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英语动词有两种语态,即主动语态(The Active Voice)和被动语态(The Passive Voice)。主动语态表示主语是动作的执行者,被动语态表示主语是动作的承受者,例如: Many people speak English . (主动语态)

English is spoken by many people. (被动语态)


被动语态由"助动词be +及物动词的过去分词"构成。助动词be 有人称、数和时态的变化,其变化规则与be作为连系动词时完全一样。被动语态的肯定式、否定式及疑问式列表如下:

肯 定 句: 主语+ be+ 过去分词 +(by…) eg. He is often asked to do this work (by his boss).

否 定 句:主语+ be not +过去分词 +(by…) eg. I am not invited to the party (by him).

一般疑问句:Be + 主语+过去分词+ (by…)? eg. Are your clothes washed by yourself?

特殊疑问句:疑问词+ be+主语 +过去分词+ (by…)? eg. What is this sweater made of?


3、被动语态的用法: 1)当我们不知道谁是动作的执行者,或者没有必要指出谁是动作的执行者时,或者只需强调动作的承受者时,要用被动语态。 例如:

This jacket is made of cotton.

English is spoken in many countries in the world.

2) 强调动作的承受者时。如:The boy was saved at last.这个男孩最后得救了。

3) 主动语态变被动语态的步骤:

主动句: The boy broke the window yesterday.

被动句: The window was broken by the boy yesterday.

步骤一:原句中的宾语the window变成主语。

步骤二:谓语动词broke改为被动形式:was broken

步骤三:原句中的主语The boy放在介词by的后面。


5) 有两个宾语的句子的被动语态:

A. 可有两种被动语态的常用动词有:buy,give,leave,lend,offer,pay,teach,tell,show,等。

1. He gave me the book just now.

The book was given to me( by him) just now. = I was given the book (by him) just now.

2. They show the guard their passports at the entrance to the building. The passports were shown to the guard by them at the entrance to the building.

= The guard was shown the passports by them at the entrance to the building.

B. 通常用直接宾语作被动语态主语的一些动词有: bring,do,make,pass,sell,send,sing,write,等。

1. He wrote her a letter.

A letter was written to her.

My mother made me a skirt.

A skirt was made (for me) by my mother.



1.The question ______by us soon.

A.is going to discuss B.will discuss

C.is going to be discussed D.has been discussed

2.The old man was quite weak after the accident, so he______.

A.must look after B.must be taken care

C.must be looked after D.must take care of

3. All the new words ______up in the dictionary yet.

A.have looked B.haven't looked

C.have been looked D.haven't been looked

4.There was no room for you. All the seats ______.

A. are taken B.was taken C.had taken D.had been taken

5. A model ship ______his son by Mr More.

A.was made for B.was made to C.made for D.makes for

6.----Dad, please open the door, it ______.

----OK, dear. I am coming.

A.was locked B.locks C.is locked D.locked

7. This kind of sweater______very soft.

A.is felt B.feels C.feel D.is feeling

8.----Have all the students known that our class will visit the factory this afternoon?

----Yes. Every student______about it.

A.told B.has told C.was told D.tells

9.The cake ______delicious.

A.smell B.is smelled C.is smelling D.smells

10.My father has given up smoking since he ______on.

A.will operate B.will be operated C.operated D.was operated

11.A new school ______ these days.

A. is building B. is built

C. well build D. is being built

12. The cake ______delicious.

A. smell B. is smelled

C. is smelling D. smells

13.I________there would be a football match on Channel 8 tomato

A. will tell B. have told C. was told D. will be told

14.The librarian told me that the book______for two weeks.

A. can be borrowed B. can be kept C. could be borrowed D. could be kept

15.When______this kind of computer _______?

is; used B. was; used C. did; use D. are; used

16.The new computers_______to the village school as present last month. are given B. given C. were given D. gave

17.I really don't know_______about it.

A.what to do B.how to do C. to do what D. how can I do

18.Your shoes_______. You'd better come to get them in half an hour. are mending B. have mended C. are being mended D. have been mended

19.Though he had often made his little sister______,today he was made____by her.

A.cry; to cry B.crying; crying C. cry; cry D.to cry; cry

20.When_____the accident________?

A.was; happened B.has; happened C.was happebeing D.did; happen Key: 1----5 CCDDA 6----10 CBCDD 11-15 BDCDB 16-20 CACAD


Some ideas ______(give) to college students by him yesterday.

----Do you like the music "Moonlight"?

----Yes, it ______really beautiful!(sound)

He won't come to the party unless Sue ______.(invite)

The chair needs______.(repair)

"Quick" is another way of ______"fast".(say)

This kind of bike ______in that factory, but you can't buy it now.(make) Cotton ______in the country.(plant)

Man-made satellites ______by Chinese people.(send)

This kinds of shoes ______out by now.(sell)

The room must ______ clean every day.(keep)

Key: 1.were given 2.sounds 3.is invited 4.repairing/ to be

repaired 5.saying 6.is made 7.is planted 8.have been sent 9.have been sold

10.be kept

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