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II. Choose the best answer. (共20分)

26. Which of the following words matches the sound /l a I f/?

A. laugh B. leaf C. life D. loaf

27. Which of the following underlined parts is different in pronunciation from the others? A. The gate is too narrow for a car to get through.


B. The facts allow no other explanation. C. A row of children are standing in front of the chairs. D. You can borrow money from the bank to buy your new house.

28. Shanghai Disneyland will cover _______________ area of 1.5 square kilometres.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

29. It was reported that a powerful typhoon hit the Phillippines _______________ November,


A. in B. at C. on D. of

30. I knocked on the door several times but _______________ answered, so I left.

A. somebody B. nobody C. anybody D. everybody

31. The professor has given us _______________ advice on how to improve our memory.

A. much B. many C. a lot D. several

32. The football player felf extremely _______________ after they won the game.

A. luck B. lucky C. luckily D. unlucky

33. There are a lot of trees on _______________ sides of Century Avenue in Pudong.

A. either B. all C. both D. neither

34. Nowadays, children under 1.4 meters _______________ be free to take buses in some cities.

A. need B. must C. shall D. can

35. Generally speaking, a computer works _______________ a human brain.

A. more accurately than

C. as accurate as B. more accurate than D. so accurately as

36. _______________ the young girl _______________ her parents take regular exercise in

order to keep fit.

A. Not ... but


37. You shouldn’t keep a pet _______________ you have enough time to care for it.

A. if B. unless C. though D. when B. Either ... or C. Neither ... nor D. Not only ... but

38. –_______________ does a CRH train run? –It runs up to more than 300 km an hour.

A. How long B. How far C. How fast D. How soon

39. Mr. White always expected his son _______________ an active part in the classes.

A. taking B. take C. takes D. to take

40. The suspect admitted _______________ the chemical in the lab before he killed his


A. to steal B. stealing C. stole D. steal

41. The citizens in Shanghai _______________ the highest building, Shanghai Tower, in the 3

near future.

A. is going to see B. will see C. sees D. see

42. In recent years, Chinese traditional culture _______________ more and more fashionable.

A. has become B. became C. have become D. had become

43. _______________ useful message he got from his mobile phone this morning!

A. What B. How C. What a D. What an

44. –May I have a look at your new iPad mini? –_______________

A. Sure, here you are.

C. Hold on, please. B. You are welcome. D. I agree with you.

45. –Would you like me to help you with the suitcase? –_______________

A. Yes, I’d love to.

C. Sorry, you can’t.

III. Complete the following passage with the words or phrases in the box. Each word of

phrase can only be used once. (共8分)

B. That’s very kind of you. D. It’s a pleasure. No matter whether you have a sweet tooth or not, you can’t miss tasting Swiss chocolate. In Switzerland, you can taste as much chocolate as you like, also you may visit many chocolate museums. You will ________46_______ about the history of chocolate, explore the traditions of Swiss chocolate making, and even watch the chocolate production process.

If you have a lot of money, taking a chocolate train can be a good _______47________. It will be a _______48________ journey to sit on a first-class seat, taste yummy chocolate, and visit the chocolate factory.

You show no _______49________ in chocolate museums and chocolate trains? Well, a chocolate spa will meet your needs. You can give your whole body a chocolate treat! How sweet it is!

Do you love to start your day with a cup of tea in the morning? Maybe you enjoy taking a quiet moment out in the evening to relax with it?

Tea has been an important part of daily life in China for hundreds of years. There is a ________50_______ of tea, such as green tea, black tea, flower tea, and yellow tea. But two rising stars in China’s teacups --- white tea and dark tea --- are becoming more and more ________51_______.


Dark tea is made from rough, old tea leaves which darken to a deep brown colour during the long process.

White tea, produced mostly in Fujian, is made by drying tea leaves. The local people ________52_______ the fresh leaves out on the ground and keep them in jars after they have dried.

Both dark tea and white tea have a long history in China. Dark tea and white tea are healthy drinks. Dark tea can ________53_______ fat n the body, lower blood pressure and slow the aging process.

