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He’s already visited the place where his ancestors lived.







This is my family tree with long roots
brother I

1.Do you know your ancestors’ homeland?

2. Where is it? 3.Have you ever been back to the place where your ancestors lived, worked and played?

A Story about Robert

1. Two overseas Chinese students are mentioned ,who are they ? Robert Qian and Cathy Qin . 2. Have they visited the places where their ancestors lived ?

Yes, they have .

1. Who is Robert Qian ? He is a Chinese Canadian .

2. What has he found in China ? His family is like a tall tree with long roots .

the purpose (目的) to China the name of the program be organized by

Look for families roots and visit the ancestors’ homeland In Search of Roots summer camp The government of Guangdong Province In 1980 Between 16 to 25

when to start age

1.The students mainly visit parts of Guangdong southern China . Province in eastern F

2. It’s a 4 2 - week trip .


exciting part of the trip is going to the 3. The worst ancestors’ village. F

4. They study Chinese culture , see changes , visit T interesting sights . 5. Watching the villagers makes the students feel embarrassed good . F

Thanks to In Search of Roots , I am beginning to understand my Chinese roots and who I am .

多亏了这次“寻根活动”我开始了 解我的根在中国,开始懂得我是谁 了。

thanks to: 多亏;由于 =(with the help of/ because of)

e.g.: Thanks to you, my English is becoming better and better.

I am looking forward to finding out more about my roots during my time here . “look forward to ” means______. B A. 向前 B.盼望着 look forward to + doing /n .

I have really enjoyed the trip so far.
A So far in this sentence means ____.

A. 到目前为止

B. 如此远

This has been a big step for me .

C . This here means ________
A.the root .
B.the ancestor. C.the trip .

D.the villager.

1. Do you know how many successful or famous overseas Chinese?

2. Why do they come back to China?
3. Are you proud of being a Chinese?

We are Chinese We are proud of China

We love China

Retell the story about Robert and write it down on your paper


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