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湖北省武汉为明实验学校九年级英语全册《Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to 》素材 人教新目标版

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《Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to 》素材

1. dance to the music 随着音乐跳舞

2. have great lyrics 歌词优美

3. sing along with the music 随着音乐唱歌

4. play different kinds of music 演奏各种不同的音乐

5. You’re kidding. 你在开玩笑吧。

6. You must be joking. 你可定在开玩笑。

7. write one’s own music 创作自己的音乐

8. take the CD to a party 带着CD去参加派对

9. sing the words clearly 清晰地唱出歌词

10. a CD called/named Heart Strings 一张名为心弦的CD

11. loud and energetic music 高声而有活力的音乐

12. quiet and gentle songs 平静而柔和的歌曲

13. I like music that I can dance to. 我喜欢可以随之跳舞的音乐。

14. have lots of cool stuff 有很多好东西

15. unusual clothes 不寻常的衣服

16. explain things well 解释事情很清楚

17. work at a movie theatre 在电影院上班

18. a movie poster 电影海报

19. scary monster 吓人的怪物

20. the latest movie/news 最新电影/消息

21. He has made some great movies over these years. 几年来他拍了几部大片。

22. Unfortunately, this is his worst movie. 不幸的是,这是他最糟糕的电影。

23. look for entertainment 寻求娱乐

24. It does have a few good features, though. 不过,它确实有些好的方面。

25. Be sure to see this exhibition. 务必要参观这次展览。

26. one of the best-known photographers 最著名的摄影师之一

27. on display 在展出

28. a world-class photographer 世界一流的摄影师

29. Whatever you do, don’t miss this exhibition. 无论你怎么样,不要错过这次展览。

30. musical group 音乐组合

31. See sth come and go 看到....的兴衰

32. as the name suggests 正如名字所示

33. look for a quiet place to go on vacation 找个安静的地方去度假

34. I can’t stand hamburgers. 我吃不惯汉堡包。

35. make me sick 使我恶心

36. have a great time 玩得非常开心

37. Be sure to be honest. 务必要诚实。

38. It’s a great place to visit. 这是一个参观的好地方。

39. I’m lucky to be here. 我很幸运到这里。

40. a six-month English course 一门六个月的英语课程

41. I prefer traditional music. 我更喜欢传统音乐。



Keeping healthy is important to us. 保持健康对我们很重要。

43. A group of young people got together to discuss this question.一群年轻人聚在


44. stay healthy 保持健康

45. to be honest 说实话

46. Tasty food is usually bad for you. 美味食品通常对你有害。

47. I prefer not to eat too much food that is fried. 我不太喜欢吃太多的油炸食品。

48. I love to eat food that is healthy. 我喜欢吃健康的食品。

49. I want to take care of my health, so I eat mainly fruit and vegetables.我想


50. I stay away from sugar. 我不吃糖了。

51. We are in agreement that fruit and vegetables are good for health.我们一致同


52. Actually, some foods might cause cancer. 实际上,有些食品可能致癌。

53. Eating burnt food can increase the risk of cancer. 吃烧烤的食物会增加致癌的


54. I love to eat meat that is well cooked. 我喜欢吃熟透的肉。

55. If I were you, I’d eat nuts instead. 如果我是你的话,我就吃坚果而不吃别的。

56. eat a balanced diet 均衡饮食

57. The main thing is to have a good balance. 主要是要保持均衡。

58. a strict vegetarian 一位严格的素食主义者

59. This person is shocked by what others eat. 这个人对其他人吃的东西感到震惊。

60. Whatever I want to do I have to ask for my parents’ agreement. 无论我想做什


61. The smile on his face suggests that he has passed the driving test. 他脸上


62. Those who have a lot of energy are more welcome. 那些精力充沛的人更受欢迎。

63. I’m not sure what to expect because I haven’t been there. 我不知道会预料到


64. take a great interest in eating 对吃很感兴趣

65. She looked quite serious. 她看起来很严肃。

66. reach out; reach one’s hands out 伸出手