IV. Complete the sentences with the given words in their suitable forms. (共8分)

54. Some parents purchase new _______________ (toy) for their kids before Christmas.

55. All the classmates took the difficult exam, but only _______________ (fifth) of them


56. They were proud to say these paintings belonged to _______________ (they).

57. The professor made an interesting _______________(speak) at the meeting.

58. Children were fond of reading _______________ (excite) stories in their free time.

59. They had a(n) _______________ (happy) trip because of the bad weather.

60. PM2.5 is _______________ (main) caused by air pollution in some parts of the country.

61. The doctor is ready to _______________ (operation) on his broken leg.

V. Rewrite the following sentences as required.

62. The medicine has a good effect on the illness. (一般疑问句)

_______________ the medicine _______________ a good effect on the illness?

63. He will be responsible for the new project. (反意疑问句)

He will be responsible for the new project, _______________ _______________?

64. Jimmy promised to work harder in English than before. (划线提问)

_______________ did Jimmy promise to _______________?

65. The detective discovered some important clues for the case. (被动语态)

Some important clues for the case _______________ _______________ by the detective.

66. There was something wrong with the machine as soon as the engineer left. (保持句意)

The machine _______________ _______________ as soon as the engineer left. Will they have a discussion after class? He wanted to know. (合并一句)

He wanted to know _______________ they _______________ have a discussion after class.

67. for, used to, and, breakfast, have, milk, I, bread (连词成句)

__________________________________________________________________________________ 5


VI. Reading comprehension

A. Choose the best answer. (12分)

How many days of school do you have? Do you

want to have a longer school vacation? Read the

two letters from people in the town of Waterville to

their local newspaper. The chart(图表)on the right

shows the average number of school days in some


Letter A

Letter B


68. According to the chart, which two countries have the same number of school days?

A. England and Australia . B. Singapore and Thailand.

D. South Korea and China. C. Japan and the United States.

69. James says that, many years ago, most children used their vacation time to


A. study in school

B. go to summer camps C. have new experiences D. help on the farm

70. James says most parents _______________ during the summer months.

A. travel abroad B. are with their children

D. go to summer camps C. are busy with their work

71. Linda says children can get _______________ during the summer months.

A. no time to watch TV

C. more classroom time B. more work experience D. better reading skills

72. According to Linda, children do a lot of activities except that _______________.

A. they learn to swim and ride bikes B. they go to summer camps

C. they do cooking

D. they improve maths skills

73. What is best title of the Letter B?

A. Yes to a Longer School Year

C. Adults Need More Vacation Time

B. Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage. (12分)

People of all ages, especially young children, follow comic strips B. Vacations Are a Way of Experiencing D. Vacations Are Boring to Families

in newspapers, magazines and the movies. Who is your favourite

superhero --- Spideman? Wonder Woman? These heroes have been around


for a long time. Comics came out even earlier. In ancient times, people made funny drawings of animals ________75_______ paper.

Comic strips first came out during the 1800s and remain much the same style today. These comics are drawn in connected boxes. The boxes usually show a dramatic ________76_______. Some comic strips are printed in newspapers, which often continue from day to day. Some people even read the comics before they read the front page.

The comic books first ________77_______ during the 1930s. It seemed that everyone wanted to read comic books. They loved reading about the adventures of The Man of Steel and Batman. During the 1940s, the nation was at war and some comic book characters, such as Captain America, reflected (反映)the times. Others, such as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, made people laugh during this ________78_______ time in history.

After the war, people became ________79_______ interested in old comic book characters, so new superheroes had to be made. The new superheroes, such as Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Spideman, talked and acted more like real people. As time went on, comic books had to ________80_______ TV because TV has offered a lot of fun to people.

Comic strips are usually good for a laugh or at least a smile. But they have held a place in history. They take people away from their daily lives into another world. In this world, the hero always wins, and failure only comes to the bad guys.

