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A. 听句子(本题有5小题,每小题1分,共5分)


( ) 1.What is the speaker looking for ?



( ) 2. What is the speaker doing?



( ) 3. What does the speaker want to buy ?



C .


) 4. What does the speaker need ?



( ) 5. What?s that ?







( ) 6. A. He has a new map. B I have a new hat. C. She has a new bag.


( ) 7. A. The dress is red. B. The desk is red. C. The egg is red.

( ) 8. A Lingling is drawing a ship. B Lingling saw a sheep.

C Lingling is drawing a tree.

( ) 9. A The reporter is behind the door. B The reporter is behind the wall.

C The reporter is behind the ball.

( ) 10. A .Her birthday is on October 1st . B Her birthday is on December 11th .

C. Her birthday is on September 3rd .


听对话,在所给的选项中选出一个能回答对话后面问题的最佳答案。每段对话听两遍。 听第一段对话,回答第11小题。

11. What?s the man?s name?

A. John Smith B. Jenny Smith C. Bob Smith


12 What color is Lily?s sweater?

A. Red B. Black. C. Blue.


13. Why doesn?t Sally like P.E?

A. Because it is interesting. B. Because she doesn?t like her P.E. teacher.

C. Because she doesn?t like running.


14. Where is the boy?s school bag?

A. On the chair.. B. In the desk.. C. Under the table.


15. Who is Dave?s science teacher?

A. Miss Zhang. B. Mr. Zhang. C. Mrs. Zhang.


16. How much is the skirt?

A. $20. B. $ 30. C.$40.

17. What will the girl buy finally?

A. A sweater. B. A skirt. C. A T-shirt..


18. Who?s birthday is coming?

A. Ann?s. B. Tim?s. C. Helen?s.

19. When is the birthday?

A. It?s on July 11th . B. It?s on July 12th C. It?s on July 13th

20. What food will they have for the birthday dinner?

A. Vegetable salad. B. Egg hamburgers.

C. Fruit salad and chicken hamburgers.




21. Sally has ______ volleyballs.

A. 6 B. 5 C. 3

22. Kobe is a _______.

A. student B. basketball player C. baseball player.

23. Sally plays _______ well.

A. soccer and basketball B. soccer and baseball C. basketball and baseball

24. Sally is __________.

A. in her school basketball club. B. in her school baseball club.

C. in her school music club.

25. There are many balls ________.

A. behind Sally?s bed B. under Sally?s desk C. under Sally?s bed


There ?s a sport just swimming? ?t have to compete — Just stay healthy and fit! Who cares if you’re not



( )36. We have ___ soccer game for every month.

A. an B. the C. / D. a

( )37. ___ pen is red and ___ is red, too. A. Your, my B. Your, mine C. Yours, mine D. You, my

( )38. I often watch TV ___seven ___ Sunday evenings .

A. in ;on B. at; on C. at ; in D in ; at

( )39. I ___ two baseballs and my friend___ five.

A. have; have B. have; has C. has; have D. has, has

( )40. My name?s Tom Hanks. Tom is my ___name and Hanks is my ___name.

A. first, last B. last, first C. last, family D. family, last

( )41. We have socks ___all colors ___only $5 . A. at ; in B. in ; for C. at ; at D. for; at

( )42. Please ___me ___ 33786632@qq.com.

A. call; at B. call; for C. e-mail; at D. e-mail; for


( ) 43. There ___ some rice in the bowl.

A. are B. is C. have D. has

( ) 44. I don?t like science _______ it?s difficult.

A. but B. so C. because D. and

( ) 45. --- Where ___my trousers ? --- ___ on the bed .

A. are , It?s B. is , It?s C. are , They?re D. is , They?re

( ) 46. ---. Can I help you ? --- ___.

A. How much are they? B. Yes, please. Do you sell bags?

C. How about this one? D. Here you are.

( apples but he doesn?t have A. some , some B. any , any C. any , some D. some , any

( )48. --- Hi, Alan. Happy birthday! --- ___ . Bill.

A. Thank you B. You are welcome

C. The same to you D. That?s for sure.

( )49. Please find the underlined letter read as /g /

( )50. What syllable is stressed in the word September ?

A.[?septemb?(r) ] B.[?sep?temb?(r)] C.[septem?b?(r)] D.[sep?temb?(r)]

三、完形填空 (本大题有10小题,每小题1分,共10分)


It?s Sunday evening. I?m at party. It is her birthday today. many friends Some stand beside the table and enjoy the food and drinks. I like the some friends there. She so cool. Wow! The cake is really big. “Happy Birthday” to her. Then we share the big cake with her. Sandy at the party. Everyone has a good ____60____ here.

