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山东省聊城市文轩中学九年级英语下册 Unit 1 It was great to see her again学案

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Module 2 Unit 1 It was great to see her again.

Language points

1. physical adj.身体的,体力的,物理学的

He is in good physical condition. 他的身体状况良好。

I often do physical exercise. 我经常进行体育锻炼。

We call it physical change.

2. be worried about?. = worry about? 担心

Mrs Green is getting fatter and fatter. She is worried about her weight.

3. really adv. 非常,很,实在,确实 ----real adj.

I really like the book. The ring is real gold. 这个戒指是真金的。

4. It was great to see her again. 再次见到她好极了。 It is +adj.for sb to do sth. It is necessary for us to learn English well. 若形容词是主观感情或态度的,用介词of, 如: good, kind, clever, nice, foolish, wrong, caresful It was foolish of him to go alone. It’s kind of you to help me. It was difficult for him to finish the work on time. 5. Did tou do anything interesting while you were there? 一些有趣的东西

Do you have anything interesting to tell me?

6. What’s it like? 它是什么样的?

What be ?.like? ?..(人或物)怎么样?询问对人或事物的评价,感想或者

谈论天气及人的性格特征What is the weather like?

-----What’s the film like? -----Wonderful.

----What’s your teacher like? ----- He is very kind.

What does ?? look like?描述人或物的外表(长相、性格、气质等)

-----What does she look like? -----She is tall and beautiful.

7. Let’s have a look. 让我们看看。

have a look : 看一看 后跟宾语时,必须加介词at, have a look at sth = look at sth Let me have a look at that pen. I think it’s mine.

8. It isn’t as big as ours. 它不如我们学校大。 Not as/ so ??.. as?? 不如?.;比不上?.. 肯定形式为: as?..as?和?一样 中间只能跟形容词或副词的原级

English is as important as physics. Tom has as many books as me.

Dick doesn’t work as carefully as other workers.

Eg: I prefer skiing to climbing, because I think climbing is _________ skiing. A. not as exciting as B. not more exciting as

C. not most exciting as D. more exciting than

9. Both schools are very nice. And neither school has anything the other hasn’t got. 两个学校都很好。 一个学校有的东西,另一个学校也有。

⑴. both 两者都 both schools = both of the schools 常用both?.and?. Both Tom and John are good students. Both sides of the road are full of people.

Eg: ----Which of the twin sisters is a doctor? ----- ________ are.


A. All B. Both C. Either D. Neither

⑵. neither pron. 两者都不

Neither of them is from Japan. Neither answer is right. 两个答案均不对。 neither 用于倒装句, 也不 He can’t swim, neither can I.

neither ?.nor?.. 既不?.也不?? 就近原则

Neither you nor I am right.

either 两者中任何一个,表示单数概念 either??or?. 或者?.或者?.. ----Do you want tea or coffee? ---- Either is OK.

There are lots of trees on either side of the river.


1. ----Which of the two T-shirts do you prefer?

---_________ is Ok. I don’t like their styles.

A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. All

2. The poor man lived on wild berries and roots because he had _________ to eat. A. nothing else B. anything else C. something other D. nothing other

3. ----It was hot yesterday. -----But it’s ___________ hotter today. A. very B. little C. a few D. even

4. ----What does your brother look like? -----________________.

A. He is a little shy. B. He is tall. C. He likes dancing. D. He is a doctor.

5. I ___________ the charity show on TV when the telephone rang.

A. watch B. watched C. am watching D. was watching 6. Our teacher told us that we should try our best to do it ________ we could during the match.

A. as good as B. as well as C. as nice as D. so well as

7. My friend and I are interested in drawing, but ___________ of us is good at it.

A. neither B. both C. none D. all

A: Excuse me, sir? Where is the nearest hotel?

B: 1. ____________________________________. You may ask that policeman over there. A: Thank you all the same.

(The man goes to the policeman.)

A: Excuse me, 2._____________________________________?

C: No, there isn’t a hotel near here, but there is one near the Bank of China. A: 3. ____________________________________________?

C: It’s about two kilometers away.

A: 4. _____________________________________________?

C: You’d better take a taxi, because it’s so late and there aren’t any buses now. A: 5. ____________________________________.

