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新版七年级下英语Unit 1 Section A-1

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Unit 1 Can you play the guitar?

Period 1 (1a -2d)

Learn new words.




play the guitar


play chess

speak English

1a What can these people do? Match the activities with the people.
e 1. sing _____ g 2. swim_____ d 3. dance _____ b 4. draw ___

c 5. play chess ____
a 6. speak English ____
7. play the guitar ____ f

1b Listen and number the conversations
[1-3]. 2 3
A: Can you swim? B: No, I can’t .

A: I want to join the art club. B: Can you paint? A: Yes, I can.


A: I want to join the music club. B: Oh, can you sing? A: Yes, I can.

A: I can …
B: I can …
dance swim



play the guitar

Can you … ? Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.


speak English


play the guitar


play chess


I can … and …

I can …, but I can’t …

play chess
Ab c d e hello good Morning! …


speak English


Super interview
What can you do? I can … but I can’t …


sing, dance


Report: In my group, I can … but I can’t … Tony can sing and dance but he can’t swim. …

Do you know the club?
swimming club

music club art club

chess club

English club

basketball club

I want to join ...
1 3

_______ English club


_________ club swimming


_____ Club music


_____ chess club

art club _____

basketball club

He wants to join the basketball club.

2a Listen to these two conversations and circle the clubs you hear.
a. English club b. art club c. music club d. chess club

e. swimming club

2b Listen again. Complete the sentences.
chess club, but she 1. Lisa wants to join the ______ can’t play _________. chess

2. Bob wants to join the English ______ club. He likes to speak _________. English 3. Mary likes music. She can ______ sing and ______. dance
Bob likes music, too. They want to join the_____ music club.


A: What club do you want to join? B: I want to join the English club? A: Can you speak English? B: Yes, I can. A: Can you speak it well? B: No, I can’t.

A: What club do you want to join?
B: I want to join the

swimming club.
the swimming club A: Can you swim? B: No, I can’t. But I like


--- What club do you want to join? --- I want to join … --- Can you …? --- Yes, I can. --- No, I can’t. But I like …
the music club the art club the chess club the basketball club

2d Role-play the conversation.

1. speak English 说英语 speak 意思是“说话”,着重说的动作, 是不及物动词;也作“演说”解,此外可 作及物动词用,接语言等词。例如: Do you speak English? 你说英语吗? 打电话时,习惯用speak; 不用talk。 例如: Can I speak to Mary, please? 请找玛丽说话好吗?

speak in 用??交谈
speak in English 用英语讲话

speak of 谈及 ??
speak ill of 说??坏话 speak well of 说??好话 speak to 与??谈话

2. I want to join the art club. 我想加入美术俱乐部。 join v. 参加,加入 后接团

体和组织,意为加入某团体 或组织,并成为其中一员。 I want to join the swimming club. 我想加入游泳俱乐部。 若表示加入某项活动 、聚会、比赛, 要加介词in。 I hope he can join in the game. 我希望他能加入比赛。

1.Will you

join us for lunch?
join you? join us?

2.Do you mind if I

3.When do you want to

4.She listens but she never joins in

3. You’re very good at telling stories. 你很擅长讲故事。 be good at sth. / doing sth… 表示“擅 长于??; 精通??”,后面可接名词或动 词的ing形式。例如: Mr. Gu is good at language. He can speak eight languages. 顾先生精通多种语言,他会说八种语 言。

Li Ping is good at basketball. = Li Ping is good at playing basketball. 李平擅长于打篮球。

be good at = do well in 如:
I’m good at math. = I do well in math.


be good at 的反义词组为:be poor (weak) at (in). do well in 的反义词组为:do badly in. 如: Wu Dong does badly in his lessons. = Wu Dong is weak / poor / at / in his lessons. 吴冬功课不好。

Tom does well in the English test / sports meeting. 汤姆在英语测验中(运动会中)考得很 ____________________________________ 好(表现出色)。 —————————————————— Mei Ying does badly in the high jump.

____________________________________ 梅英在跳高比赛中成绩欠佳。

4. tell 意为“告诉”并常与story连用, 意为“讲故事”。 例如: When I was young, my mother often told me a story in the evening. 在我小时,妈妈晚上常给我讲故事。 Please tell me something about yourself. 请和我讲讲你自己的情况。

tell / speak / say 的区别
say:是最口语化的最普通的一个词, 意为“说出”、“说道”,着重所说 的话。如: Please say it in English.请用英语说。 speak: “说话”,着重开口发声,不着 重所说的内容,一般用作不及物动词 (即后面不能直接接宾语 ) 。如: I don’t like to speak like this. 我不喜 欢这样说话。

tell: “告诉”,除较少情况外,一般后 面总接双宾语。如: He’s telling me a story. 他在给我讲故事。 tell sb. to do sth. tell sb. not to do sth. Miss Zhao often tells us to study hard.

Dr. White can _______ A French very well.
A. speak B. say C. tell

People usually ______ “hello” to each other when they A make a phone call. A. say B. speak C. tell

Make a survey.
Name Can Can’t

A: Can you …? B: Yes, I can / No, I can’t.

Say: … can … but he / she can’t …

Write something about what you can do and what club you want to join.

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