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第Ⅰ卷 (选择题 共65分)



1. A. All right. B. You’re welcome. C. The same to you.

2. A. No, you eat it. B. I don’t like it. C. Yes, please.

3. A. It was great! B. It took two hours. C. It started in Beijing.

4. A. Skirts. B. Bananas C. Pandas.

5. A. On Saturday B. In five days. C. For one month.


6. What are they talking about?

A. A computer. B. Life in the past. C. Chess games.

7. What did Lucy do on Sunday?

A.She played basketball.

B. She went to Beihai Park.

C. She stayed at home.

8. Where can they listen to music?

A. In the music room. B. In the classroom. C. In the hallway.

9. How many people went to Paris in Leo’s family?

A. One. B. Two. C. Three.

10. When is the party?

A. This Monday. B. This Saturday. C. Next Sunday.


11. How long is the vacation?

A. Three days. B. Five days. C. A week.

12. What was the weather in Beijing like?

A. Sunny and cool. B. Sunny and cold. C. Rainy and cool.

13. Which place didn’t Maria visit?

A. The Great Wall. B. The museum. C. The Summer Palace.

14. What did Maria think of the street in Beijing?

A. Clean. B. Wide. C. Busy.

15. What did Maria think of the people in Beijing?

A. Friendly. B. Helpful. C. Busy.


16. Jim went to his grandfather’s home on ______.

A. Friday B. Saturday C. Sunday

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17. After_______, Jim went out.

A. breakfast B. lunch C. supper

18. ____ came to help Jim.

A. A man B. No one C. His grandfather

19. The river was very______.

A. dirty B. deep C. wide

20. Jim got out of the river ____ later.

A. half an hour B. forty minutes C. an hour



21. -- Can you play_______ football?

-- No, but I can play _______ piano well.

A. the; / B. /; the C. /; / D. the;the

22. – You look rather tired. ______ stopping to have a rest? – All right.

A. Why not B. How about C. Why not to D. Why don’t

23. – Where would you like to go on vacation, Lily?

– It’s hot here. I’d like to go _______.

A. anywhere cool B. cool somewhere

C. somewhere cool D. cool anywhere

24. It’s polite _____ to your teacher when you meet him at school.

A. say hello B. tell hello

C. to say hello D. to tell hello

25.--_____ will you be back?

-- In a week.

A. How often B. How long C. How far D. How soon

26. ____ you ____ to the park last week?

A. Were; go B. Did; go C. Were; went D. Did; went

27. The little boy walked in the crowed city and soon he was_______.

A. lost B. lose C. losing D. to lose

28. China is a great country ____ a long history.

A. has B. with C. for D. have

29. There____ students in our school in 2012.

A. were two thousands B. are two thousand

C. are two thousand of D. were two thousand

30. I ___ this book yesterday. You can take it away.

A. finish reading B. finished read

C. will finish read D. finished reading

31. – Could you tell me your plan?

– Yes, I’m going to do some _____ in the afternoon.

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A. shop B. shops C. shopping D. shoping

32. It takes me an hour ____ to school.

A. walking B. to walk C. walk D. walked

33. We met two ____ and four ______ in the street yesterday.

A. Germen; Englishmen B. Germen; Englishman

C. German; Englishmen D. Germans; Englishmen

34. Our teachers are very friendly ____ .

A. to us B. to we C. for us D. for we

35. —When and where were you born?

— I was born___ October 1st, 1998______ Suzhou.

A.on; on B. in; in C. on; in D. in; on




36. The train from Beijing to Shenyang leaves at_____

A. 5:05 B. 6:35 C.8:35 D. 17:50

37.We have to spend ____ on the train if we go to Shenyang from Beijing.

