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Unit3 building bridges导学练

1 重点短语:

1) 放映时间_______________ 6) 代替,而不是_______________

2) 观众的评论_______________ 7) 为争吵道歉_______________

3) 分享她们的才能8) 互相拥抱_______________ _______________ 9) 嫉妒……_______________

4) 嫉妒茉莉的才能10) 没有必要做某事

_______________ 5) 愤怒地_______________

2 任务型阅读


neighbors. Dolly was a wonderful ___2___ and Molly was a great ____3___. The two women share their ____4___.

Dolly grew ____5____ vegetables for Molly, and every night Molly invited Dolly to her house for a delicious dinner.


The Dolly began to envy Molly’s talent. She wished she could cook as well as Molly. Molly too, began to wish that she could grow delicious vegetables like Dolly did.

One night when they were eating, Dolly said, “You know this soup tastes bitter.” Molly was shocked. The two women began to argue.

任务1: 用方框内所给单词的适当形式填空,每空一词。

1__________2______ 3______ 4______ 5_______

任务2: 根据英文释义及首字母提示,拼写单词。

6 w________: a feeling and wanting

7 s_________: to cause unpleasant or surprise


The Dolly began to envy Molly’s talent.

The Dolly began to 8________ 9_________ of Molly’s talent.


10 Did Dolly wish she could cook as well as Molly?


三 作文赏析


Friendship is love with understanding. Everyone needs friendship. We need friends to share our sorrows and happiness in our lives. So let’s think about how to make the friendship among friends deeper.

First, I think we should not be envious of friends’ talents. We can get experience from our friends. We can learn form each other and share each

other’s talents.

Second, learn to be generous, not to be mean. We need to be generous and patient to our friends. A friend in need is a friend indeed. When something troubles you, your friends will stay with you forever. True friendship is based on understanding and helping.

Third, when we have disagreement, we’d better take the first step to repair the friendship. Talk with our friends and use our own ways to build the bridge of friendship.

All in all, friendship is like blood in our body. It is valuable.



1) running time

2) the audience’s reviews

3) share their talents

4) envy Molly’s talent

5) in anger

6) instead of

7) apologize for the argument

8) hug each other

9) be envious of

10) There’s no need to do sth


1) named

2) gardener

3) cook

4) talents

5) tasty

6) wish

7) shock

8) be

9) envious

10) No

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