67. I noticed that she stopped talking, got up quietly and walked over to me. 我


68. look me directly in the eye 目光直视着我

69. I have seen how an animal can heal a person while words have no effect. 我曾


70. This visit made First Lady more popular in Africa. 这次访问使第一夫人在非洲


71. improve relations between the US and Africa 改善美非之间的关系 2

72. encourage sb to take part in 鼓励某人参加

73. stop the spread of AIDs in Africa 阻止艾滋病在非洲的蔓延

74. make stops in a city with a long history 在一个有悠久历史的城市停留

75. I don’t really care for it. 我确实不喜欢这个。

76. work full-time 全职工作

77. do some ironing 烫烫衣服

78. make a living 谋生

79. teach sb in detail 详细地教某人

80. I did everything exactly right. 我做得一切事都非常正确。

81. the right way to make the bed 铺床的正确方法

82. silently thank sb 默默地感谢某人

83. have to earn some money 不得不挣些钱

84. have a positive attitude towards life 对生活持积极的态度

85. I was unwilling (delighted) to learn. 我不情愿(很高兴)学习。

86. She is grateful to the lady. 她对这位女士很感激。

87. own a large store 拥有一个大商店

88. throw away the rest 把其余的扔掉

89. get together with friends 与朋友聚会

90. Aa state of mind 心态

91. Eenjoy life’s small pleasure 享受生活的小乐趣

92. He was too busy making money. 他忙于赚钱。

93. feel relaxed with life 生活感到很放松

94. balance my work and life 平衡我的工作和生活

95. move to America 迁到美国

96. bring customs and culture 带来风俗习惯和文化

97. respect elders 尊敬老人

98. unluckily; unfortunately 不幸的是

99. lead to embarrassment 导致尴尬

100. have a part-time job as a waiter 兼职做侍者

101. serve food to sb 给某人上菜

102. make sure 确保

103. Her face showed great displeasure. 她满脸不高兴。

104. take sb aside 把某人拉到一边

105. give sb a long lecture 给某人好好讲了一通

106. Americans dislike the discription “old”. 美国人讨厌说老。

107. apologize to sb 给某人道歉

108. The problem was caused by cultural difference. 这个问题是由文化差异造成的。 109. The couple were no longer angry. 这对夫妇不再生气了。

110. Chinese are proud of being old. 中国人以老为荣。

111. live to be eighty 活到80岁

112. reach such an age 到了这个年龄

113. have knowledge and rich experience 有知识和丰富的经验

114. learn from their rich experience 学习他们丰富的经验

115. Americans think growing old is a problem. 美国人认为变老是个问题。 3

116. The body is not working well. 身体不灵活了。

117. People try to keep away from growing old by doing exercises. 人们通过锻炼防


118. put on makeup 抹化妆品

119. hope to look young 希望看起来年轻

120. fail to stay young 不能保持年轻

121. show my feelings through words 通过语言表达我的感受

122. come from a rich and famous family 来自豪门望族

123. go to a good university 上一所好大学

124. The problem is that?.. 问题是

125. can hardly find time to be with her 几乎找不到时间陪她

126. spend a lot of time on her QQ 在QQ上花费大量时间

127. keep in touch with sb quite often 频繁地与某人保持联系

128. be full of stories and jokes 非常善于说笑

129. have a common interest in modern dance 对现代舞蹈有共同的爱好

130. talk happily on QQ 在QQ上聊得很开心

131. send a picture of herself 发送了一张她本人照片

132. a good-looking young man with a smile 一个面带微笑的帅小伙

133. As time went on 随着时间的流逝

134. go on a business trip to 到某地去出差

135. give sb a surprise 给某人一个惊喜

136. knock on the door 敲门


138. a card stamped “Address unknown” 一张印着“地址不详”

139. have no idea how to find sb 不知道怎样找到他

140. over the years 多年来

141. share my happiness and sadness 分享我的乐与愁

142. read a newspaper 看报纸

143. look very much like sb 看起来非常像某人

144. hear a familiar voice on the phone 听到电话上一个非常熟悉的声音145. catch on each other’s lives 理解双方的生活

