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新目标英语八年级上册 Units 5-6 综合复习资料

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新目标英语八年级上册Us 5-6 复习


Unit 5

n.情景喜剧(=situation comedy)


n.肥皂;肥皂剧 adj.教育的;有教育意义的





vi.发生;碰巧; aux.可以;可能,也许

v.预期;期待;盼望 n.笑话;玩笑

n.喜剧;幽默事件 查明、弄清(短语)

adj.无意义的;不重要的 n.行为;活动




adj.著名的;有名的 vi.出现;

v.变成;成为 adj.富有的;富饶的;丰富的

adj.成功的;有成就的 aux.可能;也许;may的过去式

adj.主要的;最重要的 n.原因;理由

n.电影 adj.倒霉的;不幸的;不吉利的 vt.丢失;失败

n.女朋友 adj.准备好的;乐意的 n.人物;角色 adj.简单的;易做的


动作片 愿意迅速做某事



Unit 6


医生 工程师 小提琴手

驾驶员;司机 飞行员

钢琴家 科学家

大学 教育 药,医学

综合性大学,高等学府 伦敦

文章,论文 邮寄,发送

长大 ;成长 计算机管理员 确信

确保 决心,决定




能够 讨论,商量 承诺,诺言 开头,开端

改进,改善 身体的

自我改进,自我提高 业余爱好 自己的,本人的,拥有 个人的,私人的 关系 写下

关于;与……有关系 学着做;开始做 同意 (短语) 对;组 邮寄;发送

意义;意思 提问;怀疑

能够做某事 他们自己 在…开始 每周的 学校作业 同意 关系

二、短 语 过 关

Unit 5 Do you want to watch a game show?

1. 谈话节目 2. 游戏节目 3. 肥皂剧 4. 发生 5. 看电影

6. 一双;一对x k b 1.c o m 7. 尽某人最大努力 8. 与……一样有名 9. 就……讨论 10. 有一天 11. 例如 12. 打扮;梳理 13. 代替;替换 14. 干得好 15. 令人愉快的东西 16. 有趣的资料

Unit6 I’m going to study computer science. 1. 成长;长大


17. …之一 18. 看起来像 19. 全世界 20. ……的象征 21. 让某人做某事 22. 计划/打算做某事 23. 希望做某事 24. 碰巧做某事 25. 盼望做某事 26. 做……怎么样? 27. 乐于做某事 28. 尽某人最大努力做某事 29. 认为

30. 从……获得;向……学习 31. 查明;弄清楚

2. 每天

3. 对……有把握 14. 打算做某事

4. 确信;务必 15. 练习做某事

5. 把……送到…… 16. 不断地做某事

6. 能做某事 17. 学会做某事

7. ……的意思 18. 做完某事

8. 不同种类的 19. 许诺去做某事

9. 写下;记下 20. 帮助某人做某事

10. 关于;与……有关系 21. 记住做某事

11. 开始做;学着做 22. 同意做某事

12. 几乎不;很少 23. 喜爱做

13. 太……而不能……/太……以至于不能



( )11. -What are you going to do tomorrow? -______.

A. Nothing much B. Much nothing C. Not anything D. No thing

( )12. If we get there early tomorrow morning, we ________ things in a shop.

A. buy B.bought C.will buy D.would buy

( )13. They ________watch TV after school.

A.sometimes B.sometime C.some times D.some time

( )14. The text is a little harder for you than that one. There are _____ new words in it.

A.a few B.a little C.few D.little

( )15.____of the two new books are interesting .

A. All B. Both C. Any D.Either

( )16.They didn’ t go to bed ______ they finished their homework.



A. until B. because C. when D. if

( )17.Thank you for ______ me the news. I’ m glad to hear that.

A. tell B. telling C. tells D. told

( )18.Is there ______ I can do for you?

A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing

( )19.My watch is not here. Maybe ______ took it.

A. somebody B. anybody C. everybody D. nobody

( )20. This work is ________ for me than for you.

A.difficult B.the most difficult C.most difficult D.more difficult

( )21.Lily _________ stay at home because of the bad weather last weekend.

A.had to B.must to C.must D.should

( )22.There is __________ junk food here, and it is __________ terrible.

A.too much,too much B.much too,much too C.too much,much too D.much too, much too

( )23.—Do you enjoy __________ here? —No,I want _________ there by bike.

A.walking,to go B.to walk, to go C.walking,going D.to walk, going

( )24.We couldn’t see the road clearly _________ the heavy snow.

A.because B.because of C.so D.though A. to rest B. rest C. rested D. resting

( )26.—_______ do you go to school by bike? —Only four times a week.

A.How many times B.How often C.How long D.How soon

( )27.He likes playing________ tennis ,and he dislikes playing ______ drum.

