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山东省聊城市文轩中学八年级英语上册 Module 12 Unit 2 学案

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Unit 2 Stay away from windows and heavy furniture.


一、必记单词: earthquake warn inside under window keep kept

clear calm brave helpful power

二、必记短语:1) keep clear of不和?接触 2) warn sb (not)to do sth.

3)warn sb. about sth.警告/提醒某人注意?? 4)stop doing sth. 5) jump out of

6)stay/move away from?远离?? 7)keep calm 8)be brave 9)be helpful

10)in short 总之;简言之 11)be careful of doing sth.当心??

三、 必记句型:

1.It is difficult to warn people about them. 2.Here is some advice. 3.Do not jump out of high buildings. 4.Keep calm.

5.Be brave and be helpful.


1. Earthquakes always happen suddenly, so it is difficult to warn people about them. 句中的 them 指的是 earthquakes。

warn sb. about sth. 意为“提醒/警告?...注意”。

e.g. The government warned travelers to Africa about the disease there.

拓展:warn sb (not)to do sth.警告某人(不)做某事

Our teacher often warns us not to ride side by side. It’s impolite(不礼貌的).

2. Do not jump out of high buildings.

jump out of 表示“从?...跳出”。 e.g. Please don’t jump out of the window. 请别从窗子往外跳。

run out of 表示“从?...跑出”。 climb out of 表示“从?...爬出”。take out of?从??拿出??

3. Keep calm, especially when you are with other people.保持安静,尤其是当身边有其他人时。

keep 表示“保持”, calm 表示“冷静,沉着”。

keep calm 是系动词 + 形容词构成的动词短语。其他的行为动词还能做系动词的有:become, feel, look, seem 等。

e.g. Everybody became quiet.所有人都安静下来啦。 He looked a little nervous.他看上去有点紧张。


I. 根据据汉意或首字母完成单词。

1.Our teacher often w__________ us not to ride side by side. It’s impolite

2. 保持安静,尤其是当身边有其他人时。Keep ________, especially when you are with other 1


3. _________________(地震)always happen suddenly, so it is difficult to warn people about them.

4.这儿有些建议。Here is some ___________.

5.小心驾驶。Be careful of _______________.


1.请别从窗子往外跳。Please_________ __________ ________ ________ the window.

2.远离窗子和重家具。___________ _________ _________ heavy furniture.

3.地震总是突然地发生。Earthquakes always ______________ _____________.

4.警告人们注意地震是很难的。It is difficult ______ _________ people _________ the earthquakes.

5.在山里,要注意滚落的岩石。In the mountains, _______ ___________ _____ ___________ rocks.

6.总之,我们从这篇文章里学到很多。________ ________,we learnt a lot from the passage. III.根据句意,用括号所给单词的适当形式填空。

1.I think this dictionary is __________________(help) to your English study. You’d better buy it. 2.A kind farmer tried his best to catch the _______________ (fall) girl. The girl was saved.

3.The doctor advised Mr Green to stop ______________(smoke) immediately.

4.It’s difficult for some foreigners______________(learn) Chinese well. 5.Can you tell me what ___________ (do) next after I download the document?


Module 12 Help

Unit 2 Stay away from windows and heavy furniture.


4.In the mountains, be careful of falling rocks. 在山里,要注意滚落的岩石。 be careful of (doing) sth. 小心做某事

e.g.Be careful of dogs. 小心狗。 Be careful of driving. 小心驾驶。

拓展:be careful to do sth.小心做某事

He was careful to open the box.

5. In short, follow what you learnt in school.总之,按照在学校所学到的(地震)知识去做。

in short 的意思是“总之,简言之”。

e.g. In short, I am interested in all of the sports. 总之,我对一切运动都感兴趣。 This book is, in short, an exciting story about adventures.



I.单项选择 1. The teacher warns the students ____ the danger in the house.

A. in B. at

2. — What should we do?

— We should _______ clear of the fire in an earthquake.

A. keep B. try C. think D. stop

D. move from

3. Can parents help kids ______ bad games? A. stay off B. stay from C. move off 4. — Is Maria knocking at the door? — It ____ be her. She is in Australia now.

A. may not B. needn’t C. mustn’t D. can’t D. must D. probably

D. fun C. to D. about 5. That man _____ be my English teacher. He often wears a red sweater. A. needn’t B. mustn’t C. can’t A. slowly A. advice

A. after B. finally B. trouble B. so

C. quickly C. experience 6.When our teacher heard a cry for help, he ran out as ________ as he could. 7.I have some ______ learning maths. Can you help me with it? 8.I didn’t get on the bus, because it started moving _______ I could get on it. C. before D. if 9.As a student, what can we do ______ our earth cleaner and safer? A. to making B. made C. to make D. make

10.---What should I do when the earthquake happens, Mr Wang?

---First of all, you should keep _______ and hide yourself in the safe place .

A. afraid

1---5 _____________________ 6---10 ____________________

3 B. busy C. calm D. noisy


In England, people often talk about the weather because they can experience (经历) four seasons in one day. In the morning the weather is warm just like in spring. An hour later black clouds come and then it rains hard. The weather gets a little cold. In the late afternoon the sky will be sunny, the sun will begin to shine, and it will be summer at this time of a day.

In England, people can also have summer in winter, or have winter in summer. So in winter they can swim sometimes, and in summer sometimes they should take warm clothes.

When you go to England, you will see that some English people usually take an umbrella (伞)or a raincoat with them in the sunny morning, but you should not laugh at them. If you don't take an umbrella or a raincoat, you will regret (后悔) later in the day.

1. Why do people in England often talk about the weather?

A. Because they may have four seasons in one day B. Because they often have very good weather C. Because the weather is warm just like in spring

D. Because the sky is sunny all day 2. From the story we know that when _________come, there is a heavy rain.

A. sunshine and snow B. black clouds

C. summer and winter D. spring and autumn

3. "People can also have summer in winter." Means "it is sometimes too ______in winter."

A. warm B. cool

them because ________.

A. their friends ask them to do so B. it often rains in England

C. they are going to sell them D. they are their favourite things

5. The best title (标题)for this passage is ________.

A. Bad Seasons B. Summer or Winter

C. The Weather in England D. Strange English People 1---5_____________________ C. cold D. rainy 4. In the sunny morning some English people usually take a raincoat or an umbrella with


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