146. get married 结婚

147. suffer from pains in his stomach 患胃疼

148. examine the patient carefully 仔细给患者检查

149. There is nothing wrong with you. 你没有啥毛病。

150. give sb the same advice 给某人同样的建议

151. pay one’s bills 付账

152. take my advice 接受我的建议

153. feel quite all right 感觉好多了

154. sit doing letters 坐着处理信件

155. stand by 站在一边


156. at the age of 6 在6岁时

157. keep sth for one’s own 把?.据为己有

158. show one’s love in action 用行动表达爱

159. have heart-to-heart talks with sb 与某人谈心

160. A gulf opened between us. 我们之间出现了巨大的差距。

161. She was cold on the surface but kind in her heart to me. 她表面上冷漠但心里


162. on the table= in one’s face= in open 公开地;摆在桌面上

163. As years passed, I had my own family. 过了几年我有了自己的家。

164. write to sb in careful words 用谨慎的话给某人写信

165. My hope turned to disappointment. 我的希望变成失望。

166. It seemed that nothing happened. 似乎什么也没有发生。

167. I can’t stop trying to miss her. 我不能停止对她的思念。 168. Writing was my chosen work. 写作成了我选择的工作。

169. a one-page letter refolded many times 一张叠过多次的信

170. Act speaks louder than words. 事实胜于雄辩。

171. keep the balance of nature 保持生态平衡

172. ask for help 请求帮助

173. think of ways to kill the hawks 想办法杀死老鹰

174. have a new worry 有了新的烦恼

175. eat up all the grains 吃光了所有的粮食

176. move into a new place 迁到一个新地方

177. destroy many wild plants 破坏了很多野生植物

178. eat a certain kind of wild roses 吃某种野生玫瑰

179. starve to death 饿死

180. leave things as they are 顺其自然

181. kill lions to protect the deer 杀狮子保护鹿

182. another lesson from nature 大自然的另一个教训

183. do badly in math 数学很差

184. special learning centre 特别的学习中心

185. come home with a serious look on his face 一脸严肃地回到家

186. go straight to his room to study 直接去房间学习

187. Books were spread out all over the room. 房间里到处摆满了书。

188. be hard at work 学习非常努力

189. hit the books as hard as before 比以前更加用功学习

190. finish eating dinner 吃完晚饭

191. go to his room without a word 二话不说去了房间

192. in notime 立刻;马上

193. go on for some time 持续了一段时间

194. day after day 日复一日

195. bring home his report card 带回他的成绩单

196. get an A in maths 数学得了优秀

197. She could no longer hold her curiosity. 她再也控制不住自己的好奇心。 198. shake one’s head 摇头


199. on the first day of school 在上学的第一天

200. be afraid of being punished 害怕受处罚

201. Mistaking might do good sometimes. 误会有时有好处。

202. work as a cashier 做出纳

203. clean up the tables 清理桌子

204. I should check the wallet to find who was the owner. 我应该检查一下钱包看失


205. I imagine that if there was something valuable. 我想象是否有啥值钱的东西。 206. come up to the counter 来到柜台前

207. describe the lost wallet exactly 准确地描述了丢失的钱包情况 208. express one’s thanks 表示感谢

209. hand it to sb 递给某人

210. $ 800 in cash 800美元现金

211. take out a twenty-dollar bill 掏出一张20美元钞票

212. I was amazed at this. 看到这我感到非常惊喜。

213. a reward for my honesty 对我诚实的酬谢

214. thinking about it later 后来一想

215. come into my mind 进入我脑海

216. give sb a reward 给某人回报

217. accept the reward 接受回报

218. What the boy said surprised me greatly. 这个男孩的话是我非常惊奇。 219. look at me in surprise 惊奇地看着我

220. take a ride in the car 开车去兜风

221. with his eyes shining 眼睛闪闪发亮

222. point to the car 指着这辆车

223. Would you mind driving in front of my house? 你介意开到我家门前吗? 224. an unforgettable holiday trip 一次难忘的假期履行

225. have a deep love for sb 对某人深深地爱

226. lighten the burden of studies 减轻学习负担


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