( ) 51. A. Sandys B Sandy?s C. Sandy D. Sandys?

( ) 52. A. are B. is C. have D. has

( ) 53. A. her B. his C. hers D. she

( ) 54. A. very B. much C. very much D. a lot of

( ) 55. A. from B. for C. on D. with

( ) 56. A. a B. one C. a pair of D. a pair

( ) 57. A. look B. looks C. to look D. looking

( ) 58. A. speak B. sing C. play D. write

( ) 59. A. sorry B. sad C. well D. happy

( )60.A.times B. time C. birthday D. days






( )61. You can buy in the store.

A. food B. tennis rackets C. clothes D. school things

( A. $21 B. $33 C. $30 D. $42

( A. socks B. a sweater C. a hat D. a T-shirt

( )64.You can?t buyin the store.

A. a green sweater B. black pants C. a white hat D. a red T-shirt


A. a sweater and a hat B. a pair of pants and a pair of socks C. a T-shirt and a hat D. two pairs of socks and a T-shirt


It is the last day of June today. It is grandma?s birthday. Father, mother and I go to see her.

My grandma lives with my uncle in a village not too far away. Uncle works there. Early in the morning we buy a birthday cake and some fruit and go to her home by bus.

Grandma and uncle are very glad to see us. We give the present to grandma and say, “Happy birthday to you!” She is very happy. Then we sit down to talk. Uncle goes to prepare lunch. The meal is very nice. We all enjoy it very much. At 4 o’clock, we say goodbye and go back home.

( )66. Grandma?s birthday is _______. .

A. on May 1st B. on June 30th C. on June 31st D. on June 1st

( ) 67. Grandma lives_______. .

A. with my parents B. far away C. by herself D. with my uncle

( )68. What do we buy for grandma?s birthday? .

A. Some fish. B. One birthday cake and vegetables.

C. Vegetables. D. A birthday cake and some fruit.


( )69. We ________ with grandma in her house.

A. talk and enjoy a nice lunch B. prepare lunch with uncle

C. talk and play D. enjoy the birthday cake

( )70. Which sentence is NOT true? .

A. Uncle works in a village B. We take a bus to see grandma.

C. Grandma is happy to see us D. We are back at home at 4 o’clock.


五 看图短文填空 (本大题5 小题,每小题1分,共5分)


1st . I went to Hainan with my parents. We went there by train. We went in the sea(海). Look at the third picture, we had a rest there. It was , and we were very happy. some seafood for lunch. It was not , so we didn?t like it! This is our trip to Hainan.


( 对划线部分提问 )

you like P.E.?

82. My brother always goes to school on foot. ( 改为一般疑问句)


your brother always to school on foot?

83. We have a very good Chinese teacher. ( 改为否定句)

We a very good Chinese teacher.

84. What subject do you like best? ( 改为同义句)

your subject?

85. Can you please spell the world? ( 变祈使句 )

the world.

七、读写综合(本大题分为A、B 两部分,共15分)

A. 信息归纳(本题共5 小题,每小题1分,共5分)


Dear Tom,

Thank you for your postcard. I show it to some of my friends at school. Three other people in my class have friends in other countries, too.

Now I want to tell you something about my family. My father and mother are teachers. I have a brother and a sister. My sister works in a middle school and my brother is studying at a university( 大学 ). I am a middle school student. I am 12 years old. I am tall and a little fat. I have short hair. I like reading and playing the guitar. I always play it on Saturdays and Sundays. I like my English teacher very much. Because she is kind to us and her class is fun.

Could you give a few photos of yours? I want to know what you look like.


B. 书面表达(共10分)

请你以My pen friend 为题,写一篇短文,向同学介绍你的笔友。


1. 用词规范, 语法正确。

2. 句意通顺,要点齐全。

3. 可适当增加细节。

4. 不少于60词。




七年级英语 参考答案


1-5 A B A C A 6-10 A B B C B 11-15 C C C C A

16-20 A B C B C 21-25 A B C B C

26. for 27. you 28. How 29. about 30. them

31. all 32. No. / number 33. One/1 34. have 35. fun


36-40 D B B B A 41-45 B C C C C 46-50 B D A B D


51-55 B A A C D 56-60 C B B D B


61-65 C C A B C 66-70 B D D A D 71-75 B G E A C


76. October 77. swimming 78. relaxing 79. eat / have 80.good / delicious


81. Why, do 82. Does, go 83. don?t have

84. What?s , favorite/ favourite 85. Please spell


86. Tom 87. five / 5 (people) 88. a teacher 89. a student 90. A postcard.


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