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山东省聊城市文轩中学九年级英语下册 Unit 1 I always like birthday parties学案

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Module 8 Choosing presents Unit 1 I always like birthday


Language points:

1. Would you like to come to my birthday party? 你愿意来参加我的生日宴会吗?

“Would you like + to do sth.”是此句常用于有礼貌的提出邀请,请求或建议,是邀请别人做某事的一种委婉的表达方式。其肯定回答是“Yes, I'd love /like to.”,否定回答要说得客气些,可以先说“Sorry”,再说明原因。

--Would you like to play basketball with me?

--Yes, I'd love to. / I'm sorry. I have a lot of homework to do.

--Would you like __________(go) swimming with us? -- __________________(是的,我愿意) would like "想,想要",相当于want的用法

like+名词:“想要” --Would you like some apples?--Yes, please./ No, thanks.


would like sb. to do sth. "想要某人做某事"

1).I'd like Lingling _________(go) with you.

2).We wouldn't like ________(watch) TV.

3).He would like ___________(apples).

like "喜欢" like to do sth./like doing sth. 喜欢做某事 like sth.喜欢某事

I like playing basketball.=I like to play basketball.

2. come 来 come to sp. 来某地 go to sp. 去某地 come here/home

3. this Saturday 这个周六 next Saturday 下周六 前面不加冠词,同样this morning/afternoon前也不加冠词。

I can go to the park this Saturday with my parents.

4. Great! 太好了!=OK!

-How about going to the zoo next Sunday? -Great!

5. at/in a Chinese birthday party在一个中国的生日宴会上

at/in an English birthday party 在一个英国的生日宴会上

People sometimes give birthday cards at a Chinese birthday party.

6. At the birthday dinner, we eat noodles and birthday cake.


cake蛋糕 做物质名词讲时不可数,当一块块的蛋糕时可数,有时由于说话者的着眼点不同,以上两种都是可以的。

Would you like some cake(s)? 吃蛋糕吗?

a piece of cake 一块蛋糕;小菜一碟

7. My mother never makes a birthday cake. 我妈妈从不做生日蛋糕。

make sb. sth.=make sth. for sb给某人做某物

He makes me some cakes. = He makes some cakes for me.

8. She usually buys a special cake. 她通常买一个特殊的蛋糕。

buy sb. sth. =buy sth. for sb.


Let’s buy him some fruit. = Let’s buy some fruit for him.


He is special. = He is a special boy.

a special present 一份特殊的礼物 9. I cut it at the party. cut sth. 切割某物 at/in the party 在宴会上

10.We sometimes give birthday cards.

give sth. to sb. = give sb. sth."把某物给某人"

注:当sth为代词时,通常不说give sb. sth.而要说give sth to sb. 代中间,名两边 Please give Tom the book.= Please give the book to Tom.

Don't give it to Betty.

11. Do you sing it in Chinese or in English?

sing sth.唱 in+语言 in English 用英语 with+工具 with a knife用一把小刀

12. Do you get birthday presents in China?

get sth. 收到/得到某物

Daming gets a new pen on his birthday.

13. It’s a secret. 这是个秘密。

-How old are you? -It’s a secret.

Teachers' Day 教师节 Women's Day 妇女节 Children's Day 儿童节 Father's Day 父亲节 Mother's Day 母亲节


1. 我爸爸在晚上从不看电视。

My father _________ _________ TV in the evening.

2. 贝蒂的妈妈经常为她做蛋糕。 Betty's mother often _________ cakes ________ her.

3. 李雷总是在周六玩电脑游戏。

Li Lei _________ _________ computer games _________ Saturdays.

4. 你想举办一次生日聚会吗? _________ you _________ ________ have a birthday party?

5. 你通常在星期天做什么?

________ ________ ________ usually ________ on Sundays?



1. How many __________(present) have you got on your birthday?

2. Do you like _________(party)?

3. Jim _________(listen) to music.

4. I usually send cards to my teachers on ____________(teacher) Day.

5. My father often ____________ (watch)TV in the evening.

6. My mother usually makes a ______________(特殊的) cake for me.

7. Would you like __________(go) shopping with me?

8. Let's ________(sing) Happy Birthday in English.

9. What about _________(make) a birthday cake?

10. --What would you like for your birthday? -- It's a _________(秘密).


1. My friend doesn't like watching movies so he ________ goes to the cinema. A. always B. usually C. often D. never

2. Do you often _________ music?


A. listen to B. listening to C.listen D.listens to

3. We usually send a birthday card _______ him. A.to B.for C. too D./

4. --Would you like to go swimming with me?


A.Yes, I'd love to. B. That's right. C. Yes, please. D. Very well.

5. We all like ________ on our birthdays.

A.get presents B. get present C. getting presents D. geting presents

6. My grandfather ________ up at six o'clock in the morning.

A. get always B. always get C. always gets D. gets always

7. What do you get ________ your birthday?

A.to B. on C. and D. with

8. -- _______ do you have the party?

--At home. A.Who B. When C. What D.Where

9. --When is ________ birthday?

--It's ________ Wednesday.

A.Lucy, on B. Lucy's , on C. Lucy, in D. Lucy's, in

答案 1--5 ___________________________ 6--10 __________________________


Made by: Zheng Yuyan Checked by: Ms. Wang Date: 2014-01-01

Module 8 Choosing presents Unit 1 I always like birthday parties. Grammar:


1). 常用的频度副词有:always(总是); usually(通常); often(经常); sometimes(有时); never (从不)。按频率的高低:always> usually >often>sometimes> never

2). 频度副词的位置:放在be动词,情态动词和助动词之后,行为动词之前。

注:当主语为第三人称单数时,句中有频度副词,其后的实意动词不受影响,仍然要变单三。 e.g.:

They often help other students. 他们经常帮助其他学生。

My brother always plays computer games. 我哥哥总是玩电脑游戏。

Betty often listens to music. 贝蒂经常听音乐。

He usually goes to work by bike. 他通常骑自行车去工作。

Li Ming never does his homework after dinner. 李明从不晚饭后做作业。

3). 这些频度副词是一般现在时的标志词。

4). 对频度副词的提问用how often. He never plays computer games.(划线部分提问)


________ ________ does he play computer games?

2. I always like birthday parties. have a party 举行聚会 Exercises:


1. They never play computer games on Friday.(用he做主语改写句子)

_________ never _______ computer games on Friday.

2. I always do my homework on Sundays.(改为否定句)

I _________ do my homework on Sundays.

3. I want a good birthday present.(改为同义句)

I ________ _________ a good birthday present.

4. My mother gives me a CD on my birthday.(改为同义句)

My mother ________ a CD _______ me on my birthday.

5. I often watch football games.(改为一般疑问句) _______ ________ often _______ football games?

6. I often listen to music on Sundays.(对划线部分提问)

________ ________ you often ________ on Sundays?

7. Betty often gets up at six every morning.(对划线部分提问)

________ ________ Betty often ________ up?

8. Would you like to have lunch with us? (作肯定回答) ________, ________ _________ _________. 4

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