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山东省聊城市文轩中学八年级英语上册 Unit 3 Language in use学案

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Module 12 Help Unit 3 Language in use.


(一) 短语及用法归纳。 1. broken glass 碎玻璃 2.first aid 急救

3.medical help 医疗救助 4.at the bottom of 在?底部

5.in pain 疼痛 6.first of all 首先

7.find out 查明 8.lift up 抬起,提起

9.make sure 确保,确认 10.cover?with? 用。。。盖上。。。

11.stay away from 远离 12.in an earthquake 在地震中

13.in short 总之 14.jump out of 从?跳出

15.above all 首要的是 16.lie down 躺下

17.in trouble 在困境中,有麻烦 18.because of 由于 19.on one’s way 在路上 20.run out of 从?跑出来

21. have trouble doing sth. 做某事有困难

22.make sb. + adj. 使某人? 23. such ?that + 从句

24.could be 可能是 25.stop doing 停止做某事

26. keep + adj. 使保持?状态 27.be/ keep clear of sth. 不和?接触

28. be careful of doing sth. 小心做某事

29. warn sb. about sth. 提醒某人注意做某事

30. try (not) to do sth. 尽力(不要)做某事

31. What’s wrong with sb./ sth.? 某人/ 某物怎么了?

32.be proud of sb. 为某人感到自豪


1. Let’s imagine an accident.

2. Find out what’s wrong with him.

3. What should we do before help arrives? 4. That could be harmful. You could drop him and hurt him even more.

5. Make sure he is warm.

6. That’s such good advice that you could be a doctor. 7. It is difficult to warn people about them.

8. Here is some advice.

9. Do not jump out of high buildings./ Don’t use the lift.

10. Keep calm.

11. Be calm and brave.

12. Follow what you learn at school.

二. 12.3新知识点讲解。

1.funny adj. 1)“可笑的,好玩的”;2)“不平常的,奇怪的,不可思议的”常用于口语中。E.g.

I was on the beach and the water started to go funny.

2. clear 作及物动词,意为“转移,移走” ;“使清澈”

1)They cleared people from the beach.

2) People are trying to clear the river.



情态动词can could must 表示推测


(详解见课本P 135-136 )

1. can和could 可以表示对现在和将来的推测,意为“会,可能”。如12.1句子That could be harmful.但can表推测往往用于否定句和疑问句中。用于否定句时,can’t表示不可能,如You can’t be serious!

用于疑问句时,can比could的“可能性”要大。Can/ Could this be true? 这可能是真的吗?


You must be tired after a long walk.


[语法. 中考链接]

1. ---You ____ be happy when you won the first prize.

---Yes, you are right. I’m really excited.

A. may B. can C. must D. need

2. ----Is that Mr. Li under the tree?

---No, it ____ be him. He is in the office now.

A. can’t B. mustn’t C. might D. must 3. The magazine ______ be Lily’s, for we can find her name on the cover.

A. may B. might C. could D. must

4. You _____ be serious! You’re actually going to lend him money again?

A. needn’t B. can’t C. shouldn’t D. mustn’t 5. ______ get off the bus before it stops.

A. Don’t B. Doesn’t C. Didn’t 6. Don’t jump to a conclusion! Let’s_____ the problem first.

A. to discuss B. discuss C. discussed D. discussing


四.【Exercise】 当堂练习

一.单项选择。 1. Eating too many candies(糖果) is ______ to your teeth.

A. good B. bad C. harmful D. harm

2. The boxes are not heavy. You should __________. A. lift up it B. lift it up C. lift them up D. lift up them

3. Everyone should keep the classroom ______.

A. cleans B. cleaned C. clean D. cleaning

4. You look terrible. ________ with you?

A. What’s wrong

B. What’s matter


C. What can I do

D. What’s wrong

5. The magazine ______ be Lily’s, because we can find her name on the cover.

A. may B. might C. could D. must

6. ---My house is near a busy street.

---It _____ be very quiet.

A. can B. can’t C. must D. mustn’t

7. ---What is your brother going to do during the winter holiday?

---I’m not sure. He _____ make a trip to Hainan with his friends.

A. must B. could C. will D. can’t

8. I have trouble ______ out the math problem. A. works B. working C. worked D. work

9. Qingdao is _______ beautiful seaside city that so many people come to visit it every year.

A. such a B. so a C. such D. so

10. ______ this kind of peach and you will like it.

A. Try B. To try C. Tried D. Trying

11. We find it impossible for us _______ a foreign language well in a short time.

A. learn B. learning C. learnt D. to learn

12. In Britain, you ______ be 18 if you want to drive a car.

A. can B. may C. must D. might

13. I’d like to buy a big and modern house, ________, I hope it’s in a quiet neighborhood.

A. after all B. above all C. as a result D. at the moment

14. ________ near street lights or under electricity lines when the earthquake happens.

A. Don’t stand B. Not stand C. Standing D. Won’t stand

15. ---Sorry for being late again.

---_______ here on time next time, or you’ll be punished.

A. Be B. Being C. To be D. Been

答案:1---5 ___________________ 6---10 ___________________



1. Open your mouth, please. (改为否定句)

_______ _______your mouth, please.

2. It could be harmful. (改为一般疑问句)

_______ _______ be harmful?


3. Let us help, _______ _______? (完成反意疑问句)

4. Mary didn’t go to school because he was ill. (改为同义句) Mary didn’t go to school _______ _______ her illness. 5. The woman outside the door must be Mrs. Black. (改为否定句) The woman outside the door________ ________ Mrs. Black.

6. Must I come home early? (作否定回答)

No,_______ _______.

7. Learning English is easy. (改同义句)

_______ easy ______ ______ English. 8. Parts of building may fall on you. (对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ fall on you?

Let’s___1___an accident. You see a boy ___2___ at the ___3___ of the stairs. What should you do? Call for ___4__ help immediately. Do not ___5___ the boy up and sit him on a chair. This could be ___6___ for him. Even worse, you might ___7___ him while you are moving him! That would cause a lot of ___8___ for him. ___9___ him with a coat and make sure he is warm. Then___10___for the doctors to arrive.

答案:1.________ 2._________ 3.________ 4._________ 5._________

6.________ 7._________ 8.________ 9._________ 10.________


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