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A Mark’s family and friends did not know马车) and drove to the nearest ( )1.A. wake B.cry C.moved D.die

( )2.A. late B.later C.ago D.before

( )3A. The sick man B.Mark C.The doctor D.The farmer

( )4.A.and B.or C.then D.also

( )5.A.picked B.held C.made D.looked

( )6.A.wall B.window C.ground D.door

( )7.A.well B.worse C.bad D.good

( )8.A.when B.what C.where D.whick

( )9A.thought B.hit C.caught D.had

( )!0. A.shop B.farm C.hospital D.village


Jim was a worker. One of his feet was bigger than ___1__. He couldn’t __2____ the right shoes ___3___ his feet. One day his friend Mike said to him “___4___ don’t you go to a shoemaker? A good shoemaker can ____5__ you the right shoes.” __6____ Jim went to the shoemaker near Mike’s home, very soon the shoemaker finished the work. Jim___7___ the shoes and wasn’t happy. He ___8___ the shoemaker, 1

“ You aren’t a __9____ shoemaker! I wanted you to make me one shoe bigger than the other, ___10___ you made me one shoe smaller than the other.”

( )1. A. other B. the other C. another D. that one

( )2. A. see B. look for C. find D. find out

( )3. A. for B. with C. on D. of

( )4. A. When B. Where C. How D. Why

( )5. A. make B. pass C. do D. give

( )6. A. Then B. But C. So D. Because

( )7. A. saw B. watched C. found D. looked at

( )8. A. said B. said to C. spoke D. talked

( )9. A. good B. bad C. right D. kind

( )10. A. then B. and C. but D. so


When Mr Smith retired(退休a quiet life in this house.

But to his great surprise, many tourists came to see his house in summer holidays, for it was the of them even went into Mr Smith’s garden. This was notice said, “If you want好奇心),come in and look round. Price: twenty dollars.” Mr guide,”he said angrily. In the end, he sold the house and moved away.

( )1.A. garden B. shop

( )2. A. liked C. house D. school C. sold D. built B. hated

( )3. A. big B. interesting C. small D. clean


( )4. A. children B. students C. parents D. tourists

( )5. A. no B. none

( )6. A. come C. many D. much C. stay D. play B. leave

( )7. A. to satisfy B. satisfy C. to satisfying D. satisfying

( )8. A. go on

( )9. A. take

( )10. A. play B. stop C. continue D. not B. cost C. spend D. pay B. work C. watch D. retire

D understand each other, but after a game they often become friends.

( )1.A. health B. busy C. healthy D. lazy

( )2.A. long B. longer C. happy D. happily

( )3.A. Winter B. Summer C. Autumn D.Spring

( )4.A.boring B.difficult C.expensive D.interesting

( )5.A. woman B. women C. old D. young

( )6.A. Run B. Runs C. Running D. To run

( )7.A. new B. interesting C. popular D. old

( )8.A. start B. play C. playing D. starting

( )9.A. oldest B. newest C. the oldest D. the newest

( )10.A. in B. of C. from D.at


阅读理解 A

Mr. Smith works in an office. He’s very busy and has no time to have a good rest. Every evening, when he comes back from his office, he’s always tired and wants to go to bed early. But his wife often has a lot of interesting things to tell him after supper. She doesn’t stop talking until she falls asleep.

One day the man felt terrible and couldn’t go to work. He decided to go to see a doctor. And Mrs Smith went to the hospital with him. Before her husband said what was the matter with him, the woman had told the doctor all and the man understand why. He wrote out a prescription ( 处方 ) . And when Mr Smith brought the medicine to the resulting room, the doctor said to her, “ The bottle of medicine is for your husband and the pills ( 药片 ) are for you.”“For me?” the woman said in surprise “I’m fine. I don’t need any medicine!”“ I don’t think so, madam”, said the doctor. “They are sleeping pills. Your husband will soon be all right if you take them.”

( ) 1. Mr Smith is _____

A.too busy to have a good rest B.too busy not to have a rest

C.busy enough to have a good rest D.not busy enough to have a good rest

( ) 2.The sentence “His wife doesn’t stop talking until she falls asleep” means __

A.she doesn’t stop talking when she falls asleep B.she doesn’t stop talking after she falls asleep

C.she keeps talking until she falls asleep D.she likes talking as she falls asleep

( ) 3. Why does Mr Smith have to get up when his wife is asleep in the morning?

A.Because he can’t fall asleep B.Because he has to go to work

C.Because he doesn’t want to sleep D.Because his wife asks him to get up

( ) 4. Why couldn’t Mr Smith go to work one day?

A.Because he didn’t want to work B.Because his wife didn’t let him go

C.Because he fell ill D.Because he was too tired to go to work

( ) 5. The sentence “ Your husband will be all right if you take them.” means Mr Smith will soon be all right if ______.

A.Mrs Smith takes the bottle of medicine B.Mr Smith takes the pills


C.Mr Smith takes the bottle of medicine D.Mrs Smith stops talking too much at night


In most parts of the world, many students help their schools make less pollution(污染). They join “environment(环境) club”. In an environment club, people work together to make our environment clean. Here are some things students often do.

No – garbage(垃圾) lunches. How much do you throw away after lunch? Environment clubs ask students to bring their lunches in bags that can be used again. Every week they will choose the classes that make the least garbage and report them to the whole school.

No – car day. On a no- car day, nobody comes to school in a car- not the students and not the teachers. cars give pollution to our air, so remember: walk, jump, bike, or run! Use your legs! It’s lots of fun! Turn off the water! Did you know that toilets(抽水马桶) can waste twenty to forty tons(吨) of water an hour? In a year, that would fill a small river! In the environment clubs, students mend those broken toilets.

We love our environment. Let’s work together to make it clean.

( )1. Environment clubs ask students________

A. to run to school every day. B. to take exercise every day.

C. not to forget to take cars D. not to throw away lunch bags

( )2. From the passage we know the students usually have lunch__________.

A. at school B. in shops C. in clubs D. at home

( )3.On a no –car day, ______ will take a car to school.

A. both students and teachers B. only students C. only teachers D. neither students nor teachers

( )4. After students mend toilets, they save______

A. a small river B. a club C. a lot of water D. a toilet

( )5. The writer wrote the passage to ask students to _________

A. clean school B. make less pollution C. join clubs D. help teachers



Everyone knows that exercise is important. We need to exercise. Doctors say it is good for us. It keep our bodies strong. When the daytime comes, we must get up. This is the time for exercise. Exercise means doing things with the body. There are many ways to exercise. You can walk, run, swim, skate, or play ball games. Make sure you excise in the following ways: you have to like what you’re doing. Exercise enough---but not too much. It is good to exercise twice each week. Thirty minutes each time is enough. Try all kinds of things until you find one, two or three sports that feel right for you.

Exercise can be fun. Friends can exercise together at fitness center, or they can play sports together. How do you exercise?

( )1. In the passage the writer tells us that we all need to__________.

A. drink B. relax C. exercise D. work

( )2.Which of the following sports can’t we find in the passage?

A. Fishing B. Running C. Swimming D. Walking

( )3. What does exercise mean?

A. It means doing things with the body B. It means studying

C. It means doing lessons. D. It means playing

( )4. What can exercise do to the body?

A. It can make the body weak B. It can make us sleep more

C. It can make the body sick D. It can make the body healthy

( )5. The words “fitness center” in the passage mean_________

A.减肥中心 B.健身中心 C.购物中心 D.医疗中心


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