C: You’re welcome.

Homework: 1. 预习完成学案 2. 背诵课文一半


Made by: Miss Zhuang Checked: Miss Liu Date: Jan.12 Module 2 Unit 1 It was great to see her again.

10. the other 其他的 表示两者中另一个或两部分中的另一部分,


常用one?..the other?.

I have two pens. One is red, the other is green.

She has two children. One is a boy, the other is a girl.

辨析:other, the others, another, the other

⑴. other 其他的,作定语,修饰单数或复数名词

I’ll come again some other day. 我改日再来吧。

She is taller than any other girl in her class.

= She is taller than the other girls in her class.

⑵. the others 其余的,指整体中除去一部分后,剩余的全部

There are forty-five students in our class. Thirty of are girls. The others are boys. ⑶. another 表示三者以上的不定数目中的另一个

I don’t want this book. Please give me another. I want another two apples.= I want two more apples.

11. prefer v. 更喜欢 =like better Which do you prefer, tea or coffee?

⑴prefer sth/doing sth/ to sth/doing sth 喜欢?.而不喜欢

He prefers English to Chinese.

My father prefers reading books to wacthing TV.

⑵. prefer to do ?.rather than do 宁愿做?. 也不愿做?

She preferred to stay at home rather than go to see the boring movie.

12. I bet we’re even better than Park School at English.


even better 更好,好得多 even修饰比较级

This picture is even better than that one.

The man with white beard is even older between the two old men. 两个老人中,有白胡子的年纪比较大。

比较级的修饰词:much, even, far, still, a lot, a little,

Jim is much taller than Dick.

Lucy’s hair style looks a lot more fashionable than Mary’s. Eg: ----What bad weather! --- Yes. The radio says it will be even _______ later on.

A. bad B. badly C. worse D. worst

13. Well, anyway, we’re all going to get top grades for English.


anyway 无论如何,常用来转换话题、结束谈话或回到原话题

I will go home at once anyway. get top grades 取得优异成绩

She got top grades in the English exam.

We must study hard to get top grades.


1. It was great _______________(see) her again.

2. Neither of us _______________(have) a computer. 3. The light went out while I _________________(do) my homework.

4. Tom didn’t write so _______________ (careful) as I . So he made many mistakes. 3

5. Our classroom isn’t as _____________(good) as theirs.

6. He took the old man to hospital _____________(him).

7. There are a lot of colourful flowers on both __________(side) of the street. 8. Mr White has two pet dogs. ___________ is white and _________ _______ is black. (一只是白色的,另一只是黑色的)

9. 我宁愿在家里看电视也不愿意出去。

I prefer to ____________ TV at home rather than _______ ________.

10. 这个故事不如那个故事有趣。

This story isn’t ________ ___________ _________ that one.

11. Uncle Zhang _________ _________ ________ the news, wasn’t he?(感到惊讶)

12. 你们学校的图书馆是什么样子的?____________ your school library ____________?

13. Today Mum is going to cook ___________ __________for us. (一些美味的东西)

Have you ever been ill? When you are ill, you must be unhappy because your body becomes hot, and there are pains all over your body. You don't want to work , you stay in bed, feeling very sad.

What makes us ill? It is germs(细菌). Germs are everywhere. ⑴They are very small and you can't find them with your eyes, but you can see them with a microscope. They are very very small and there could be hundreds of them on a very small thing.

Germs are always found in dirty water. Water under the microscope, we look at dirty water under the microscope, we shall see them in ⑵it. So your father and mother will not let you drink dirty water. ⑶Germs aren't found only in water. They are found in air and dust. If you cut your finger, if someof the dust from the floor goes into the cut (割开处), some of the germs would go into your finger. Your finger would become big and red, and you will have much pain in it. Sometimes the germs would go into all of your body, and you would have pain everywhere.

1. Why is a person unhappy when he is ill?_____________________________________________

2. Why don’t parents let their children drink dirty water?________________________________

3. 将1处翻译成汉语。___________________________________________________________

4. 2处 “it” 指代什么?___________________________________________________

5. 用we 做主语将3处句子改为主动语态。 _____________________________________________ Homework: 1. 背诵剩余课文 2. 完成课时学案 4

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