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陕西省学大教育西安分公司九年级英语期末复习试题 人教新目标版

一. 选择题.(1x20)

1. We learn a foreign language _______ it.

A. in using B. to use C. by using D. use

2. His parents ________ in the country, but now they live in the city.

A. used to live B. used to living C. were used to live D. are used to living 3. The flowers should ________ often.

A. watered B. be watered C. are watered D. water

4. People would believe my story if I ________ not so young.

A. am B. have C. were D. did

5. You have worked all day. You ________ be tired.

A. must B. can’t C. could D. might

6. —I have packed the camera.

—When ________ you ________ it?

A. have, packed B. do, pack C. had, packed D. did, pack

7. Do you know the woman that she is _________?

A. talking B. talked about C. talk with D. talking to

8. The fish ________ they sell are not fresh.

A. that B. / C. which D. A, B and C

9. —Would you like ________ with me?

—Yes, I’d ________.

A. to trek, like to B. trekking, like C. to trek, like D. trekking, like to

10. The teacher didn’t _______ the papers to us until the bell rang.

A. put up B. hand out C. set up D. help out

11. This kind of machine ____________ washing plates.

A. used for B. is using for C. is used to D. is used for

12. The medicine ________ in a dry and cool place. A. must kept B. must keep C. must be kept D. must be keep

13. He asked me who I _____________ for.

A. am waiting B. wait C. will wait D. was waiting

14. This car accident made the driver ____________.

A. feel guilty B. to feel guilty C. feeling guilty D. guilt

15. By the end of last month, he ________ in the army for two years. A. joined B. has joined C. has been D. had been

16. ____________ early is a good habit.

A. Get up B. To stay up C. Getting up D. Go to bed

17. —________ to the United States?

—No, never, but I went to Canada last year.

A. Have you been B. Have you gone C. Did you go D. Will you go

18. She doesn’t look like Mary at all. She ________ be her sister.

A. must B. can’t C. would D. might 19. There used _________ lots of animals in the mountains.

A. to be B. to have C. to having D. to being

20. My mom prefers music _________ quiet and gentle.


A. that are B. that is C. which has D. whose is


Dictionaries are very useful books. People use dictionaries to find out the meanings of __1___. If you are ___2___ English, you should use an English dictionary. Some students have dictionaries __3___ Chinese and English words. They are useful, but it is usually __4___ to use a dictionary ___5____ completely in English. If you are ___6___ a dictionary, you will have more practice in ___7___ English. ___8___ will help to think in English. A good English dictionary will ___9___ you the correct spelling of a word, its pronunciation and also show ___10___ a word is used in a sentence.

( )21. A. books B. words C. story D. English

( )22. A. speaking B. reading C. learning D. saying

( )23. A. in B. have C. for D. with

( )24. A. better B. good C. fine D. easier

( )25. A. write B. writing C. written D. to write

( )26. A. using B. having C. reading D. writing

( )27. A. speaking B. listening C. understanding D. writing

( )28. A. What B. This C. How D. Which ( )29. A. show B. ask C. help D. have ( )30. A. what B. when C. how D. where


One Tuesday morning, Harry saw an ad. in a window. It said, “Wanted. The Best Salesman in the World. Top Pay.” Harry thought he was a great salesman and went to ask for the job. “I am the best salesman in the world,” he said to the manager. “Give me the job.”

“You must prove you’re the best,” the manager said.

“OK, I will!” Harry answered.

“Good!” The manager took a box of sweets out of his desk. “Last week I bought a thousand boxes of sweets. If you can sell them all before the end of the week, you can have the job,” said the manager.

“That’s easy.” Harry said. He took the boxes of sweets and left the offices.

Every day and all day, he went from shop to shop, trying to sell the boxes of sweets. He couldn’t sell one. The sweets were too bad for him to sell. At the end of the week he went back to the manager. “I’m sorry, Sir,” he said. “I was wrong about myself. I’m not the best salesman in the world, but I know who is.”

“Oh,” said the manager. “Who?” “The person who sold you a thousand boxes of these sweets,” Harry said.

