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1.生日晚会 2.生日聚餐

3.生日礼物 4.生日卡

5.做生日蛋糕 6.在晚会上

7.用汉语 8.在我生日这天

9.在教师节 10.去听音乐会

11.在电视上 12.去看电影

13.观看足球赛 14.在周末 重点语法:

1.频度副词:always usually often sometimes never

在句子的位置:位于be 的后面或行为动词的前面




1.send: 2.get: 3.like

4.finish 5.watch; 6.do

7.try 8.carry 9.dry


1.He __________ (送)me something every month.

2.The boy ____________(从不)comes late for school.

3.I get many ______________(礼物)on my birthday.

4.These are birthday _______________(卡片).

5.They ______________(总是)help me with my English.

6.It is a ________________(秘密).

7.They are very ______________(开心).

8.We will have a ___________(晚会).

9.She often wears a _______________(连衣裙).

10.He has some __________________(丝绸).

11.They are good_________(歌曲).

12.I often watch a basketball ______________(比赛).

13.He always___________(穿着) a black coat.

14.I like singing songs and often go to the ____________(音乐会).

15.She likes red, so she always ________________(选择)red things.

16.What do they do at _________________(周末).

17.You can take _____________(运动)every day to stay healthy.

18.I have a pair of _________________(鞋).

19.He has two _______________(围巾).


1. Lucy doesn’t like music. She ___ listens to them.

A. never B. often C. not

2. Let’s send ___ a present.

A. he B. his C. him

3. Today is father’s birthday. Let’s ___ for his birthday


A. makes a cake B. make a cake C. making a cake

4. Let’s give a CD ___ him.

A. at B. for C. to

5. Now the train service(服务) is very good.

The trains are ___ on time.

A. always B. never C. sometimes

6. Please ___.

A. give me it B. give me to it C. give it to me

7. –Would you like to sing a song for me、

-Yes, ___.

A. I’d love B. I’d love to C. I like it

8. Daming ___ to music in his room.

A. always listen B. always listens C. listens always

9. Do you often ___ presents from friends on your birthday?

A. get B. gets C. send

10. They are very happy ___ the birthday party.

A. to B. at C. on

11. Two boxes of chocolates _____ better.

A. is B. am C. are

12. My shoes are broken(坏了). I want to buy a new ___.

A. one B. pair C. this

13. You can learn English ___ television.

A. in B. from C. on

14. Betty’s brother usually ___ a blue coat.

A. wears B. wear C. to wear

15. ___ he plays basketball after class.

A. sometime B. Some times C. sometimes

16. I usually spend about one hour ___ my homework every night.

A. doing B. do C. to do

17. Tony has got ___ magazines and CDs.

A. much B. lot of C. many

18. He wants to ___ a firm.

A. look B. watch C. look at

19. English is a little difficult. I must spend more time ___ it.

A. in B. at C. on

20. He takes off his clothes, and ___ his bathrobe(浴衣).

A. put on B. wear C. puts on

二、句型转换 就划线部分提问)

______________ does he often ______________?

2. I always do my homework with Tony. (改为完全否定句) I _____________ do my homework with Tony.

3. We often give him some pens. (改为同义句)

We often ___________ some pens _____________ him.


4. He makes me a cake. (改为同义句)

He _____________ a cake _____________ me.

5. We usually send him a card (改为同义句)

We usually __________ a card _______ him.

6. I always get up early. (改为同义句)

I ___________ get up ____________.

7. There are many apples on the tree. (改为同义句)

There are ____________ __________ apples on the tree.

8. He likes table tennis. (改为否定句)

He ________ _________ table tennis. (就划线部分提问) _________ __________ she ___________ the football?

10. He goes to a football match on Saturday. (将主语改为复数) ___________ __________ to a football match on Saturday. 就划线部分提问)

____________ ___________ he ________ doing、 就划线部分提问)

__________ __________ __________ of shoes do you have?

13. Daming’s uncle likes book. (改为一般疑问句)

__________ Daming’s uncle _________ books?



1. His grandma always _______her the same story.

A: tell B: telling C: to tell D: tells

2. What _______ you _______ every day?

A: do, do B: do, does C: does, do D: does, does

3. His favourite ________ are shirts.

A: foot B: colour C: clothes D: drink

4. They often stay at home and do homework _______ weekends. A: in B: at C: for D: by

5. She usually _______ trainers at school.

A: wear B: wears C: puts on D: are in

6. Tom’s mother likes ______ and she always ______ at home. A: reads, reading B: reading, reading

C: reading, reads D: reads, reads

7. Does she ______ football matches on Sundays ?

A: watch B: read C: see D: look

8. It ______ me half an hour to finish my homework.

A: spends B: costs C: pays D: takes

9.She always ____to bed at six in the morning.

A. go B. goes C. to go

10.. My father usually buys _______ for my mother.

A. concert tickets B.concert’s tickets C> concerts tickets

11..My brother is wearing _____ trainers.


A. a pair of B. a C. two pair of

12.. My jeans ______ new.

A. is B. are C. be

13. Tony ______ birthday parties.

A. likes always B. always likes C. always like

14. We usually send a birthday card ____ him.

A. for B. to C. \

15. He always makes a cake ___ his birthday .

A. to B. for C. at

二、句型转换: s’Day.(划线提问)

_______ do you usually _______ on Teachers’Day.?

2. They give him a book as a present.(改为同义句)

They ______ a book _____him as a present.

3. She always wears black clothes.(改为否定句)

She ______wears black clothes.

4. He often gets a letter from his friends. (改为同义句)

He often ______ _________ his friends.

5.We often watch them play basketball after school.(改为一般疑问句)







Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday. My mother ,father and I go to the shop to buy presents for her. My father chooses a CD because my sister likes music very much. My mother chooses a toy bear because my sister loves bears best. My sister is a good students and she loves studying , so I choose a book for her. I think she will be happy when she gets our presents.


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