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Unit 3I'm more outging than my sister A

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Unit 3 I’m more outgoing than my sister

No .1




13. healthy_______14. friendly___________15. expensive_________


friendly________________quietly_________healthy___________ easy____________ smart__________ outging___________ big________ funny___________ beautiful_____________ difficult_______________ nice_______ many/much_________ serious_________good/well_________ far________ __________ bad/badly__________ little_______ thin______


呆在家中____________ 早起____________ 唱歌比赛______________ 比--唱得好___________头发较短的那个 ____________________比---唱得清楚_________________ 比---跳得好_____________重要的是学到新的东西和得到快乐______________________________________the one on the black bike_____________the one in a red coat___________ the man in the green car____________比较胖_____________ play the drums _______run fast __________jump high___________ work as hard as sb. ____________sing well _______ the one with shorter hair________________

越来越瘦____________________ 越来越美丽_________________________


1. My bike is _________ , but hers is __________ than mine .(new) 2. Which is ___________ , this one or that one ?(nice)

3. My brother is ____________ than my sister .(funny) 4. Li Ying is ____________ than Li Ping .(thin)

5. She is a little quieter than ____________ .(I) 6. My room is much bigger than ____________ .(she)

7. My mother is very ____________ every day . And my father is even ____________ than her .(busy)

8. This sweater is too big . Do you have a ____________ one ?(small)


1. Tom is thin . Jim is thinner .(合并为一句) Tom is ________ _________Jim . 或 Jim is ________ ________ Tom .

2. This computer is newer than that one .(同义句) That computer is __________ ________ this one .

3. Tom is twelve years old . Jim is fourteen years old .(合并为一句)Tom is ____________ ____________ Jim .

4. My cousin is calmer than his .(同义句) His cousin is ____________ than ____________ .

5. Tom is healthier than Jim . (提问) ____________ is healthier , Tom ____________ Jim ?


care of (照顾)you as much as possible. In your waking hours she always holds(拥抱) you in her she stops her work right now to look after(照顾) up day by day, she feels very happy. When you are old enough to go to school, mother still looks after you all the time. On cold winter days, she always tells you to put on for you back from school. When you hurry to leave home for school with little breakfast, she always feels about you at home. She usually knows about your study and your school things. When you do well at school, the brightest smile will be on her face.

Mother is always ready to give everything she to her children, not to receive . What true love that is in the world! We will remember Mother Love for ever.


Most American families are smaller than the families in other countries. Most American familiar have one or two __1__.

Children in the US will __2__ their parents home when they grow up. They usually live __3__ their parents because they want to find good jobs. They often __4__ to their parents or telephone then. And they often go to visit their parents on __5__.

Parents usually let their children choose(选择)their own(自己的)__6__. Americans thinks it __7__ for young people to decide their lives by themselves.

Children are asked to do some work __8__ their house. And in many families, children are paid for__9__ some housework so that they can learn __10__ to make money for their own use.

1. A. uncles B. aunts C. parents D. children 2. A. leave B. reach C. love D. go away

3. A. near B. far from C. next to D. close to 4. A. come B. drive C. move D. write

5. A. Monday B. weekdays C. Friday D. holidays 6. A. jobs B. job C. works D. thing

7. A. bad B. beautiful C. important D. wrong 8. A. outside B. around C. except D. beside

9. A. to do B. do C. doing D. does 10. A. what B. when C. where D. how

No .2


1. I think Tara is ____________ than Lucy . (outgoing) 2. Tom is a little ____________ than Jim .(serious)

3. Lucy is much ____________ than Lily . (strong) 4. Pop music is ____________ than the classical music.(popular)

5. This car is even ____________ .(expensive) 6. These flowers are so ____________ .(beautiful)


1. My brother is two years __________(old)than me. 2. Tom is as ________(fat) as Jim.

3. Is your sister __________(young) than you? Yes,she is. 4. Who is ___________(thin),you or Helen? Helen is.

5.--Whose pencil-box is __________(big),yours or hers? ---Hers is. 6. Mary’s hair is as __________(long) as Lucy’s.

7.Ben ______ (jump) ________ (high) than some of the boys in his class.

8.______ Nancy sing __________ (well) than Helen? Yes, she _____. 9.Fangfang is not as _________ (tall) as the other girls.

10.My eyes are __________(big) than ________ (she).. 11.Which is ___________(heavy),the elephant or the pig?

12.Who gets up _________(early),Tim or Tom? 13._____the girls get up_______(early) than the boys?No,they______.

14. Jim runs _____(slow). But Ben runs __________(slow). 15.The child doesn’t______(write) as ____(fast) as the students.

No .3


1. Tina is about three centimeters(厘米)________than Tara. A. tall B. long C. taller D. longer

2.___________come from Canada. A. They both B. Both they C. Both them D. Them both

3. --In your English study reading is more important than speaking , I think.

--I don’t agree(赞同). Speaking is _______reading. A. as important as B. so important as C. more important D. the same as

4.Jim likes sports. He is ________than his brother. A. quieter B. quiet C. outgoing D. more outgoing

5. When the little boy______ some one coming upstairs, he stopped________.

A. hears; to cry B. listened; crying C. heard; crying D. listened; to cry

6. I’m good at ______,but Lilei is good at __________.

A. Chinese; play computer B. Chinese; to play computer C. Chinese; playing computers D. China; play computers

7. I have a lot more books than Tom______. A. has B. is C. did D. does

8. She became more and more____ in computer. A. interested B. interest C. interests D. interesting

9.Tom is ___________of the twins. A. the harder B. hardly C. harder D. the hardest

10.She looks as __________ as her brother. A. carefully B. careful C. beautifully D. care

11.-Tom, can I wear jeans and a T-shirt to the school talent show?-OK,but a dress might be ___.A.good B.bad C.better D. worse

12. -Is that girl Amy? 一No,that’s Wendy. Amy is _________ than Wendy. A. thin B. thinner C. thinnest D. the thinnest

13. Li Hua’s shoes are as _______ as Zhang Hui’s. A. cheap B. cheaper C. the cheaper D. the cheapest

14.-Are you relaxing yourself here ?--Yes. It is ___to walk slowly along the river. A. fantastic B. boring C. Strange D. terrible

15.The water in the lakes and rivers in Yunnan became _______ because of the dry(干燥的) weather.

A. fewer and fewer B. more and more C. less and less D. little and little

16.Li Na _________ a gold medal again in Shenzhen ____ January 5th,2013. A.beat;in B. won; in C. Won; on D. beat;on

17.There are more students in Grade Two than _______ . A. grade one B. other grade C. in Grade One D. others grade

18. The Internet makes the world become_____.

A. bigger and bigger B. more and more C. smaller and smaller D, more and more beautiful

19. The weather in Harbin in summer is __than that in Beijing. They’re different.A. cool B. much cooler C. Hot D. much hotter

20. Her bag is newer than __________. A. mine B. my C. me D. I

21. Lin Tao is younger than __________ boy in his class. A. any others B. any other C. the other D. the others

22. Which one is __________, this one or that one? A. good B. bad C. best D. worse

23. He is __________ than me. A. older B. elder C. young D. more younger

24. I don’t like the movie. It’s much too __________. A. more boring B. scarier C. sad D. sadder

25.I think Chinese peaple are _______ than Japanese. A. friendlier B. more friendly C. friendly D. more friendlier 书面表达:


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