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湖北省武汉为明实验学校九年级英语全册《Unit 8 I’ll help clean up the city parks》素材 人教新目标版

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《Unit 8 I’ll help clean up the city parks》素材

1. offer help 提供帮助

2. offer one's seat to the old 为老人让座

3. clean up the city parks 打扫城市公园 4. visit sick children in hospital 看望生病住院的儿童

5. I'd like to help homeless children. 我想帮助无家可归的人。 6. give out food at the food bank 在救济食品发放中心分发食物

7. cheer up sick kids 使生病的孩子高兴起来

8. help stop hunger 伸出援手消除饥饿

9. help kids with their homework 帮助孩子写作业

10. volunteer in an after-school study program 在课外学习班做义工

11. We need to come up with a plan. 我们需要想出一个计划。

12. put off making a plan 推迟制定一个计划

13. I'll write down all our ideas. 我要把所有的想法写下来。

14. put up signs 张贴标语

15. hand out advertisements 散发宣传单

16. call up ten people 给十个人打电话

17. I'm hungry. Let's have lunch first. 我饿了,咱们先吃午饭吧。

18. make someone happier 使某人开心

19. think up a good idea 想出一个好办法

20. set up a food bank 创建一个食品库

20. establish a food bank 创建一个食品库

21. Being a volunteer is great. 做个志愿者真棒!

22. The earth is home to mankind. 地球是人类的家园。

23. volunteer one's time to help others 自愿付出时间去帮助他人

24. a major commitment 重大的奉献

25. She puts this love to good use. 她使她的爱得到很好的利用。

26. at the local elementary school 在当地小学

27. I plan to be a veterinarian when I leave school. 我计划毕业后当兽医。

28. He spends every Saturday morning working in an animal hospital.

28. 他每周六上午都在一家兽医院工作。 29. He wants to be a professional singer. 他想成为一个专业歌手。

30. Not only do I feel good about helping other people, but I get to spend time doing what I love to do.

30. 帮助别人,不但我自己快乐,而且我开始花时间做我喜欢做的事了。

31. set up a student volunteer project 开展一个学生志愿者项目

32. coach a soccer team for little kids 训练少年足球队

33. talk with a generous young man 跟一个慷慨的年轻人谈话

34. fix up old bikes 修理旧自行车 35. give them away to kids 把它们捐给孩子

36. I take after my father. 我像我父亲。 37. Your parents must be proud of you. 你父母肯定会为你自豪的。

38. I've run out of money. 我把钱花完了。


39. think up some way of getting money 想出个搞到钱的方法

39. come up with some way of getting money 想出个搞到钱的方法

40. I'm similar to her. 我与她相似。

41. The bike sells well. 这种自行车很畅销。

42. Everyone was trying to cheer up Jimmy. 大家都在设法使吉米高兴起来。

43. a radio interviewer 一个电台记者

44. He put up some signs asking for old bikes. 他张贴了一些需求旧自行车的广告。

48. He has sixteen bikes to fix up. 他有16辆自行车要修理。

49. He did a radio interview. 他接受了电台采访。

50. give out test papers 分发试卷

51. make a pen pal website 建个笔友网站

52. hang out at the sports club 在运动俱乐部闲逛

53. Thank you for sending money to us. 感谢你为我们寄钱。

54. An organization was set up to help disabled people.建立了一个组织帮助残疾人。

55. You make it possible for me to have the dog. 你使我拥有这只狗成为可能。

56. The dog filled my life with pleasure. 这只狗使我的生活充满了乐趣。

57. I cannot imagine being blind and deaf. 我无法想象成为盲人和聋子。

58. Facing the challenges, I still hold on to my dream. 面对挑战,我依然坚持梦想。

59. Normal things like answering the telephone are difficult for me.

像接电话这样的平常的事情对我来说也很难。 60. I can't carry things well. 我不能自如地拿东西。

61. She would like to help me out. 她愿意帮我解脱困境。

62. I wonder if it will be possible for me to get a specially trained dog. 我不知道是否有可能得到一只经过特殊训练的狗。

63. after six months of training 经过六个月的训练之后

64. I feel very lucky to have the dog because of your kind donation.


65. The dog has been trained to understand different instructions.


66. It is important that this organization does not run out of money.


67. Your donation is greatly appreciated. 非常感谢你的捐赠。

68. The money is well used to help disabled people.

这钱会很好地用在帮助残疾人身上。 69. pick up the package at the post office 在邮局取包裹

70. cut down the trees 砍伐树木

71. put away the things 把东西收拾好


72. take out the rubbish 把垃圾捎出去

73. clean up the mess 清理杂物

74. Can I help you have a check? 我可以帮你检查一下吗?

75. I'll help you to start the car. 我来帮你发动汽车。

76. You'd better get someone to fix your car as soon as possible, or it may break down sometimes. 你最好尽快让人修理一下你的车,要不然它会出毛病的。

