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Unit4 Why don`t you talk to your parents?

1.Ben was busy talking a training class, we had to wait for him for half an hour.

A. so B if C, or D. but

2.Would you please -----Of course I will.

A .look around B. look through C. look up D, look into

3. the girl is only nine ,she takes care of her brother and cooks meals every day. A. If B. Because C .Although D. As

4.The workers will build a new railroad the two cities.

A since B. between C. as D.during

5. We have no coffee, Let`s have tea .A either B. however C .yet D. instead

6.The little boy his seat to an old lady on the crowded bus.

A. lent B. offered C. took D brought

it at home.

A. missed B. forgotten C. lost D. left

he told me.A. once B while C .since D. until

9.Dr. Bethune working in spite of cutting his hand during an operation.

A. stopped B. continued C. forgot D. enjoyed

10. My grandpa is sleeping . Will you please the radio?

A. turn down B. turn up C. turn on

11.It`s raining heavily outside. Why don`t you your raincoat?

A. put on B. to put on C. take off D. to take off

12.They develop their skills they can do things better and better.

A. however B. because C. since D. so that

13.Look! Some people are running the red lights.------ We should wait others are breaking the rule. A.if B. unless C. although D.because

14.Why don`t you an English club to practice English?

A to join, to speak B. join, speaking C. join ,to speak D. to join, speaking

15.How will she deal with the work?----She doesn`t want to do it by herself. She

A. yet B. instead C. too D.either

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