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Unit5 习题练习

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Unit5 What were you doing when the rainstorm came?

his mother was cooking.

A. as B. before C. while D. after

there are no mistakes.

A. think of B.try out C, find out D. make sure

3.It is reported that many people send (more than)500 messages by mobile phone every week.( 同义词填空)

4.David was so excited at the good news that he could say a word.

A. nearly B. hard C. ever D. hardly

5.I have in learning English and I`m so worried. Could you help me with it?----Sure ,I`d love to A. joy B. interest C. trouble D. fun

6.I saw him in the library yesterday. He A. reads B. is reading C. was reading D. will read

7.I was at the cinema at nine o`clock yesterday evening. What about you?------I TV at home.

A. am watching B. was watching C. will watch D. watched

8. Jenny in the kitchen when you called her at 5 o`clock this afternoon.

A. is cooking B. was cooking C. cooks D. cooked

9.The girl with two cats in the yard when the earthquake happened.

A. was playing B. is playing C. are playing D. were playing

10.When shall we go to the museum, this afternoon or tomorrow morning ?

is Ok. I`m free these days . A. Both B. All C. Either D. Neither

11. My brother came back home while I homework.

A. am doing B.did C. was doing D. were doing

12.The doctors are busy the dying man.-----We should thank them.

A. save B. saved C.saving D. to save

13.My father was preparing for his speech last night.

A. if B. while C.unless D. until

14.Do you think yesterday`s math problem was difficult?---Yes ,I work it out.

A. hardly B. easily C. finally D. nearly

15.How many teachers are ther in your school?---The number of them is one hundred.

A.woman,on B. woman ,over C. women,on D. women ,over

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