77. Now we decide to start the School Volunteer Project.

现在我们决定成立学校志愿者组织。 78. We are going to take action to offer help. 我们打算采取行动提供帮助。

79. I'm good at repairing bikes. 我擅长修自行车。

80. It doesn't matter what you can do. 你会做什么不重要。 81. The point is that you offer your help to other people.


82. Do you need my help with your luggage? 你需要我帮你拿行李吗?

83. I hope you can enjoy the happiness of helping other people.


84. We have run out of flour. 我们的面粉吃完了。

85. She has got a part-time job as a singer in the pub.


86. I'm feeling a bit homesick. 我有点想家。

87. ----Thanks for your help. ---多谢你的帮助

----It's my pleasure to help you.。 ----很高兴帮助你。

88. I'll be back right away. 我马上就回来。

89. I appreciate being a member of your club. 我非常感谢成为你们俱乐部的一员。 90. Many students help their schools make less pollution.


91. People work together making our environment clean.我们团结协作使环境清洁。

92. I want to share some medical tips with you. 我想与你们分享几条医疗建议。 93. Many people treat their cold by having a bowl of hot home-made chicken soup. 很多人喝自家做的热鸡汤来治疗感冒。

94. It's his turn to give his performance. 轮到他进行表演了。

95. He left a message saying that he was back home. 他留口信说他要回家。

96. The weather forecast said it was going to be fine in the coming week. 天气预报说下一周天气晴朗。

97. Our journey started on an early morning. 我们的旅行在一天清晨开始了。

98. We have longed for it for some time. 我们一直盼了一段时间了。

99. We enjoyed the beautiful views all the way. 我们一路上欣赏着美丽的风景。 100. A small river flowed rapidly. 一条小河水流湍急。

101. Liu Qing reminded us to ride at a slow pace to save energy.


102. With a fire flaming alongside, we had a sound sleep.


103. You'd better watch out when crossing the street. 过马路时你最好当心。 104. Spending too much time playing computer games is harmful to your eyes. 3


105. Jason has made great progress by working hard.


106. Daisy didn't play any instruments but liked collecting postcards.

Daisy 不会演奏乐器但是喜欢收藏明信片。

107. Dreams don't take up any space. 梦不会占任何空间

108. Dreams don't require any special skills. 梦不需要任何特别的技能。 109. Joanna thought for a moment. Joanna 考虑了一会儿。

110. No one wants to look silly. 谁也不想看起来傻乎乎的。

111. Here are five tips to help you make it through the first days at a new job. 这里有五条建议,可以帮助你顺利度过新工作的前几天。

112. She could only depend on her husband. 她只能依靠她丈夫。

113. He did all he could to help her. 他尽他所能帮助她。

114. It was only a matter of time. 这只是个时间问题。

115. It was a matter of life and death. 这是个生死攸关的问题。

116. One Friday morning, Susan took the bus to work as usual.


117. at the end of a writing class 在写作课结束的时候

118. I was a little surprised when he volunteered to read.


119. make fun of sb 取笑某人

120. at such a young age 在这么小的年龄

121. I knew some kids liked teasing others. 我知道有些孩子喜欢戏弄别人。 122. My eyes got wet.(I was moved to tears.) 我热泪盈眶。

123. Today secondhand smoke is one of the major causes of indoor air pollution. 当今二手烟是室内空气污染的主要原因之一。

124. In passive smoking, a person is forced to breathe the smoke from the burning tip of a cigarette. 在被动吸烟时,一个人被迫吸入燃烧的烟头冒出的烟。

125. Children are greatly affected by secondhand smoke. 二手烟对儿童影响很大。 126. in the development stage 在发育阶段

127. do harm to the proper development 对正常的发育有害

128. Smoking can lead to a variety of harmful effects such as coughs, headaches and eye problems. 抽烟会导致各种各样的有害影响,如咳嗽、头疼和眼病。

129. increase the danger/risk of smoking-related disease


130. have a reading activity 有一个读书活动

131. at 9 next Saturday morning 在下周六上午9点

132. in the school meeting hall 在学校会议室

133. one of your favorite books 一本自己最喜爱的书

134. take / bring sth to school 把某物带到学校

135. introduce the book in brief (in an easy way; simply;in a few words) 简单介绍这本书

136. exchange their ideas about reading 交流读书的感受

share their feelings about reading


137.put off the activity 活动改期

138. make preparations for it; get ready for it; prepare for it 做好准备


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