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八年级下册 条件状语从句专项练习


1. If you ________(feel) tired, you _______________ (have) to have a rest.

2. Where _______ he _________(see) the film if he ________________(have) time?

3. If there __________(be) fewer trees, there _______________( be) more pollution.

4. He _____________(dress) more casually if he ________________( not work) on weekends.

5. If Marcia _____________(live) alone, she ___________________( keep) a pet parrot.

6. Lana ________________( buy) a new dress if the old one ____________(be) out of style.

7. The twins ______________(fight) if they_______________(argue).

8. If the telephone ___________ (ring) , answer it.

9. Peter _____________( send) me a beautiful souvenir if he ________________(tour) Spain.

10. If Mr Green ___________(say) I am hard- working, my parents _____________( feel) glad.

11.I ____________(go) to the beach if it________________ ( not rain) this week.

12. __________they __________( have) a match if the P.E. teacher _____________(be) busy?

13.He ___________(write) a letter to his grandparents if he __________(get) his report card this week.

14. If she ____________(get) up late, she _____________ ( not catch) the early bus.

15. Don’t go out tomorrow if it __________ (rain) .


1.If you _____ to the party, you’ll have a great time.

A. will go B. went C. go D. going

2. I ______ her the answer if she _______me.

A. can tell, will ask B. will tell, will ask C. would tell, ask D. will tell, asks

3. – What are you going to do tomorrow?

--We’ll go to the library tomorrow if it ___.

A. isn’t rain B. rain C. won’t rain D. doesn’t rain

4.—Do you know when he will come back tomorrow?

--Sorry, I don’t know. When he ____ back, I’ll tell you.

A. comes B. will come C. come D. may come

5. What will you do if you _____ to the old folk’s home visit?

A. go B. went C. going D. will go

6. If I eat ____ food, I’ll be very fat.


A. too many B. many too C. too much D. much too

7. I’ll give the book to him if he ___ here next Sunday.

A. will come B. comes C. is coming D. came

8. There ____an English film in our school tomorrow.

A. is going to have B. will have C. is going to be D. has

9. When my mother returned last night, I ____ a book.

A. read B. am reading C. was reading D. am going to read

10.What ____ you ____ when it began to rain?

A. do, do B. were, doing C. are, doing D. did, do

11. I’ll wake you up when he ____back.

A. will B. is going to come C. comes D. come

12 . The volleyball match will be put off(推迟) if it

A. will rain B. rains C. rained

13. I’ll go to meet you,if I__________free then.

A. would be B. will be C. am

14. Be careful, if you____________want to make mistakes.

A. won’t B. don’t C. didn’t

15. Work hard if you_________to get a good mark.

A. wanted B. wanting C. want

16. There is going to_______sports meeting next week. If it ________, we’ll have to cancel it..

A. be; will rain B. have; will rain C. be; rains

17. If he_________, I_________go swimming alone.

A. doesn’t come, will go B. won’t come; will go C. will come; won’t go

18. If you _________a chance to study in a foreign country, just take it.

A. getting B. get C. will get

19. Frank___________a film if he’s free next Saturday.

A. see B. saw C. will see


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