A.\, \ B.\ the C.the,\ D.the,the

( )28.Lisa is _________ than her sister.


A.more smarter B.much smarter C.more smart D.very smarter

( )29.She often practices _________ English by _________ to the foreigners.

A.speaking,talking B.to speak, to talk C.speaking,to talk D.to speak, talking

( )30.He is different _________ his brother,but he is similar _________ his father.

A.from, from B.to, to C.from, to D.to, from

( )31.We don’t need a lot of friends _________ they are good.

A.as many as B.as much as C.as long as D.as more as

( )32.When did you _________ home yesterday?

A.reach to B.get C.arrive at D.arrive in

( )33.He often _________ jokes and makes us _________ .

A.talks,laugh B.tells, laugh C.talks, to laugh D.tells, to laugh

( )34.Thanks __________ me!

A.for tell B.to tell C.to telling D.for telling

( )35.— _____ is it from your home to school? —10 minutes by bus.

A.How far B.How long C.How often D.How soon

( )36.It’s interesting for us_________ other people _________ their talent.

A.to watch, to show B. to watch, show C.watch, to show D.watch, show

( )37.Parents usually _________ a role in _________ their kids.

A.play,helping B.make, helping C.play,help D.make,help

( )38.Students should study hard to make their dreams _________.

A.come out B.come up C.come true D.come on

( )39.I can’t stand _________ the noisy music, let him A. hearing, stop B.to hear,stop C.hearing,to stop D.to hear, to stop

( )40.—Would mind _________ Mickey Mouse? —No, I enjoy _________ it. 6

A.watching, watching B.to watch, to watch C.watching, to watch D.to watch, watching

( )41.Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon _____ sound. A.and B.of C.with D.in

( )42.—Who can sing the most beautifully? —_________.

A.It’s up for B.That’s up to you C.It decides for you D.It decides to you

( )43.If I have _______ ,I can do __________. .

A.enoght time, enogh well B.enough time,well enough

C.time enough, enough well D.time enough,well enogh

( )44.We had a good time ________ because of the fine weather.

A.to dance B.at dancing C.dancing D.of dancing

( )45. _________ it rained heavy, _________ we went on visiting.

A.Though, but B.But, though C.Though, \ D.Because, \

( )46. --Could you please do the cleaning? --______.

A. Yes, I could B. Sure, I’d love to. C. No, I couldn’t. D. You’re welcome.

( )47. In our city, it’s _____in July, but it’s even ______in August .

A. hotter, hottest B. hot, hot C. hotter, hot D. hot, hotter

( )48. Jay Chou’s music sounds________. I like it very much.

A. nice B. well C. bad D. quickly

( )49.We ________ TV when the telephone rang at nine o’clock last night.

A. watched B. were watching C. watch D. are watching

( )50. Michael has ________ fever so he has to stay in _____ bed.

A. the; the B. a; the C. the; / D. a; /

( )51.The air here is not as clean as ____ in my hometown. A. this B. it C. that D. its

( )52. It’s very important ________ us ________ English well.


A. of …learning B. for… learning C. of…to learn D. for…to learn

( )53. The policeman asked the children________ in the street.

A. not to play B. to not play C. don’t play D. playing

( )54. I _______ go to bed ________ I finished my homework last night.

A. didn’t, when B. /, until C. didn’t, until D.won’t, until

( )55. All the people should do their best __________ the work.

A. to finish B. finish C. finished D. finishing

( ) 56.—____ did you go on vacation? —Hong Kong. A. What B. How C. Where D. When

( ) 57.Of all the students, Angie is the _________but studies ______than others.

A. shorter, best B. shortest, better C. shortest, best D. shorter, better

( ) 58.I’m sure you can jump as ________as Jim if you wear your sports shoes.

A. tall B. taller C. higher D. high

( ) 59.The news _________ pretty educational. A. be B.is C.are D. am

( ) 60.Our math teacher was ill yesterday, so Mr Li took ______ place. A. he B. him C. he’s D. his

( ) 61.Lin li is _______ in her class. A. the younger B. younger C. youngest D. the youngest

( )62.I think math is as _________ as music.

A.interesting B.more interesting C.most interesting D.the most interesting

( )63.In China, many families are ______ to buy cars these days.

A enough rich B rich enough C very rich D. too rich

( )64.I think English is ________than PE.

A.much important B. important C.much more important D. more much important

( )65. —I can’t find my CDs. —_______ you put them in that bag.

A. Must B. May be C. Maybe D. May

( )66.---When ___ Jack ___ for Shanghai? ---Tomorrow morning.

A.is ; leaving B. does ; leave C.will; leaving D .did ; leave


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