( )31. Harry went to ask for the job because he was ______ himself at first.

A. afraid of B. wrong with C. sure of D. worried about

( )32. If Harry wanted to get the job, he would have to _______.

A. buy all the sweets from the manger

B. sell out all the sweets in a few days.

C. Eat up all the sweets.

D. Sell the sweets at the weekend.

( )33. Choose the right order of this story.

① Harry went to ask for the job.


② Harry told the manager who the best seller really was.

③ Harry saw an ad. in a window.

④ Harry went to sell the sweets.

A. ①②③④ B. ④③②① C. ③①④② D. ③④①②

( )34. From this story we can see that _________.

A. Harry didn’t get the job. B. Harry was a good seller. C. the manager was a good seller D. the ad. was a good one.

( )35. According to the story, which of the following is RIGHT?

A. Harry sold some of the sweets. B. The sweets were too expensive.

C. Harry was not clever at all. D. The sweets were terrible.


36. Don’t make them ___________(stand) long outside.

37. Do you know the boy __________(play) over there?

38. After she finished _________(write) the letter, she went to bed.

39. We often hear Lucy ___________(sing) this song.

40. Will you please ______________(not make) so much noise?


41. My parents don’t allow me to get my ears pierced. (改为被动句)

I ______ _______ _________ to get my ears pierced by my parents.

42. Susan’s mother asked her , “Have you packed your things?” (改为同意句)

Susan’s mother asked her ________ _________ _________ packed her things.

43. I’d like to go to Dalian on vacation. (对划线部分提问)

________ _________ you ________ _________ go on vacation?

44. You have to get to the museum by eight o’clock tomorrow morning. (改为否定句)

You ________ _________ _________ get to the museum by eight o’clock tomorrow morning. 45. This volunteer work takes her several hours a week. (改为同意句)

She _________ several hours a week _________ this volunteer work.

46. He didn’t what he should do at that time. (改为同意句)

He didn’t know ________ ________ do at that time.

47. You’ve never been abroad. (改为反意疑问句)

You’ve never been abroad, _______ _______?

48. The backpack must belong to Ali. (改为否定句)

The backpack ________ belong to Ali.

49. What do you think of the movie? (改为同意句)

_________ do you ________ the movie?

50. I prefer oranges to apples. (改为同意句)

I _______ oranges ________ ________ apples.


A. The air line isn’t busy now.

B. Did you go there by train?

C. I have no idea.

D. And we went to scuba diving and boating.

E. How much does it cost to fly to Hainan?


F. Did you have a good journey?

G. And we went to Mount Emei.

A: What are you going to do after the graduation exams?

B: ____51____ I’m too tired and just want to relax myself.

A: What about a journey? I’ve just been to Hainan Island.

B: ____52___

A: Yes, of course. We saw many different kinds of flowers there. ___53___ B: Did you meet any foreign visitors there?

A: Yes, a lot. And I talked with some of them.

B: That sounds great. I want to relax myself and practice my English like you, too. ____54_____ A: The price of a one-way ticket from Chongqing to Haikou is usually 1,530 yuan. ____55____ They can give you 50% discount.

B: Good. I’d like to go there with my classmates next week.

51.________ 52._________ 53.__________ 54.___________ 55.___________

I am a doctor. People often come to see me because they have colds or coughs. People 56 come to see me because they are sad or nervous. Sometimes 57 helps. Sometimes talking helps. But many doctors 58 that music can help people feel better. I asked a few of my patients(病人) how music helps them.

“Sometimes I was 59 when I was a child. My family said, ‘Play your feelings on the piano!’ Sometimes I play a loud 60 on the piano. Soon I feel calm(平静的). I can laugh and cry through my 61 on the piano. It’s natural for me. It’s like breathing(呼吸).”

“Listening to music helps me feel 62 . I like to listen to music and dance when I 63 my house.”

“I play the violin. I like playing at night 64 it is quiet. After playing I am tired and I am happy. I always sleep 65 after playing my violin.”

Are you a musician? Good! Keep playing. If you are not a musician, listen to music and sing or dance. It’s good medicine.


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