A. 17 hours and 50 minutes B. 24 hours and 25 minutes

C. 6 hours and 35minutes D. 9 hours and 15minutes

38. If you want to go to Chengdu from Taiyuan, you can take the _____ train.

A. No.11 B. No.185 C. No.186 D. No.271

39. The No. 186 train gets to Taiyuan at______.

A. 10:50 am B. 10:50 pm C.5:05 am D. 5:05 pm

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40. It takes ___ from Taiyuan to Beijing by train.

A. About two hours B. half an hour C. about an hour D. more than two hours


Hello,my friend. I'm Jack. Today I'd like to tell you a story about the language. People live together and they speak the same language. They are kind to each other .

People want to build a tower. One of them says, ―Let's build it high and it can reach the heaven (天堂)!‖. And the name is the Tower of Babel. But God doesn't like it. ―I will stop (阻止) them!‖ God says.

People can work together because they can speak the same language. So God makes people speak different language. This is a big problem. Someone asks for water,people give him clothes. They can't understand each other. So people are not friendly. They don't like building the tower.

People begin to speak different languages and live in different places. They never finish building the Tower of Babel.

41. In the story,people in the world speak ______ language(s) at first.

A. one B. two C. three D. many different

42. People want to build the tower high, then ______.

A. they can live in it B. it can reach the heaven

C. it can take many things D. they can see the world on it

43. When God knows people want to build a tower,he is ________.

A. happy B. not happy C. hungry D. not hungry

44. People can work together because ________.

A. they know each other B. they are kind to each other

C. they speak the same language D. they often play together

45. Now people in the world ________.

A. speak the same language but live in different places

B. speak different languages but live in the same place

C. speak the same language and live in the same place

D. speak different languages and live in different places



Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl called Cinderella. Her mother died and Cinderella's father had a new wife, who only loved her two ugly daughters. A handsome prince wanted to find a wife and invited all the girls to a dance. The ugly sisters had beautiful clothes but Cinderella stayed at home in the kitchen. A fairy(仙女)helped Cinderella and used magic to give her pretty clothes and a carriage(四轮马车) to go to the dance, but told her to leave at midnight because the magic would end by then. The

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prince liked Cinderella a lot and danced with her. Then the clock started ringing 12 p.m. and Cinderella ran out of the hall, leaving one glass shoe behind.

The prince wanted the lovely girl to be his wife. He walked around town with the shoe trying to find her. The ugly sisters wanted to marry the prince and tried to put the shoe on, but their feet were like elephants'. Then the prince asked Cinderella to try. The mother and ugly sisters laughed, but they stopped when the shoe went on Cinderella's foot. The prince made Cinderella his wife, and they lived happily ever after.

46. Cinderella's mother cannot help her because she ____.

A . was poor B was dead C. hates Cinderella D. was rich

47. Cinderella stayed at home because ____.

A. she hated dances B. her sisters were ugly

C. she had no nice clothes D. She didn’t like the prince

48. Her clothes were ____.

A. magic B.very old

C a present from her sisters D. a present from her stepmother(继母)

49. At midnight Cinderella ____.

A. turned into an ugly girl B. hurried home

C. noticed the prince D. She stayed in the hall

50. The ugly sisters had ____.

A. animal feet B. smelly feet C. big feet D. small feet

第Ⅱ卷 (非选择题 共55分)



Jim, with his father, goes to see Grandfather. In the train Jim often puts his head out of the window. His father says, “Jim! Don’t put your head out of the window!” But Jim goes on putting his head out of the window.

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Here his father takes Jim’s cap quietly(悄悄地), hides(藏) it behind his back and says, “You see your cap is gone.” Jim is afraid.

His father says, “Well, whistle(吹口哨) once. Maybe your caps will come back.” Jim whistles. His father puts quickly the cap on Jim’s head.

Oh! It is wonderful! Jim laughs. He quickly takes his father’s cap and throws(扔) it out of the window. “Now it is your turn to whistle, Dad!” He says happily.

