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初一英语周周练(7A Unit 8)

班级 姓名 学号 命题人:汤利红 2013 -1- 15

一. 词汇 (20分)

A 根据句意、首字母及中文提示完成单词。

1 Can you________(借) me your new book ?

2 Sometimes she is l________and doesn’t want to cook.So she eats some cakes for lunch.

3 Mary wants to buy a s________ blouse for her mun as a birthday present. 4 Trainers are light and ________(舒适的).

5---Dose the price________(包括) lunch?

---Yes.it does.

6 I want to be a ________(模特) when I grow up.

7These__________(围巾) are so beautiful. They feel _______(柔软) and________(光滑).

8 How do you like my red __________(手套).

B 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。

1 Good evening,______(lady)and_______(gentleman).Welcome to our school. 2 My T-shirt is _________(make) of cotton.

3 Look ! The wallet___________(lie) on the floor.

4 They’re thinking about__________(design) a new bridge.

5 The girl will go to a party but she doesn’t know what_________(wear). 6 Look, here _________(come) the bus.

7 This pair of boots ___________(fit) me very well.

8 My brother seldom________(do) his homework on Sunday.

Now,he is_______(chat) with his friends on the Internet.

二 单项选择 (20分)。

( ) 1,-----What are you _____now ?

------The show. It’s really a great show.

A talking about B talking with

C talking to D talking at

( ) 2,-----It’s eight o’clock. The students____ an English class.

A have B having C is having D are having

( ) 3, -----How do you like this skirt ?


A All right B Yes C It’s beautiful D Fine, thanks

( ) 4,_______ sunny day! Let’s go out for a walk.

A How a B How C What a D What 1

( ) 5,Can I _____ a pen_____you ?

A borrow; to B borrow; from

C lend; to D lend; from

( ) 6, -----How beautiful the coat is !

-----What about ________?

A try on it B tried it on C trying it on D try it on

( ) 7-----_____ do you exercise ?

-----Six times a week.

A How much B How many C How often D How long

( ) 8, I can spend ______ in bed at weekends.

A two more hours B two hours more

C more two hours D two more hour

( ) 9, Look, Sanday is wearing a _____skirt.

A black and wool B wool and black

C more two hours D black wool

( ) 10, There are two foreign(国外的) students in my class.______ of them

are from England.

( ) 11, Tom with his classmates _____ in the playground now.

A is running B are running C run D runs

( ) 12, This pair of jeans ____very beautiful on you.

A looks B look C is looking D are looking

( ) 13, -----You look so cool in the new clothes, Miss Chen.


A Oh, no B Thank you C Not at all D I don’t think

( ) 14, -----How beautiful Lucy is ! she looks smart_____red.

-----Yes, the red clothes are very wonderful _____her.

A on, in B in, on C on, on D in, in

( ) 15, Who ____over there now ?

A singing B are sing C is singing D sing

三 句型转换 (15分)。

1, (对划线部分提问)。

_________ this T-shirt _________ of ?

2, The boy often swims.(用now替换often)

The boy ________ _________ now.

3, Children are waiting for the school bus ?

Now,they __________.

4, 对划线部分提问)。 __________ _________the girls _________now.


5, 同上)

_________ ________ the girls __________now.

6, Some students don’t know how they can learn English well.(同义句)。 Some students don’t know how________ _________ English well.

四 翻译句子 (15分)。

1, 牛仔裤在学生中很流行。

Jeans_______ _________ _______ _______ students.

2, 白色看起来很清爽,而且和其他任何颜色都相配。

White _______ _____ and _______ _______ _______ other. 3, 你觉得我的红手套怎么样?

______ do you ________ _______ my red gloves ?

4, 运动鞋适合长时间行走。

Trainers ________ ________ ________ a long walk.

五 完型填空 (10分)。

A shopkeeper closes his shop in and goes home.He is very tired;he doesn’supper and goes to bed at once.At that time the telephone rings.A man says,“,sir?”The shopkeeper is unhappy.He thinks the man plays a trick on him.He does not answer it and goes to bed. and goes to pick up the phone and finds that voice(声音)is man and he asks the same question.The shopkeeper angrily answers,“You needn’t ask me that because I can’t let you 8 my shop.It’s late now.”

“No.1 want to go out,”the man 9 .“My wife 10 me at home for dinner now.”

( )1.A.evening B.morning

C.afternoon D.day

( )2.A.has B.had

C.have D.is having

( )3.A.window B.door

C.shop D.factory

( )4.A.up B.back

C./ D.down

( )5.A.rings again B.called

C.ringing again D.calling

( )6.A.stands up B.gets up

C.stays in bed D.goes to bed

( )7.A.same B.different

C.friendly D.helpful


( )8.A.come into B.go out of

C.1ire in D.come out

( )9.A.smiles B.answers

C.says D.shouts

( )10.A.waited for B.waits for

C.is waiting for D.wait for

六 阅读理解 (10分)。

A young man is sitting by the road eating something.A policeman is coming over.At once,the man gets up quickly and runs down the road.The policeman runs after him.The man runs very fast.But the policeman runs faster.After a few minutes,the policeman catches him.“Where are you going?”says the policeman.“You must be a criminal(罪犯)if you run like that when you see a policeman.”“No,no,”says the man.“I’m not a criminal.I’m just too fat,you see.The doctor says to me I must always run fast after eating.”“I see,”says the policeman.“You are running to help to lose some weight.”

( )1.A young man is sitting by the road and something.

A.looking B.seeing

C.eating D.drinking

( )2.A is coming.

A.bus B.man

C.friend D.policeman

( )3.What does the young man do when he sees the policeman?

A.He says“Hello”to him.

B.He gets up and runs.

C.He is waiting for him.

D.He doesn’t go away.

( )4.The policeman runs after the young man because .

A.he is catching a bus

B.he knows him

C.he thinks he iS a bad man

D.the young man is a criminal

( ) 5.Why is the young man running?

A.He wants to lose some weight.

B.He is afraid of the policeman.

C.He is running for a bus.

D.He wants to eat something.


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