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1. ( ) 1 The People's Republic of China __ on October 1, 1949. A. found B. was founded C. is founded D. was found ( ) 2 English ____ in Canada. A. speaks B. are spoken C. is speaking D. is spoken ( ) 3 This English song___ by the girls after class. A. often sings B. often sang C. is often sang D. 2

( ) 1 Our room must ___ clean. A. keep B. be kept C. to be kept D. to keep ( ) 2 -I'd like to buy that coat.-I'm sorry. ___. A. it sold B. it's selling C. It's been sold D. it had been sold ( ) 3 A new house ___ at the corner of the road. A. is building B. is being built C. been built D. be building 3

( ) 1 Japanese ___ in every country. A. is not spoken B. are spoken C. is speaking D. is not speaking ( ) 2 These papers___yet. A. have not written B. have not been written C. has not written D. has not 4

( ) 1 -My shoes are worn out. A. Can't they be mended? B. Let me have a look at it. C. How much do they cost? D. Can't they mended? ( ) 2 ___ the watch been repaired yet? I badly need it.

is often sung ( ) 4 This kind of car ___ in Japan. A, makes B. made C. is making D. is made ( ) 5 New computers ___ all over the world. A. is used B. are using C. are used D. have used ( ) 4 The key ___ on the table when I leave. A. was left B. will be left C. is left D. has been left ( ) 5 Doctors ___ in every part of the world. A. need B. are needing C. are needed D. will need ( ) 6 His new book___ next month. A. will be published B. is publishing C. is being published D. has been published been written ( ) 3 The sports meet ___ be held until next week. A. didn't B. won't C. isn't D. doesn't A. Does B. Has C. Is D . Are ( ) 3 ___ these desks be needed? A. Will B. Are C. Has D. Do


( ) 1 Why ___ to talk about it yesterday?

A. didn't a meeting hold B. wasn't a meeting held

A. write B. wrote C. written D. written by

C. wasn't held a meeting D. a meeting wasn't held

( ) 2 Who was the book___? 6

( ) 1 The flowers ___ often.

A. must be water B. must be watered C. must watered D. must water

( ) 2 The books may___ for two weeks. 7

( ) 1 The old bridge in my hometown___ next month.

A. is going to be rebuilt B. will rebuilt C. are going to be rebuiltD. are going to rebuilt

( ) 2 The play ___ at the theatre next Sunday. 8

( ) 1 Now these magazines__ in the library for a long time.

A. have kept B. are keeping C. have been keeping D. have been kept

( ) 2 The pot ___ for ___ hot water

.A. used; keeping B. was used; keeping C. is used; to keep D. are used; keep

( ) 3 Tea ___ in the south of China.

( ) 3 Where ___ these boxes made?

A. was B. were C. is D. am

A. be kept B. be borrowed C. keep D. borrow

( ) 3 The broken bike____ here by Mr Smith.

A. can mend B. can mended C. can be mend D. can be mend

A. is going to be shown B. will shown C. will show D. is shown

( ) 3 The old stone bridge ___ next week

.A. is going to be rebuilt B. will be rebuild C. are going to be rebuilt D. will rebuild

A. grows B. is grown C. were grown D. will grow

( ) 4 The bridges___ two years ago.

A. is built B. built C. were built D. was built

( ) 5 Wet clothes are often ___ up near a fire in rainy weather

.A. hang B. hanged C. hanging D. hung


( ) 1 The river smells terrible. People must ___ dirty things into it.

A. be stopped to throw B. be stopped from throwing ( ) 3 Old people must be looked after well and ___ politely.

A. speak to B. spoken C. speak D. spoken to C. stop to throw D. stop from throwing

( ) 2 The teapot ___ water

.A. is filled with B. filled of C. fulling of D. filled 10

( ) 1 Newly-born babies___in hospital.

A. are taken good care B. are taken good care of C. take good care of D. take good care

( ) 2 They were___ at the sudden noise. 11

( ) 1 Jane ___ to sing us an American song last Saturday.

A. called B. was asked C. told D. was said

( ) 2 The papers ___ to them. 12

( ) 1 I ___ five minutes to decide whether I should go or not.

A. gave B. was giving C. had given D. was given

( ) 2 Good care____such things.A. should take of B. should be taken C. should be taking D. should be 13

( ) 1 The teacher made him___ his homework.

( ) 4 Old people must ___.

A. look after well B. be looked well after C. looked well after D. be looked after well

A. frightening B. frightened C. frighten D. frightens

( ) 3 These walls ___ stone.

A. are made of B. made of. C. are made into D. made into

A. were shown B. show C. shown / D. have shown

( ) 3 The coat___her sister.

A. made to B. were made for C. was made for D. was made to

taken of

( ) 3 She will____good care____.

A. take; of B. be taken; of C. take; for you D. be taken; of you

A. to do B. do C. did D. done

( ) 2 The boy_ streets without pay in the old days.

A. was made to clean B. made clean C. made to clean 14

( ) 1 These stones___well.

A. are fitted B. fit C. fits D. is fitted

( ) 2 The bike ___ 500 yuan. 15

( ) 1 Great changes___ in the past ten years in China.

A. took place B. have taken place C. were taking place D. had taken place

( ) 2 You can't use the computer, it____.

A. was broken down B. is wrong C. is bad D. has broken down 16

( ) 1 Please pass me another cup. This one___.

A. is broken B. is breaking C. broke D. broken

( ) 2 The story books___ by the writer in the 1960s.A. are written B. were written C. are writing D. were 17

( ) 1 Can he___ himself?

A. get dress B. get dressed C. gets dressed D. instead of

( ) 2 He fell from his bike and ___. 18

( ) 1 The apple___very sweet.

A. is tasted B. taste -C. tastes D. are tasting

( ) 2 You___ more beautiful in the light blue shirt.

D. was made clean

A. was cost B. costed C. cost D. is costed

( ) 3 The important meeting ___ on a cold morning last year.

A. washed B. was held C. held D. had

( ) 3 Great changes___in our country during the past 20 years.

A. have happened B. happened C. have been happened D. were happened

( ) 4 The watch has often ___ down.

A. sat B. lain C. broken D. fell


( ) 3 What time ___ the door ___ every day?

A. does; closed B. does; close C. is; closed D. /; close

A. is hurt B. gets hurt C. got hurt D. hurt

( ) 3 Lookout, please keep away from the fire, or your trousers will__

A. burnt B. burn C. burning D. get burn

A. see B. watch C. look D. look at

( ) 3 What you said ___like a good idea.

A. heard B. listened C. sound D. sounded


1. 1-5 B D D D C 2. 1-6 B C B B C A 3. 1-3 A B B 4. 1-3 A B A 5. 1-3 B D B

6. 1-3 B A D

10. 1-3 B B A

14. 1-4 B C B

18. 1-3 C C D

7. 1-3 A B A 11. 1-3 B A C 15. 1-4 B D A C 8. 1-5 D B B C D 9. 1-4 B A D D 13. 1-3 B A A 16. 1-3 A B C 17. 1-3 B C D 12. 1-3 D D B

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