教室。

写出下列句子的否定句,一般疑 问句及其肯否定回答。 1.We have to clean the classroom. We don’t have to clean the classroom. Do you have to clean the classroom? Yes, we do. / No, we don’t.


2. She has to do her homework every day.
1) She doesn’t have to do her homework every day.

2) Does she have to do her homework every day? Yes, she does. /No, she doesn’t.

小结:情态动词have to/
has to变否定句及一般
疑问句时必须借助于助 动词do/does来完成.

2.agree 的用法:agree with sb agree to do sth 我同意你的意见。 I agree with you. 我父母同意和我谈谈。 My parents agreed to talk with me .

ashes 1.He often w______ his clothes by himself. utside 2.Don’t stand o______. Come in, please. 3.Do you a ____ gree to go with me? 4. We can’t go out on school n____ ights 5. Our school has too many r____ ules

1.She has ___(have) to go home every day. Don’t arrive 2.______(not arrive) late for school clean (clean) 3.Do you have to ____ classroom? 4.Can we ____ talk (talk) in class? 5.They are very friendly _______ (friend) to us. are 6.I guess they __(be) at home now.

上课迟到 arrive late for class listen to music 听音乐 at school 在学校 have to 不得不 穿运动鞋 wear sports shoes wear a uniform 穿制服 in class 课堂上 after class 课后 on school nights 在上学的晚上

上床睡觉 be in bed 10点以前 by 10 o’clock make/cook dinner 做晚饭 对……满意 be happy with agree to do 同意去做某事 talk about 谈论 so many rules 如此多的规则 wash one’s clothe 洗衣服 练习弹钢琴 practice playing t

Don’t arrive late for class. No talking. Wear a uniform at school. We can’t run in the hallways. We have to clean the classrooms.

1、上课不要迟到 Don’t arrive late for class. 2、不要在走廊上跑 Don’t run in the hallways. 3、不要在教室里吃东西 Don’t eat in the classrooms. 4、不要在教室或走廊听音乐 Don’t listen to music in the classrooms or the hallways.

5、在音乐室里听音乐. Listen

to music in the music room. 6.你们还必须做其他的什么事吗? What else do you have to do? 7. 我们不能在走廊里听音乐,但是 我们可以在外边听。

We can’t listen to music in the hallway,but we can listen to it outside.

8、你必须上体操课穿运动鞋。 You have to wear sports shoes for gym class.

9.我们得穿校服吗?是的,必须穿。 Do we have to wear a uniform Yes, we do.

10、每天练吉他。 Practice your guitar every day 11. 禁止谈论 No talking.

11. 放学后我不能与朋友相聚,因为我得 做家庭作业。 I can’t meet my friends after scho because I have to do my homewo

12.十点钟我必须得上床睡觉。 I have to be in bed by ten o’clock. 13.周末,我得打扫房间洗衣服。 On weekends, I have to clean my room and wash my clothes.

14.我还得去少年宫学钢琴。 I have to go to the children's palace to learn the piano. 15. 我告诉父母这些规则让我很不 开心。 I told my parents I’m not happ with so many rules. 16.他们同意这周末与我谈谈。 They agreed to talk about it with me this weekend.

我家里有很多规则制度。每天早 上我6点必须起床。放学后我不能 约见朋友,因为我必须要做作业。 在平日的晚上我不能看电视。到 10点钟我必须上床睡觉。周末, 我必须打扫房间,洗衣服,然后 我要帮妈妈做饭,稍后,我要去 少年宫学钢琴。我告诉父母,有 这么多规则令我很不愉快。他们 同意这个周末和我谈谈。

Composition 书面表达

Betty 是你的笔友。请你介绍一下 你们学校的一些规章制度。

Dear Betty, There are many rules in our school. First of all, we have to get to school on time and we can not be late for class. So we have to get up early in the morning. Secondly, we have to wear our school uniforms on school days and we can wear our own clothes at the weekends. We have to keep short hair and we can not keep our hair colorful.

Next, we can not eat food, drinks or candies in class, but we can eat them after class, and we can eat them in the dinning hall or at home. We can not run in the hallway or we may get hurt or we may hurt others. But we can run on the playground. We have to wear sports shoes for gym class.

There are more school rules we should obey. For example, we can not make a lot noise and we have to listen to the teachers carefully. We have to clean our classroom and keep our classroom clean and tidy every day, because it is good for our health. Even though we have too many rules at school, they are good for us and our school. As the saying is that nothing can be accomplished without norms or

Even though we have too many rules at school, they are good for us and our school. As the saying is that nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards.


1.The students from Japan a_______ rrived at the hotel yesterdaty. 2. Do you have anything e______ to say? lse a

sh your hands. 3. Go to w_____ They are very dirty. 4. Don’t stand o______.Come utside in, please.

1.It often sows ______(snow)in winter here. Look! It is snowing ______(snow) now! practice 2.I make my son_________ (practice) English every day. 3.Listen! The baby______(cry) is loudly. 4.Jack, would you crying like _______(have) dinner with me? to have

A curly hair. 1.She is short ____ A. with B. has C. and D. in C 2. Tom ___breakfast every day. A. have B. has to C. has to have D. has to has C go to school on 3.He ___ Sunday. A. doesn’t has to B. don’t have to C. doesn’t have to

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