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1 What is John going to be when he ______up?

A.grow B.is going to grow C.grows D.to grow

2. She is _______young ____go to school.

A. so; that B. too; to C. too; that D. enough ; to

3.Is there ______ at the meeting?

A . anything important B. everything important

C. important anything D. something important

4.Their house is ______ than ______’

A. more bigger, ours. B. much big, ours. C. a lot bigger, our D. a little bigger, ours

5. - ______ does he ______ the sitcoms ?

- He likes it.

A. What , like B. How , think C. What, think of D. How ,like about

6.Do you think __________ an English film tomorrow evening?

A. is there B. there is going to be C. there is going to have D. will there be

7. He can do _______ he wants to do when he finishes his homework.

A. that B. this C. what D. it

8. When is she _______ piano lessons?

A. goes to take B. going taking C. go to take D. going to take

9. I can only speak Chinese now, and I want to learn _______ foreign language. A. another B. the other C. other D. the others

10. Jim believes there will be _____ trees and _____ pollution in 20 years.

A. more fewer B. more, less C. fewer, less D. less, less 二、完形填空。(10分)

I think the world will be an easy place to live in. We _11_ have machines and robots , and they will __12__ us do all the _13_ jobs,and we don’t have to do things _14_ washing dishes and __15_ the bed. Maybe we won’t have any dishes at all. We will just throw the dishes away after each meal.I _16_that doctors will be able to __17__ us alive for a long time. I hope that __18__ I am 70 years old, there will be __19__ to keep me alive for _20_ 70 years old. So I will live to be 140 years old.

( ) 11. A. will B. could C. would D. won’t

( ) 12. A. let B. help C. make D. hear

( ) 13. A.good B. easy C. same D. boring


( ) 14. A. like B. as C. about D. for

( ) 15. A. putting B. moving C. make D. making

( ) 16. A. see B. find C. hope D. ask

( ) 17. A. think B. keep C. learn D. believe

( ) 18. A. as B. if C. when D. after

( ) 19. A. something B. anything C. everything D. someone

( ) 20. A. other B. the other C. more D. another



Dear Anna,

Thanks for your letter. You asked me about my plans for the future. Let me tell

you about it.

First, I will finish high school. Then I will go to college and study to be a doctor. I won’t get married right away because it takes a long time to become a

doctor. I want to help sick people. I’m going to learn a lot about illness. Maybe

I will find a treatment for cancer(癌症). I’ll be famous and I will become very


After I become a successful doctor, I’ll get married. I want to marry an

interesting person. For example, my wife might be an artist. We will have a wonderful

life together.I think we will have one or two children. Doctors get paid quite a

lot . So I think we will have a nice house. We will travel a lot. I want to visit

Australia, Europe and Africa.

Are these plans or dreams? Do they sound crazy to you? Write soon and tell me

about your plans.






Which color do you think will be popular in the future?

Some think blue will be popular because blue means peace and kindness. Everybody

in the world hates war. Blue will make people remember to keep the world peaceful.

Other people think green is the color of nature. Now the evironment problem is very serious. People in the world are thinking more about the evironment. When

people wear green clothes, they will keep the environment in their hearts and try

to make the environment better.


Yellow will be another popular color. Why will it be popular? People are very busy these days because they have a lot to do. Yellow is a soft color and it can make people relaxed.

Most people think black will be the most popular color. It always looks cool, and men often show off their social positions(社会地位) by using this color.

( ) 26. People think blue means _____.

A. war B. nature C peace and kindness D. good luck

( ) 27. Why do people like yellow? A. Because it means wealth B. Because it looks cool

C. Because it is the color of the sun D. Because it makes people feel relaxed ( ) 28. The underlined words “show off” in the last paragraph mean ______.

A. 代表 B.展示 C. 炫耀 D. 说明

( ) 29. What does the passage mainly talk about?

A. Colors and good luck. B. Colors and the environment. C. Popular colors in the future. D. How to keep the world peaceful

C Cross the Roads

Every day some people are killed while they are crossing the roads. Most of these people are old people and children. Old people are often killed because they can't see or hear very well. Children are killed because they are not careful. They forget to look and listen before they cross the roads.

A car or a bus can't stop quickly. If a car is going very fast, it will travel many meters before it stops. Some people don't always understand this. They think a car can stop in a few meters. It's difficult to know how fast a car is moving. The only way to cross the roads safely is to look both ways, right and left. Then if the roads are empty, you can cross them.

30. What kind of people are often killed when crossing the road?

A. Young people. B. Older people C. Little children. D. The old and the young

31. Old people are often killed in traffic accidents because__________. A. they are able to see B. they are able to hear

C. they can see and hear very well D. they can't see and hear very well

32. Which of the following is not right?

A. Some people know a traveling car can't stop in a few meters.

B. The only way to cross the roads safely is to look right and left of the ways. 3

C. If the roads are busy, you can't cross the roads.

D. It's not easy to know how fast a car is traveling


Different countries and different people have different manners. We must find out their customs(习俗),so that they will not think us ill-mannered(不礼貌的). Here are examples of the things that a person with a good education does or does not do. If you visit a Chinese family, you should knock(敲) at the door first. When the door opens, you should not move in before the host says “ Come in, please.” After you enter(进入) the room, you should not sit down until the host asks you to take a seat. When a cup of tea is put on a tea table in front of you or sent to your hand, you should say “thank you” and take it with two hands, not one hand, or they will think you bad ill-mannered. Before entering a house in Japan, it is good manners(礼仪) to take off your shoes. In European countries, even though shoes sometimes become very dirty, this is not done. In a Malay house, a visitor never finishes the food on the table. He leaves a little to show that he has had enough. In England, a visitor always finishes a drink or the food to show that he has enjoyed it. This will please the host.