74. A. with

75. A. story

76. A. grew

77. A. happy

78. A. more B. on B. copy B. knew B. alone B. much C. without D. over D. picture C. collection C. appeared C. noisy

D. finished D. terrible C. less D. little D. communicate with 79. A. link wih

B. compete with C. talk with

C. Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words. (14分)

You know that eating a sensible diet and getting plenty of exercise help make your body healthy and strong. But do you know that there are ways to make your brain healthier and smarter? Here are seven steps toward a smarter brain.

? Limit your TV viewing

Never spend too much time on TV viewing, for it n________81_______ very little brain activities. Your brain will become weak just as your muscles do. If you do watch TV, choose something educational and meaningful.

? Travel


Travelling to a________82_______ country forces you to see and do things in a fresh way, bringing stimulation to the brain.

? Learn a new language

Learning a new language involves different learning methods. Learning a language sharpens your brain and helps prevent memory p________83_______ that you may meet in later years.

? Read often

As you read, take the time to look up people or places that aren’t familiar. Reading makes your vocabulary much l________84_______ if you always search for words and definitions that you don’t know. Each week, choose an animal, a bird or fish, and read everything you can about it. Stretch your brain as you become an expert on the subject.

? Calculate w________85_______ you shop As you put things in your grocery cart, total everything in your head. See how close you get to the actual total.

? Use your non-dominant(不占优势的)hand

If you are right-handed, use your left hand for everyday activities, or use your right hand if you are left-handed. Doing familiar things in a different way will make your brain c________86_______ new neural (神经)networks.

? Wechat(微信)!

Read messages from people who has different interests. And some say that learning to express y________87_______ in just 100 words is a great brain challenge.

Have a try and do these every day. Little by little you can get into the habit of challenging your brain, and make your brain smarter!

D. Answer the questions.

My daughter, Tina, began to look for a job several months before she graduated from university. “Because of the financial crisis(金融危机), it is more difficult to get into a company than to take the college entrance exam.” I told

“You shouldn’t have too much hope or you would feel

really disappointed.” Tina applied for a position in a

company in the city center. The competition was fierce.

company was to employ only one among the twenty people. The Tina her, said to me, “I am not afraid of disappointment. As long a s I try, there will always be hope! ”


Everything seemed to go quite well and Tina passed the first round and entered the final in a week’s time.

On the day of the final interview, Tina and two other candidates (候选人)arrived on time, waiting for the test. To their great surprise, the interview was quite simple, and the intereviewer only chatted with them for a moment. The interviewer said to them, “All of you are super. Please go home and wait for our anwer. We will tell you the result in three days. Good luck to all of you!” On the third day, Tina received the message from the company telling her that she was not employed. She felf upset. In order to comfort her, I pretended to be relaxed and said, “It does not matter! I believe you will have more opportunities in the future!”

Late in the afternoon, Tina suddenly told me excitedly on the phone, “Dad, good news. I’ve mde it! ” I could not wait to ask her, “What’s the whole matter?” Tina told me that she received a second message saying that she was employed. She was so confused that she made a call to the company. In fact, the message Tina got in the morning was alse part of the test of the interview. The three candidates received the same message this morning and only Tina’s replay was satisfying to the company. “How did all of you reply?” I asked. “One did not reply. The other said ‘Goodbye’ and I said ‘Thank you’ .”

88. Has Tina graduated form universtiy? (此题1分)

89. In the writer’s opinion, which was more difficult, to get into a company or to take

the college entrance exam?

90. How many people entered the final round of the competition?

91. Why did the writer pretend to be relaxed when he learned Tina was not employed?

92. What does the underlined sentence mean “I’ve made it!” mean in English?

It means “_______________________________”.

93. What can we learn from Tina? (Give at least two points.) (此题3分)

VII. Writing (共20分)

94. Write at least 60 words according to the given situation. (根据所给情景,写一篇不少


Situation: Nowadays many students go to school by bike, by car, by underground ... How do you go to school? What do you think of it? 眼下不少学生骑自行车、乘私家车、乘地铁等方式上学。你是怎么去学校的?你觉得你的方式如何?谈谈你的想法并简述其理由。 Words and patterns for reference(以下单词或词组可供选用)

choice, convenient, save time, stop ... from




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