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? 含义:表示过去某个时刻正在进行的动作;过 去进行时可以用来是描述一件事发生的背景: 一个长动作发生的过程中(用过去进行时态), 另一个短动作发生(用一般过去时态). ? 结构:was/were+doing ? 例句:It was not raining then. 那是没有下雨

? 在过去时态的时间状语从句中,如果两个动作同 时发生,延续性的动作用过去进行时,非延续性 的动作用一般过去时.在when引导的从句中,主 从句的谓语动词既可以是非延续性动词也可以 是延续性动词要根据情况选用一般过去时或过 去进行时;while引导的从句中谓语动词必须是 延续性的,用过去进行时,而主句用一般过去时. 如果两个延续性动作同时进行,二者都可以用过 去进行时,在这种情况下,while比when更常用.

? ba ? dc
? ?

1 pick up 接电话 “Why don’t you pick up my phone “, he asked angrily. 2 strange adj. 奇怪的 stranger n.陌 生人 The stranger said something strange and then left. 5 beat v. beat 敲打 打败 There was dead silence but for a fly beating against the glass. He beat her at chess. 6 fall asleep 睡着 He was too tired ,as soon as he lay down he fall asleep.



? 1 . While John was playing the piano, Mary left the house. John was playing the piano when Mary left the house. ? 2. While John was cleaning the room, Mary turned on the radio. John was cleaning the room when Mary turned on the radio. ? 3. While John was shopping, Mary took the car to the car wash. John was shopping when Mary took the car to the car wash.

1.They are Dr. Martin Luther King ‘s murder and the World Trade Center In New York was taken down . 2. They were on April 4, 1968 and on September 11,2001.

1 completely adv.完全地complete adj.“ He completely believe my words. 2 in silence 沉默 silent 寂静的,无声的 After arguing with each other , both of them are in silence. 3 recently adv. 最近 recent adj. What have you done recently?

4 …most Americans remember what they were doing when the World Trade Center in New York was taken by terrorists. 绝大多数美国人都记得纽约世贸中心被恐怖分子摧毁时他们在 做什么。 take down 摧毁 “They are talking about how to take that wall down. 5 terrorist n. 恐怖分子 The man is a terrorist.

6 She remembers working in her office near the two towers. 她记得当时自己正在距两座塔楼不远的办公室工作。 remember (sb) doing sth 记得(某人)曾经做过某事 I don’t remember seeing him anywhere. I remember my father bringing home a large Christmas tree.



1.Although some people may not remember who killed him, they remember what were doing when they heard the new. 2. My parents did not talk after that, and we finished the rest of our dinner in silence. 3. Even the date ---September 11, 2001 ---has mea

ning to most Americans. 4. I was so scared that I could hardly think clearly after that.

While When When


was practiced came arrived

help was went was playing sat

called started

heard beat won was

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