1. How does Jim go to see his Grandfather with his father? ________

2.What does Jim often do in the train? ________________

3.Where does Jim's father hide Jim's cap?________________

4. Does Jim want to have his cap back?_______________

5.Will Jim's father's cap come back when his father whistle? __________



his friends. My sister Gina I studied for a math test. In the afternoon I went to the my family and I had dinner at home. Then we went to the movies.

On Sunday morning,my family stayed at home. My sister and I cleaned our room,and my brother computer games. In the afternoon my grandparents were to see them. They stayed at our house for dinner. After dinner, we

on Sunday night. I went to bed early.


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A: Hello, Mike. ?

B: Hello. I spent my holiday in Beijing.

A: Really?

B: My parents were with me.

A: ?

B: By train.

A: ?

B: About eight hours.

A: What place did you visit in Beijing?

B: We visited the Palace Museum and the Great Wall. ?

B: Yes, we did. I am looking forward to going there again.





假如你是张林,请以My past life为题介绍你过去的生活。



My past life



1-5:CCACC 6-10:BBACB 11-15:BACAA


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21-25:BBCCD 26-30:BABDD 31-35:CBDAC

22.how about doing sth. ; why not do sth.; why don’t you do sth.

23. 肯定句中用somewhere, 形容词修饰不定代词或者不定副词放在所修饰词之后。

24. it’s +adj. (for sb.) to do sth.

25.“in +一段时间”,表示“一段时间之后”,常用于将来时,用how soon 提问。

26. 过去式。

27. be lost 迷路了

29. 2012过去时间,thousand前有具体数字时,不变复数。

30. finish doing sth.

32.It takes sb. some time to do sth.


34. be friendly to sb. (宾格)

35. be born on +具体某一天; be born in +地点


36-40:BDBCA 41-45:ABBCD 46-50:BCABC


1. By train.

2. He often puts his head out of the window.

3. Behind his back.

4. Yes.

5. No.


6. shopping 7. with 8. stayed 9. beach 10. evening 11. played

12. visited 13. happy 14. watched 15. tired

注意是上周末,所以是用过去式。tired,疲倦的,tiring (工作等)令人疲倦的。


16-20 BFAED




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My past life

I am Zhang Lin. I was born on 12th May, 2000 in a small village in Liaocheng. My first school was Beishun Primary School. I was very good in class. I was always ready to help others. My first teacher was Miss Zhang. She was strict but very nice. I liked her very much. My first friend was Li Ming. He helped me a lot with my math. My favorite sport was swimming. I was good at swimming.




七、Happy New Year to you, Mary.

八、Would you like some cakes?

九、How was your journey?

十、What are your favorite animals?

十一、How long did you stay in hospital?


十二、W: What was the life like in the past?

M: We didn’t have a car or a computer. We just played chess games.

十三、M: Did Lucy play basketball on Sunday?

W: Oh, no. She went to Beihai Park with her parents.

十四、W: Can we listen to music in the school?

M: Well, we can listen to music in the music room. But we can’t do that in the classroom or hallway.

十五、M: Where did Leo go on vacation?

W: He went to Paris.

M: Whom did he go there with?

W: He went there with his parents.

十六、W: I want to have a party this Saturday evening. Can you come?

M: Sure. It’s very kind of you.


M: Hi, Maria! Where did you go for the five-day vacation?

W: I went to Beijing for vacation.

M: How was the weather there?

W: The weather there was very good. It was sunny and cool.

M: Did you go to the Tian’anmen Square?

W: Of course.

M: What about the Great Wall?

W: I went there, too. And I also went to the museum. The museum was interesting. I also

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went to see some movies at night.

M: What did you think of Beijing?

W: I liked it a lot. The street was very clean and the people there were friendly.


It was Sunday yesterday. Jim had no lessons. He went to his grandfather’s home. After breakfast he went out. He walked and walked. Then he came to a river. Suddenly, he fell into the river. ― Help ! Help!‖ he cried in the water. But no one came over. He tried his best to get out of the river himself. But the river was very deep. He got out of the river half an hour later.

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