( ) 33. In China, when someone gives you a cup of tea, what should you take it with?

A. A fork B. A plate C. Two hands D. One hand

( ) 34. In Japan it is good manners to ______ before you enter the host’s house.

A. take off your shoes B. take off your coat

C. say “thank you” D. wait outside ( ) 35. In a Malay house a guest leaves a little food to show that ________.

A. he has enjoyed it B. he doesn’t like the food

C. he needs some more D. he doesn’t want any more


36. 我希望你能保持健康。

I hope you can ______ ______.

37. 多亏了李老师,数以百计的学生都上了大学。

Thanks to Miss Li, ______ ______ ______ went to college .

38. 人人都应参与拯救地球的行动。

Everyone should ______ ______ ______ _______ ______ the earth.


Would you _____ ______ the window? It’s too hot..


Lily is _______ ________ _________ ________ a new hobby.


Young people today may not know Zhu Mingying. But she was very famous more than twenty years ___41___. She was a dancer at first. But one day she thought that she could also sing___42___. So she went to visit a music teacher. The teacher___43___her to sing a few songs and then said that she would not be successful 4

in singing, ___44___ she didn’t have a good voice. ___45___Zhu Mingying didn’t give up. She spent a lot of time___46___ to music lessons. She had___47___ time to rest. She didn’t have much money to buy___48___ delicious food. Life was really hard for her at that time.But Zhu Mingying felt happy, because she proved(证明)she herself could be a good singer at last___49___she practiced singing for many years. If you want to do something, just___50___. You’ll be successful in the end!


A lift(电梯) is very useful. It looks like a small room. It goes up and down all day. Sometimes a worker stands in the lift. He or she operates(操作)it up and down. In modern lifts there's no worker. People walk in. They know what floor they want to go. They push a button(按钮)and the lift goes to that floor. It's very fast and easy.

Lifts are very important to us. Why? Think about a tall building. Maybe it has twenty floors. Maybe it has fifty or more. Who can walk up all the stairs(楼梯)?Maybe people can climb them once. Can someone climb thirty floors to an office every day? Can small children walk up to their rooms on the twenty-four floor? Can their mothers or fathers carry food up to all those stairs? Of course not. We can have very high buildings because we have lifts. We could not have all the bea- utiful tall buildings without lifts. Because it is too tired for people to climb the stairs every day. 根据短文的意思回答问题或完成句子。

56. What is a lift like? ____________________________ 57. What does a worker do when he or she stand in the lift? _____________

58. Can small children walk up to their room on the twenty-four floor? __________

59. Why do we have many high buildings? ____________________________________

60. Can you give a title(标题) for the passage? ______________




A:Hi, Susan. What movie are you going to watch tonight?

B: __56__ It’s my second time watching it.

A:Man on Wire.Hmm...



A:Yeah, I do. It’s a great movie.

B:I agree.__58__

A:Oh, I remember. And it was in New York. I love that city!

B:Me ,too.__59_

A:I’d love to, but I have to stay at home with my mom.__60__

B:Sorry to hear that. Hope your mom will be better soon.

A:Thanks. Enjoy your night.

二)根据对话内容在空白处填入所缺的句子使对话完整。(5分) B A: Hi, Jack. ________61_________ when you grow up?

B: I’m going to be a basketball player. A: __ ___62_______ ?

B: Because I like basketball.

A: ________63__________ ?

B: I’m going to practice basketball every day. A: ______64___________?

B: I’m going to work in Beijing.

A:If you study hard, I’m sure your dream will come true.

B: __________65______________.

八、书面表达 (15分)


学生们将怎样学习呢?发挥你的想象力,请以“Life in 100 years.”为题写一篇60-80


there be , more, less, pollution, trees, computers, cars, buses, subways, space

station, money,

free time, environment., live, long.other planets.




1-5 CBADC 6-10 BCDAB


11-15 ABDAD 16-20CBCAD


21-25 ABBBB 26-30 CDCCD 31-35 DACAD


36.Keep healthy/stay healthy 37. hundreds of students 38.play a part in saving

39. mind opening 40. going to take up


41.ago 42. well 43.asked 44.because 45.But 46.going 47.little


49. after 50.try your best

六、本大题共5小题, 每小题2分,共10分。

51. It looks like a small room .

52. He or she operates it up and down.

53. No, they can’t.

54. We can have very high buildings because we have lifts.

55. Lift


56 It’s called Man on Wire.

57.Do you know it?

58. The man in the movie was really brave.

59. Would you like to watch the movie with me?

60. She is ill in bed.

61.What are you going to be

62.Why do you want to be a basketball player?

63.How are you going to do that?

64.Where are you going to work?

65.Thank you.



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