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九年级上Unit 1-5易混淆词语大练兵

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九年级上Unit 1-5易混淆词语大练兵


Unit One

1. He feels so _________ in the movie theater, as he finds watching movies _________,(frustrating,frustrated.)

2. This _________ news made us __________. (exciting; excited)

3. It’s _________ to see a UFO in the sky, isn’t it? (amazing; amaxed)

4. Look , a train is running ________. Trains are _______ than buses. (quick; quickly)

5. Tihis math problem is very _______ to work out. I can work it out _______. (easy; easily)

Unit Two

1.Mary didn’t come to the party, her sister came ___________ (instead; instead of)

2.He gets ______in learning English. He finds it _______to learn English(interesting; interested)

3.The boy is ____________ and he has a ____________ twin brother. (13 years old; 13-year-old)

4.Don’t ________ about me. = Don’t be __________ about me. (worry; worried)

5.She used to ______ short hair and she used to ________ very serious. (be; have)

6. I like English pop music so much, but I _____________ like it. (used to ; didn’t use to)

7.He used to _______(have; has ; had) so ______ (many; much) time but now he is really busy.

8.I used to be afraid of the big dogs, ______(and; but)now I am still afraid of ______( it ; them)

9.He made a difficult ________, he _______ to look for a job alone(decide ; decision)

10.------Michael Jackson has been______ for a few months . He ______ on June 26th, 2009. ------On, I ‘m sorry to hear his _______. (die; dead; death)

11.The boy used to give hes moither many problems. _________, his mother was very patient with him. So I think he is a ______ boy. Her mother brings him good _____ (luck; lucky; luckily)

12.To our _______,the girl from Sichuan won first prize in the end. We were quite ______at the news. (surprise; surprising; surpised)

13.By joining the club, I ‘ve learned ______and I have _______ new friends now. ( a lot; a lot of)

14.He is afraid to ________( speak; speaking)___________(in front of ; in the front of)a group.

15.Jack didn’t use to play the guitar, ________ he?( did; didn’t;does; doesn’t)

Unit Three

1. I’m __________this year. I think________ should help with housework at home. And this ________ boy always help his parents do housework.

(16 years old; 16-year-old; 16-year-olds )

2. I’m really ______ now; I want to go to _________ at once.(sleep; sleepy)

3. My father is a _______ businessman. I believe I will _______ in my study, tool And my parents will take pride in my ________.( success; sucessful; succeed.)

4. Learning English is very ________, we should know the ________ of learning it. (important; importance)

5. I like learning English, my sister like them, _____. ( too; either; neither)

But I can’t speak quickly, my sister can’t ______.

6. The boy bought a new computer last summer. He ______ 4000 yuan for it.

But he ______too much time on computer games. ( spend; pay; cost; take)

This new T-shirt _____ me 99 yuan. It ____ me a whole afternoon to find it in a shop.

Unit Four

1 A _____woman wrote this letter to me .She is ____about her 15-year-old son. (worry; worried)

2.Cold _____(run; rnning) water is ______to treat a small burn,

it can ______you get better. (help, helpful)

3 It’s not _______ for children to swim alone in the river; they should pay attention to the ________. (safe, safety)

4. It’s _________to smoke too much, and almost everyone knows the __________ of smoking, but few people would like to give up smoking. ( danger, dangerous)

5. Lisa _______ English very well, She will attend an English _______ contest next month. However, her brother, Jack can’t understand _____ English at all. ( speak, speech, spoken)

6.---- Excuse me , can I ________ the book named the Old Man and the Sea from you?

-Sorry, but I ____it to Mary last week. She said she would ____it for weeks.( borrow, lend, keep)

7. ----______ your coat , dear. It’s cold outside.

---OK, mum. I will _______myself later. (put on, wear, dress) But I still can’t choose which pair of shoes to _______ for the party.

8. First you should get _______help.For example, you can take some_______(medicine, medical)

9. He lives in a _______ village. There is a beautiful river ________ the village. (near, nearby)

10. The driver sits ___________ the bus. He is also _____________ all the passengers. (in front of , in the front of

Unit Five

1. We didn’t go _________ the bad weather.

But they didn’t come just _________ they forgot it.(because; because of)

2. I guess there must be ________ visiting our neighborhood. But the police can’t find ________ strange around here. I hope _______ is wrong here. ( nothing; something; anything)

3. _______ photo is this? And ________ the man in the photo? (who’s; whose)

4. _______, we had the ________ exam on June 30th and I did very well. (final; finally)

5. These days, strange things are happening in our __________. My ______ and I both feel worried about it. ( neighbor; neighborhood)

6. It is too ______ here. Would you mind not making so much ________, please? (noise, noisy)

7. He ____ into the river while he was playing by the river, and he _____ his books. (drop, fall )

8. I _______ carefully but I _______ nothing. (look, see)

9. I _______ carefully but I didn’t _______ anything. (listen, hear)

10. This notebook ___________ Tina, and that one _________ Mary’s. (be, belong to)


Keys to the Exercises above

Unit 1

1.frustrated; frustraing 2.exciting; excited 3.amazing 4. quickly; quick 5. easy; easkly Unit 2

1.instead 2. interested; interesting 3. 13 years old; 13-year-old 4. worry; worried

5. have; be 6. didn’t use to 7.have; much 8.and; them

9.decision; dedided 10. dead; died; death 11. Luckily; lucky; luck 12.surprise; surprised

13.a lot; a lot of 14.speak; in front of 15. did

Unit 3

1.16 years old; 16-year-olds; 16-year-old 2.sleepy; sleep 3.sucessful; succeed; success 4. important; importance 5. too; either 6.paid; spent; cost; took

Unit 4

1.worried; worry 2. rnning; helpful; help 3.safety; safe 4.dangerous; danger

5.speaks; speech; spoken 6. borrow; lent; keep

7.Put on; dress; wear 8. medical; medicine 9.nearby; near 10.in the front of; in front of Unit 5

1. because of; because 2. something; anything ;nothing 3. Whose; who’s 4.Finally; final

5.neighborhood; neighbor 6.noisy; noise

9.listened; hear 10.belongs to; is

4.fell; dropped 8.looked; saw

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